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Subjective Experience July 4, 2003

date event location
01-28-03 kei kei bu 
the key club – west hollywood, ca
01-26-03 television: superbowl XXXVII claim jumpers – buena park, ca
01-24-03 burning star
spirit level
optic nerve
the temple bar – santa monica, ca
01-23-03 eric mcfadden fais do-do – los angeles, ca
01-22-03 robert walters 20th congress
the temple bar – santa monica, ca
01-18-03 erykah badu house of blues – las vegas, nv
01-14-03 cubensis
baggy pants
kozmos – huntington beach, ca
01-14-03 mother jones pershing square – downtown los angeles
01-12-03 lord
of the rings: the two towers
redlands cinema – redlands, ca
01-06-03 elephonic
the temple bar – santa monica, ca
01-04-03 trulio disgracias
naturez design
la tanya lockett
the temple bar – santa monica, ca
01-03-03 modern groove
cody chestnutt
the temple bar – santa monica, ca
12-28-02 natural afrodisiac
modern groove syndicate
kozmos – huntington beach, ca
12-27-02 venice beach boardwalk venice beach, ca
12-23-02 meganuts one nut stand
andy tubman
the temple bar – santa monica, ca
12-23-02 television: steelers vs
yankee doodles – santa monica, ca
12-19-02 homestyle
pidegon john
the temple bar – santa monica, ca
12-14-02 weapon of choice
kim hill
fanny franklin
the temple bar – santa monica, ca
12-12-02 orgone the temple bar – santa monica, ca
12-07-02 goapele the temple bar – santa monica, ca
11-24-02 television: steelers vs bengals cheers – moreno valley. ca
11-21-02 the
groove syndicate
love balm
the temple bar – santa monica, ca
11-19-02 movie: the ring pacfic hastings – pasadena, ca
11-17-02 television: steelers vs titans cheers – moreno valley. ca
11-09-02 slapbak bb
kings citywalk – universal city, ca
11-07-02 p-funk allstars bridges auditorium – claremont, ca
11-06-02 p-funk allstars ruby skye – san
francisco, ca
11-06-02 the art of funk studio z – san
francisco, ca
11-03-02 p-funk allstars ucsb – santa barbara, ca
11-03-02 television: steelers vs browns the 35er – old town pasadena, ca
11-02-02 p-funk allstars house of blues – hollywood, ca
10-31-02 p-funk allstars house of blues – disneyland, ca
10-30-02 p-funk allstars belly up tavern – solana beach, ca
10-29-02 lion king the pantages theater – hollywood, ca
10-22-02 movie: bowling for
rialto theater – south pasadena, ca
10-19-02 b & r old fashion
10-18-02 boardwalk11 los angeles, ca
10-13-02 titus fotso cd release party
special guest: george clinton
the century club – century city, ca
10-13-02 television: steelers vs bengals the 35er – old town pasadena, ca
10-12-02 nu-phound nation
wylde bunch
man vs machine
most high
el grace
1650 – hollywwood, ca
10-12-02 greuze the getty museum – los angeles, ca
10-08-02 eric mcfadden
love sick lunatics
the mint
– los angeles, ca
more events
mcfadden oct 8, 2002 the mint
very spirited guitar playing, hard to categorize. but the energy and movement
is very good. he played one song that had like a light-funky funk with spanish
overtone. strong melodies and rhythms. his set was with drummer and upright
bass (as i recall). good positive movement in his music but its not sappy
happy. i love the different rhythms over the solid beat.
nation oct 12, 2002 1650
nuphound nation is frankie waddy, lige curry & blackbyrd mcknight. they
headlined a sean healy show that consisted of many bands of different genres.
from hardcore get high rap to vibey white soul. there were ghetto niggas in
there with skinny white girls. as i think about it, i dont rememebr too many
black females, but there were a few. i love the mixing of cultures at these sean
healy events. 

george clinton shows up and overlays p-funk lyric and chant over the existing
music energy. 

blackbyrd and frankie singing.blackbyrd played and sang a popular oldie rock
song i know but cant recall the name. maybe the first time in years ive seen
them actually sing. 

the mics were very badly mixed. el grace seemed to have a funky vibey sound
but you couldnt feel it cause the mix was so bad. 

kim manning did a sped up version of “never gonna tell it.” kendra
did “bounce to this.” 

i think i heard the mc say that they
hadnt even rehearsed and i believe that. it was good and entertaining to hear
musicians with so much talent play together and to see frankie, lige and
blackbyrd sing. but a little bit more organization could have helped. and
ofcourse i say they could have played all p-funk. 

most high was a vibey
mexicanish rap group who sang songs about smoking and had a nice vibe. el grace
i think would have been very very good too but the mix was horrendous.

