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DAILYS: November 14, 2001

november 14, 2001
a basic fundamental difference between republicans and democrats is what they believe is the  best way to stimulate the economy. they both agree that a capitalistic democracy is the  solution, but republicans feel the best way to manage and stimulate this system is by helping the big business’ who create jobs. they feel that if you make it easier for the rich to invest they will and this will create jobs and commerce. democrats believe that the best way is to help the people who spend and buy goods. they believe increasing monies to consumers to spend  generates commerce. they both generally agree on the system, but not on which sector is best  used to manage it. this system answers the big question: “how do you feed millions?”

capitalism and democracy may have been created with the birth of the united states. if it didnt,  it certainly was developed and popularized by the us. this system is the dominant economic  and political system in the world. this is evident in afghanistan where it is a matter of fact that  the new government there will be a capitalistic democracy. its almost like the west will come in and show them how to properly install this western type system. this is the system most human beings will rely on to feed themselves.

a step in science replacing religion will be astronomy’s and space exploration’s discovey of  non-earth based life. this will be hard for devout followers of the bible to explain and will be a  heavy blow to the creation theory. this theory states that god created us and us alone, and the  universe is for us and us alone. proving incorrect a major point in any theory is at least a big  hit to the credibilty of that theory

when creationists and religous people ask “well if it wasnt god, then how did all this get here?”  the answer is “we don’t know.” and we may never know, but “we don’t know” is a perfectly valid and the correct answer. “we” represents the collective and accumlative knowledge  of humanity.

When you believe in things that you dont understand- you suffersuperstition, stevie wonder


november 11, 2001
unemployed: waking up from a nap and not only not knowing if its am or pm,  but what day it is…more than once a week.

will ferrell may be the best regular talent ever on satuday night live. im not sure if i started diggin gwenyth paltrow before or after i was deeply touched by  by the movie “shakespeare in love.” but whenever it started and for whatever reason, there is something about that skinny white girl that moves me.  she opened a big monday night game for my beloved steelers wearing kordell’s jersey. i saw her on “inside the actors studio” once and she commented that to get in character she would think about god. she said to step  it up she would take it up to “god’s frequency.” i equated this with my “oscillating” and” vibrating” feeling.

not sure if it was the same show but watching ms paltrow i questioned her strength. im not into weakness. i was watching to see if she was frail physcially or weak spirited. i noticed her  opinions and intelligence. she did ok, but appeared a bit physically frail and a bit too white, plain and “unethnic.” not enough to bother me but i noted it.

i am a devout fan of the “new” saturday night live and i faithfully watch every week. i digs the aggressive intellect and edge of the comedy. it is comedy evolving. last night ms paltrow hosted the show and she and it were good.

she opened the show by saying that saturday night live regular, mia rudoulph, was her  childhood friend and showed a childhood picture. mia rudolph’s mother is minnie riperton who sings the song “loving you” which is featured in a steeler comercial with jerome bettis shown  nationwide. they sang “what a feelin” from flashdance and mia started it off. her voice was  very good and then gwenyth sang. i screamed and clapped. ms paltrow more than just held  her own and it was good. as the song continued it got more and more funky and spirited.  gwenyth was not only on beat but feeling the music!! i was feeling it too and dancing with her.

as the show went on i was moved to see how funky ms paltrow is. she aint one of those plain skinny white girl’s who cant dance. i can tell by the way she moved she felt it. she just wasnt throwing her arms and head around while music was playing, her body was moving to the beat. in other skits she showed her funkiness with dialogue and body language. i also liked the  subject matter of the comedy and the statements it made (there was a skit where will ferrell played donald rumsfeld hitting on gwenyth).

spirit, consciousness and intelligence attracts me most. and this is usually revealed by the  physical appearance, energy and movements of the body.

i think it may be a good thing private ryan is airing on regular prime time tv. this is a  depicition of what war is really like and it will reach a lot of households. unedited- the “f-word” on sunday network prime time tv.

november 10, 2001

Saturday Night Live Gwyneth Paltrow; Ryan Adams  90 min.  Gwyneth Paltrow; Ryan Adams. Cast members include Rachel Dratch,  Dean Edwards, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Ana Gasteyer,  Darrell Hammond, Chris Kattan, Seth Meyers, Tracy Morgan,  Amy Poehler, Jeff Richards, Maya Rudolph and Horatio Sanz. Rating: TV-14  Category: Comedy  Release Year: 2001 Show times  Date Time   Channel VCR Plus+  Saturday, 10  11:30 PM    4 KNBC 55519

october 26, 2001
  more of us to come…


october 20, 2001  
saturday morning frontpage play


october 19, 2001   



october 17, 2001


the evil doers
george w. bush


ctober 17, 2001

october 16, 2001 more than likely, one day the arab nations will unite. they will form a coalition governing  themselves attaining more power than the presently dominant anglo-european-us- alliances.  they could strategicly use their resources (oil, wealth, nuclear weapons, etc) to dominate the  world. it would be brown man vs the white man. they basically would learn and use western technology to conquer the west. these people externally appear to be very religous and it would only be natural for them to want to spread their ideals and morals along with  the influence that comes with power.

the us seems to know this and is making a very strong effort to make amends for the west’s  past attrocities. it seems tony blair and england know this too. i understand why certain arab  nations want the west out of their business and to be completely self governing. bin ladin, hussein and others are using what may be wrong tactics (terrorism) to get this. but in their defeat, their message will continue to live among the arab nations. they may die and  never see their dream of a dominat arab nation, but they are planting the seeds.

an arab-west, religion-philosophy war would be on a scale that would threaten the  existence of most of humanity.  presently, numerous arab nations have internal struggles.  with these civil wars, it is hard to form any kind of coalition.

october 12, 2001

i love you jeffrey   
sandy williams, dorothy vallens; blue velvet

october 10, 2001
  what social-economic (