35er oct
13, 2002 pasadena
sunday morning in an empty bar in old town pasadena to watch my steelers.
started my day on the jukebox with fleetwood mac “dreams”, creed’s
“faceless man” & “inside us all” and parliament’s nite
of the thumpasourass people. i danced and vibed very deeply this music. then i
watched my steelers kick some serious bengal ass…

fotso cd release party
oct 13, 2002 century club
forgot this was a titus fotso thang after george came out cause he took
over. mallia franklin sang parts of “peek a groove” over the music.
shelia horne,  

shonda clinton did “sumn stank” and she looked good. that brown
brown skin, no make-up, black hair…god she was cute with all that ass in
them jeans. cute brown female she is…

debbie allen was there and i believe we vibed in the rhythm. it was funny
too cause i always say to my sister that ms allen is one of those loud
outspoken spirited black females that i love so much. well the first i saw her
she was spirited loud and i laughed. she was cute too. her and norm nixon
looked good together just chillin. then she was showing this white dude how to
do the snake like in the commercial and i really laughed cause i love that
commercial but had forgot about it. she casually danced to the house music as
i vibed it and her too…

titus fotso’s band was pretty good. what i noticed about this music was
that it had no aggressiveness. it was totally happy. almost a sappy happy.
then i pondered about the existence of a people who never learned anger or
developed an aggressive nature. i pondered more about music that is almost
apologetic. funk is not that way at all- it is very aggressive and has tons of
attitude. there is a spirited “meanness” to funk. 

oh mr fotso’s black female dancers were wonderful. i vibed them and theor
spirit deeply. they were a cute sexy. dressed in loose fitting dance clothing
with bellybuttons showing but not all dressed alike.

the afterparty or the usual century club dance thang on sunday nights was
very vibey and groovin. good looking young semi-upscale black crowd. folx just
bobbin their heads and enjoying the music. lots of black female. good spirit.
music was not hardcore rap and i dont remember any cussin, but it had a nice
smooth hard tone.

shelia, mallia,
belita, shonda in the house sunday night…

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10/15/2002, 5:54 pm




mallia franklin did bits of peek-a-groove

shonda clinton (who was looking extra cute with
that soft brown-brown skin, black hair and motor
booty in them jeans) did sum’n stank…

shelia horne got hers too and played with bounce to this

belita woods also did her thang vocally

all this did over the bands existing non-p-funk groove

“let us in we’ll turn this mother out”

cd release party for titus fotso and the next thang
you know the special guest has the stage full of his folx

fotso’s band didnt quite slow down to a hard funky groove
so the p-funkish vocal style didnt quite get it

george even tried to slow it down by vocaling the
synth to mothership connection, but they didnt get there

then i realized this was a cd release party for
someone else and the p-funk was just guesting-
but it was too late

double g, “weapon of choice” horns did sumn

debbie allen was cute and having fun with her
man norm nixon in the house. look over and seen
her showing a white dude how to do the snake.
i laughed cause i love that commercial!!!

lotta p-funk folx in L.A. just out havin fun i guess…

george basically came out and did p-funk lyric over
the existing bands groove- up for the downstroke,
we want the funk type chants, etc.

shonda clinton looked really really good to me

old fashion burgers oct 19, 2002
ya got to go to the hood to get food like this. real homemade style hamburgers
served hot. the french fries were some of the bets i ve ever tasted and they
were hot out of the grease. real potatoes cut straight and thick with seasoned
salt. they was so good i went back again later that evening. i ordered a
burger and a wing dinner (it was so inexpensive i had to) and when they
brought it to me they were so surprised i ordered two that even customers lit
up. then one of them cute soft brown brown girls that was back there cooking
came out to see. me and jessie had a good time. i love black people.

for columbine
oct 22, 2002

lockheed martin, littleton, co
southpark creators were from littleton “painfully ordinary &

killers came from a place in michigan where guns are plentiful

rampant fear in america

music builds under narator’s voice, music climaxes to silence-
narator: “but one thing that will never go away and there’s always plenty
of: white america’s fear of the black male”

southpark type cartoon started with the pilgrims fleeing england in fear.
they get here and in fear they kill all the indians (savages). then when all
the indians are gone they have a fear of witches so they killed them (started
killing themselves basically). then they had a fear of work (lol) and imported
african slaves (blacks). then in some places the black slaves heavily
outnumbered the whites and about that time the revolver was developed (a gun
that could rapid fire). then laws were passed that it was the right of every
white man to bear arms. there was other stuff that lead to the whites moving
in fear to the suburbs with houses with many locks and news coverage promoting
fear that went into the inner city to show violent blacks. 

showed news clips of how the media markets fear. how a dozen news crews
show up in the hood for an inner city black crime story for the news

and how canadians dont lock their doors

showed a guy from the aerospace military industry lockheed martin
explaining his reasoning for the columbine shootings with a huge missile in
the background.

the heaviest u.s. bombing in the korsovo war was done 1 hour before the
columbine shootings. president bill clinton was involved in the war in korsovo.

marilyn manson was interviewed and he was good, articulate. explaining his
thoughts and defending how he was incorrectly blamed for the shootings cause
of his lyrics and music.

movie showed the connections between columbine, the 9-11 attacks, cia,
slavery, etc

also showed how the u.s. military and cia did covert operations in multiple
countries supporting and funding war. that we helped sadamm hussein. that we
gave osama bin laden $3 billion. the cia involvement with noriega, vietnam,
etc was also shown.


showed blacks being arrested in cops, talked to one of the creators of cops
about how they overwhelmingly show minorities

interviewd charleton heston at his house. i thought heston said “the
right of every able bodied white man to bear arms.” he then went on to
say when asked that the reasin the murder rate was so high was because of the
multiple ethnicity. and the fact that there are different races.

widespread issue of the news media spreading fear. 

other countries dont have the high murder rate like u.s.
they have the violent past and other things. u.s. 11,000 murders, canada less
than 100, germany and other countries also

the nra and the kkk started in the same year

art of funk
nov 6, 2002 san francisco, ca   

met stozo, really enjoyed seeing overton’s work; paintings, and different
versions of the motor booty sir nose cover. pedro bell’s art stuff was good

The Art of Funk…Posted
11/8/2002, 5:01 am

thanks to the instigation of mr. jeffrey scott mitcheLL
(aka PFUNK1), he, Kareem and eye roLLed up to the city on wednesday.
arriving early like we never do in LA, we made our way over to Studio
Z, Stozo’s place to check out the The Art of Funk gallery reception.
Part of the SanFrancisco Funk Festival,
this show features works by Stozo, Overton, Diem Jones, Sirron Norris,
Sarah Traeger, and the Doctor himself…   

While shrink wraP, pixelation and color
separations cannot reduce the powerful visuals, seeing them in person
was truly amazing…

Stozo, resplendent in red, was going in and
out of his way greeting visitors, making sure everything was on the
one as a funk band played in the adjacent hall…

Studio Z has lots of events coming up, going
on, and sure to be going off…

thanks stozo…

allstars nov 6, 2002 ruby skye san
fancisco, ca 

GC& the P in
11/8/2002, 5:36 am
in reply to “The Art of Funk…

weLL weLL weLL…
after seeing the shows in LA and santa barbara,
this one was just i sing on the cake…   

Ruby Skye was a gorgeous little club
with lots of gorgeous Lådîés running around…
(some girls tell me there’s a shortage of straight men in san
They had multiple cameras set up, and a screen behind the stage was
showing live shots interspersed with cool graphics and funksterpieces
security was northern california cool (basically vacant) eye’LL post
pictures soon…

musically, pretty much the same set as SB,
songwise, the highlight being I’LL stay, this
time garry’s voice was much stronger, but he couldn’t get enough of
the folks up front to sing, so he cut it short…
I reaLLy Love how George has been singling out Boogie.
he’s definitely one of the funkiest cats around.
now, i love hearing standing on the verge, butt this one dragged out
for about a half hour, with Pumpin’ it Up, anybody gets funked up,

I reaLLy missed michael on these three dates,
don’t get me wrong, Blackbyrd kills me all the time. Often at shows
I’ll just focus on his scratch rhythms, watching his hands, trying to
learn. The thing is, it seems like he and Michael spur each other on,
pushing the envelope and taking it to a higher level…Byrd tore up
the Maggot Brain, despite some tech difficulties.Eric McFadden was
flying high on that mandolin as well. after that, GC came out
whispering whole lotta shakin’; shortly after Lige and Garry came out,
pointing at their watches…

No time for flashlight (darn…) right into
the DOG…
eye saw Gina before the show, butt she never brough Atomic out onto
the tiny Ruby Skye stage…GC and the crew kept chanting long after
the houselights went on and the plug got puLLed…

many thanks and much love and respect
to PFUNK1 the gemini instigator,
to Kareem for driving and styling,
and most of aLL,
to GC and the P for aLL
the music, meditations, and inspirations…

“good night austin texas,
where ever you are…”

w. lamar miles…

nov 9, 2002 bbkings universal city walk
met jara, bought cd. they played the dog, we want the funk, some of
their stuff. good music with good movement. i told him after the show i had
just seen p-funk 6 times and they still had me groovin. came back from car
during break and the house music was aqua boogie. i danced and found out it
was the disco version too. after that they played knee deep. all of knee deep,
the whole 15 minute song loud crisp and strong.

ring nov 19, 2002 pacific hastings
this was a damn good movie, maybe too good. watching the flick im wondering
how they were gonna explain all that has happened. the story stuck so close to
reality and believabilty that i waited for the moment when it had to either
come up with a very cleaver plot twist or leave reality to complete and
explain the story. the moment came and it was kinda trippy, but fairly well

syndicate, love balm, vagenius nov 21,
2002 templebar
love balm did good. well, i guess im tryin to say i felt them better this time
than ever before. the idea of creating the synced beats live on stage with
electronic gadetry is kinda cool. it takes awhile for the song to settle into
a good groove, but when it does it works. gabby even did good (yeah, i mean
better) with her voice, rap and chorus. maybe for the first time they had me
really groovin. 

vagenus was a band led by a skinny white girl with voice. not quite a voice
a man could worship (the peak show) but along those lines. i was intrigued by
her extremely caucasin features and body. their music was almost vibey not
quite soul but soulful like. her voice is nicely heavy. everybody seemed to
have fun saying the name vagina, va geena, etc…her, voice ad

the groove syndicate had good grooves and rap. the energy of the group is a
smallish cute chubby black girl (as opposed to a tallish skinny white girl).
her voice and head bobbin energy vibe was good. i wonder if you could call
this music neo-soul. its soulful, but is very “sterile” and clean
which kinda makes it not soulful. but the movement and music had me groovin.
they have horns, bass, keyboards, drums, guitar- a full band. i really enjoyed
them. i hadnt been out to hear live music in a long time, and even longer
since i been to mi fave local, so i was ready. and it felt good.

webdec 7, 2002 templebar
she was cute and had a very refreshing style of soul. her music was good,
her voice was very stimulating and i really enjoyed her vibe. it was deep dark
soul, maybe a neo-soul. it wasnt down home soulful, it was like a modern-
cleaner- smarter type soul sound. her and her band vibrated within a
black soulful range with more complexity, rhythms and information. there also
was a nice funky-vibey guitar solo that may have almost took me away. i was
very impressed with goapele.   

it had been a while since i had been out so i was ready. get there late
(had just left my x-mas party) and she was already playin, but the bouncer told
the ticket girl to let me in free, sayin i spent enough money in the past
going up in there. then when i turned the corner and saw how packed it was, i
understood why. mi fave place was over-packed and i dont like that, but i
dealt with it. in fact, i had groove that needed exercising so i didnt care
about the non-dancin young white kids around me. i did my thang with
aggressive outloudness. the beat feel good and getting into a grrove i danced
like ive heard this band many times, never missin a beat. it was almost with
malice that i danced. with a “look what i can do and you cant” type
aire. and at times i meant it. at other times i was hopingto show folx how to
groove. either way, it felt good to let it out.


dec 12, 2002 templebar

the special about this night was a little black girl with rhythm. i sat and
watched and was so moved seeing someone else besides me who could find the
beat. watching her move in proper time she was so attractive. moving to the
music the way it seems only a black female can. i sat and watched and enjoyed
her from across the room. then her and the asian girl she was dancing with came
to the table right next to me. this made me smile. then she asked me
something about the band and i made conversation about saturday night and
weapon of choice, blah blah blah. we never danced together, but i was always
aware of where she was and what groove she was on.

leaving the place i saw her, we made eye contact and i lit up. she saw me
so she was ready as immediately turned to her extending my hand. i smiled and
shook her hand and said it was a pleasure to be in a room with someone else
who could find the beat. she laughed and so did her asian friend, who actually
could dance fairly well compared to the rest of the non-rhythmics. but she
couldnt come close to the little black girl with rhythm.

pidegon john dec 19, 2002 templebar  

during one of the low-mid tempo dj break intermissions, an ill-inserted blast
of (not just)knee deep was blurted. sounded like the dj dropped the needle on
the record at the wrong time or sumn. imagine. this was the only mis-cue of
the night and it was my favorite studio recorded song. homestyle is very
moderate funky but vibey. i was the only movement on beat in this young white
stand stilling crowd. more and more comfortable im getting being the only one
dancing. more and more i dance arrogantly and obnoxiously. more and more i
dance like i have and can do something that they cant and i know they may
never have.  it felt good.

doodles dec 23, 2002 santa monica
the thing about this night was that it was all about me and my team. i
felt good and was ready to celebrate my steelers and i did regardless of the

one nut stand dec 23, 2002 templebar
meganut created beats and riffs using electronics on stage and the played
bass, guitar, drums and sang over this music.  

he was groovin wth two dudes who had sandwich names. one on drums and one
with one of those accordian thingys. the accordian guy was funky. his first
riff over lonnies beat had a really funky groove to it. he definitely funked
up that accordian thing.

the a ways into it, lonnie asked for requests and i said hyperspice. he
played this with bass and beat only and it moved. i was impressed (and told
him afterwards) with how good that bass line was. without any other
instruments, it moved. 

he played a nice long chunk of funkentelechy. beat and gutiar riff created
with his electronic gizzardy then he sampled a bass line over that. it wasnt a
lot of insturmentation, but you could tell and feel it was funkentelechy. he
then got behind the drum kit and sang over these samples. and i sang from my
seat on the floor, it was good. 

he said funky dollar bill

he chanted “shake what ya brought wit ya, you know what its gonna get
ya” from silly millimeter

he sang cholly and heard me singing the lead and ask/said i would sing and
he play the drums. lonnie motioned to me and when he did i was like “hell
no” and broke for the rear. all in fun, and i really didnt, but i still
enjoyed it immensely. then as i was standing up dancin back towards the

after the set meganut told me he sang on joe strummers first record. he
dedicated and mentioned mr strummer several times during the early set. i
believe him to be the guy from the clash who just passed.

andy tubman was a whiteboy with a good voice who sang with a cool whiteboy
style. it wasnt soul or rock, but it had a mellowness to it. he vibed and
flowed nicely, and it was cool cause it came off as totally caucasian. he
wasnt trying to sound black or anything else. he was solo and played several
guitars and piano. 

one nut stand   

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12/24/2002, 10:41 am

last night in santa monica
at mi fave hangout
after a big steeler victory
wearing my PFUNK1 jersey   

meganut created beats and riffs using electronics
on stage and played bass, guitar, drums
and sang over this music.

he was groovin wth two dudes who had sandwich names.
one on drums and one with one of those accordian thingys.
the accordian guy was funky. his first riff over
lonnies beat had a really funky groove to it.
he definitely funked up that accordian thing.

then a little ways into it, lonnie asked for
requests and i said hyperspice. he played this
with bass and beat only and it moved. i was impressed
(and told him afterwards) with how good that bass
line was. without any other instruments, it moved.

he played a nice long chunk of funkentelechy.
beat and gutiar riff created with his electronic
gizzardy then he sampled a bass line over that.
it wasnt a lot of insturmentation, but you could
tell and feel it was funkentelechy. he then got
behind the drum kit and sang over this sampling.
i sang from my seat on the floor, it was good.

he said funky dollar bill

he chanted “shake what ya brought wit ya,
you know what its gonna get ya” from silly millimeter.
he sang cholly and heard me singing the lead and
ask/said i would sing while he played the drums.
lonnie motioned to me and when he did i was
like “hell no” and broke for the rear. all in fun,
and i really didnt wanna sing it, but i still
enjoyed it immensely. then as i was standing up
dancin back towards the rear he sang the lead and
i followed

after the set meganut told me he sang on joe strummers
first record. he dedicated and mentioned mr strummer
several times during the early set. i believe him
to be the guy from the clash who just passed.

before the big steeler victory i 420’ed
and watched the sunset over the ocean…

i expressed passion and emotion publicly as the
team i loved spanked some bucc ass…

then i go to mi fave club and hear music of the kind named
on my back and on the license plates of the car i drive…


(just between you and me,
the “p” stands for pure,
and thats funk apogee.
-motor booty affair)


what more can heaven possibly be?

beach boardwalk dec 27, 2002
hung out and talked to flattop for about an hour. good conversation about
race, sex, gender, rhythm, dance, etc. specially our takes on black female.
gave him my card & phone. 

groove assembly jan 3, 2003 templebar
my infatuation runs rampant for the cutey singer from modern groove assembly.
i remembered her from the watts festival and how attractive i imagined her
personality and energy. she organized the watts festival and i thought this
admirable. and she is cute as hell. i grooved deeply with her and the band.
after the show i was face to face with her numerous times but just gave a
smile of appreciation, no words. she is cute. full band with 3 female singers
up front.  

cody chestnutt sang over a cd, as he was listed as “acoustic.”
every other word he used was either god or jesus. i even thought he praised
jesus and talked about stealing in the same sentence. mi fave place got too
crowded and he said jesus one too many times during his set provoking my early

leaving early i cruised to home in pasadena via wilshire blvd to the 110
fwy. beautiful mellow ride thru beverly hills and etc into downtown los

disgracias jan 4, 2003 templebar
overton showed up. tori ruffin on guitar. literally ran into norwood before
the show. lonnie and mark all up in the mix. jellybean be groovin, i like how
she shakes to the beat. shook mallia franklin’s hand after show.  

i remember naturez dezigned from the watts festival, they were vibey with
like 3 good tunes that i remembered. la tanya lockett was trippy with her
comments about driving from san diego and traffic and there only being 10
people in the joint. they were almost subtle but in the end she said she liked
the place (i guess). they were a full band with latanya singing lead with
female back-up. it was cool vibing a black band and the semi-soulful ways of

elephonic jan 6, 2003 templebar
the voice and vibe of ms anne elizabeth montone. non-blonde white female who
was not your typical tall skinny and who had a funky little rhythm about
her.  and a beautiful voice. her voice was so refined and pristine and
enunciated that ever thing she said sounded angelicly exaulted. she said
“i would like to send a shout out” and shout out was said so perfect
it was funny. this happened enough times that i think that even she realized
how perfectly enuniciated she is. elephonic is a another white girl on
keyboards and a white dude on turntables. they play a very vibey almost
middle-eastern type of meditation music. i tell ya, these white kids are
catching on. 
got a really cool e-mail from eddie barajas (dj for elephonic) who in a very
cool way let me know that i was in error in describing his ethnicity. he told
me that he is latino and that jen, the keyboardist, is half columbian. he
wasn’t trippin on it or nothin and came of with such spirit that im inspired
to write this, first ever update/addendum to one of my “reviews.”
subthunk was 3 white dudes; drums and 2 guitars and electronic gadgetry
that created basslines. some times you could tell it was programmed as the
musicans had to “wait” on the groove. other times the funk-vibey
sythesizer type bassline with other cosmic effects flowed very well. funk
mellowy evening.

of the rings: the two towers jan 12,
2003 redlands, ca
this was a very, very good movie. for a quick second it could have been almost
the best movie i had ever seen. even though it was completely caucasian,
extremely caucasian. the effects, the story, the characters, all were
excellant. smeltly (or whatever) was mi fave. 

jones jan 14, 2003 pershing square
caught this lunchtime set, nothing spectacular. nice day to be outside in
downtown la, got pizza. band may have been religious, music was rockish/pop/plain
and safe. white group.

jan 14, 2003 kozmos
good grateful dead jamband music that seems like every instrument is
the rhythm guitar, even the drums. very, very rhythmic. opening band was named
“baggy pants” or sumn like that and they were also jambandish and
led by a asian/fillipino female who could find the beat.  

the music was good and moved me but the thing this night was race and
rhythm. i was the only black person in the place. i sat and watched the 25-30
people on the dancefloor and NONE OF THEM WERE ON ANY BEAT. there were no
sustained patterns of motion that could be seen as rhythm. most of them were
not only completely off-beat, but the patterns were “broken.” they
would stop and start arbitrarily at any given time. and im not commenting on
style of dance (which was some of the most white people bad dancin ive seen)
or the coolness or appearance of the moves. i just refereing to if these moves
were on any kind of beat.

but thats not what was really amazing. this is incredibly rhythmic music
that has many rhythmic patterns which provide many different opportunities to
find a beat. but not only were none of the 30 or so dancers not on any of
these beats, they also were not in any kind of time with each other! so
basically, there were 30 people on 30 different beats. no one was in time with
anyine else or the music. as i thought about it, this in itself is an
accomplishment. how do you dance so close to external influences and not be
effected by them? 

seems you would kinda find a groove with people in your area if not with
the music. are they not feeling it? are they deliberately finding a pattern
that makes their movements unique? there definitely was a flow of motion with
a kind of timing with the group as a whole though.

then the girl from the opening band joined cubensis and she was on beat. it
made me feel so good to dance in my chair keeping time with her that i almost
cried. she was on a different time (say 4 beats for every two of mine) but we
were on beat together.

baduh jan 18, 2003 house of blues, las
got there 10 minutes into the show and it was packed. was satisfied in many
ways and had no desire to fight the crowd so i ended up standing in a place
that was comfortable, but my view of ms badu was obstructed. but i could see
ms badu in her super big afro via the monitors. her music is a good soulful
rappish sound. her persona, which surprised me, was playful and fun. she
retained a sense of black female strength without being all overly serious.
she danced and sang in 1 foot high silver platform shoes. her dress was like a
black hippie funky. she even fell off her shoes and her wig came off (not sure
if this wasnt staged) and she sang laying on her back with her legs spread,
feet in the air with them big silver shoes on. she took them off and had
another pair of sheepskin platforms handy.  

she had two black female singers on stage with her but one in particular
moved me. she was light skinned and kinda tall singing and playing different
kinda electronic instruments. then she laid down a sample and began dancin to
it. and this touched me. no one can move like black american female. the
combination of sexuality and strength. the inherent african rhythm and vibe
with western attitude, uninhibitness and sexuality. power, grace and beauty.
she was wearing like an african burka but when she started doing her dance she
pulled it up to reveal a tight stomach and low riding jeans and a body
beautiful. oh the way she moved.

though i was completely not motivated, it was a pleasure to be around so
many black females. on stage and off. just looking at them and being around
them. black female.

walters 20th congress jan 22, 2003
kudu was a drummer with electronics and a female singer. very good vibe. kinda
soulish with a jazz tinge to it. she kinda has a voice like randi crawford or
somebody who sings jazz, but they do it more soulful and vibey being a teeny
weeny bit hip-hopish. she has a very 

robert walters was a full band that i felt prolly would do better on a
better night. they were good, but seemed to be “coasting” at times.
still good jambandish type music. there were good moments though.

the dj, carlos nino i think, played some really really good music. very,
very good beats with intricate meditative grooves. i was entranced more than
once by his groove. his dj music was so good it made me stay as i was
contemplating leaving. sitting there i thought how good the music is in this
place. and how ive never heard most of the music i hear played here before,
and the high quality of that music. and yes, once again i was almost the only
in a crowd of young white. and yes, i thought about how these whiteboys got
such good music. yesterday i also thought about how i see very very few female
djs.  ran into and said whattup to keaton simons.

mcfadden jan 23, 2003 fais do-do
mcfadden/curry do maggot
manning remains on sidelines…

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1/24/2003, 10:08 am

ok, its official
mr mcfadden is a comedian   

“we were here a couple months ago and
its so nice to be black in los angeles”
as there were maybe 5 black folx in the whole place,
this really hit home. my constantly being the only
black face in a sea of white ones has been an issue with me lately…

very spirited set. he played with upright bass,
another guitarist and drummer. just a little more
funkier (seemed to play more “on the one”) than
the last time i saw him.

i had saw ms manning enter earlier and i thought
of her flyer that im looking at right now on my
desk at work. so when mr curry was asked to join
i expected “never gonna tell it.” but as they tuned up
the melody for maggot brain emerged.

a maggot brain played at the same tempo, but with
more energy, spirit and movement by mr mcfadden on
lead guitar. it wasnt played note for note (which is
a plus) so i could feel and hear eric’s style and still
be within the maggot brain groove. it was very good.
as i was deeply into it as usual (oh, how the music moves me)
i didn’t judge my reaction because of my biased enthusiasm,
but mr curry and mr mcfadden’s post song enthusiasm confirmed
that this was maybe just a little bit special…

so in the last few months ive heard
hampton, mcknight and mcfadden do maggot brain
life is good

star, spirit level, optic nerve jan 24,
2003 templebar
i came this night to enjoy the talents of one of my favorite infatuations,
audra and her band optic nerve, she and mark are from weapon of choice. i was
hoping the groove to be as good as audra’s usual energy, but it wasnt. in
fact, the word i used to describe them was rotten. sure i used the word rotten
more for effect, but optic nerve was not hittin at all. i told my buddies that
the songs they sang sounded like they were written by teenagers in love in the
seventies. very sappy soft pop. no edge, hardly no groove. they even used
outdated words that arent cool or used anymore. they sounded like a mediocre
70’s white throwback band playing for a church crowd. plain, flat and ungroovy.
fanny franklin is also in the group. funny thing too is that mark is funky,
audra is funky and i saw fanny franklin solo and she was funky. but coming
together as optic nerve missed sum’n severe. i still love you though audra,
and your energy. 

the rest of the night though was on hit. spirit level and burning star drew
a much more diverse crowd than the templebar usual. these groups have a vibey hip-hoppish spiritual
funk groove. each were full bands, lots of percussion, guitar solos, bassy and
burning star had hip-hop rap. the crowd was all skinny white girls. there were
thick big bootie hispanic females in low-riding jeans wearing and belly’s
showing groups.  there even were sistas in on the groove!! and they had
rhythm. even the white girls this night had rhythm. this filled me with energy
and i let it out. i was on and took it to a higher level. this was my 3rd
night in a row in groove and i realized that this enabled me to go deeper.
like i was primed. 

made me wonder if the funk crowd is largely semi-rhythmless and white.
cause every funk show i go to is filled with non dancers. maybe i can find
groovers with the beat at shows with groups like this. 

burning star was full band with percussion and hip hop type rap. but there
were good periods of music groovin with no rap, with allowed for trance. i
digged the dudes doing the rappin and their message for the most part. it was
kinda simplistic and felt it was forcing the spirituality a little too much.
emphasizing the spiritual aspects just a little too much. both spirit level
and burning star did this, but not to the point were it was bad.

at times i could turn in any direction and see/feel people on beat. there
were lots of attractive girls with big booties. i had a very, very , very god
time. i waded in euphoria from dancing with attractive females all around me.
one after the other female after female came close enough to feel my

xxxvii jan 26, 2003 buena park
an incredibly gorgeous day in the 80′. i rode down to san diego to see if i
could come up on some tickets or sum’n cool. got down there are and all i saw
was “need tickets” signs. rode thru the gaslamp district and while
doing so ran into cmtalley. the thing about this day was how many attractive
and cute females were in the gaslamp district to celebrate the game. more
black females than ive seen in a long long time. and they was looking good.
lots of black and silver fans wearing raider. lots of sexy dress. at one point
i was spun completely around twice by a succession of females passing me in
every direction. there was a black female with body, face and complexion that
made me gasp, stop and gawk. as she walked closer to me i backed away to keep
a good viewing distance from her. saw her again later down the street and did
the same. this place was fit for a party but i wasnt prepared. didnt feel like
hustling to find a place or dealing with a crowd. just wanted to watch the
game and be mellowed out during the commercials. so i left and headed for
pasadena but realized i wouldnt make it. so i went as far as i could and ended
up at the claim jumper in buena park across the street from the super8 motel i
spent new years eve at. i watched the game alone with $38 of appetizers and
ribs. probably just how i would have wanted it i thought to myself as i sat
there alone. thinking to myself undisturbed, enjoying my own thoughts. alone
with ribs is where i wanted to be. 

key boo jan 28, 2003 key club
stage was set for a good night. i walk in and greg “p-funk horns”
thomas was on stage backing up a group who included pam from weapon of choice.
then i though i saw shonda clinton (i think). then i saw p-funk moive maker
daryl mccane, he told me george may not still be in town and we talked of the
raiders. outside i saw sonny cool.  

i dont get kei key bu, i dont get her appeal or talent for that matter. but
every year here she is doing this thang with sonny cool (who’s mic is always
too loud). blackbyrd was scheduled but didnt show. kei key did a few songs,
but didnt headline. one song was very similiar too “p-funk” and
another was very, very similiar too maggot brain. kim manning and mallia
franklin sang back up. kim manning was allowed to “scream” during a
song and she did maybe better than ok. this may have been the first time i was
able to hear her sing full out like that, and even with the not so perfect mic
mix she sounded good. it was good hanging out as always in hollywood on sunset
strip. that in its self to me and an empty freeway ride home with my car
running the best it has in a long time was very pleasurable.







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never have i been so high

-jeffery scott mitchell






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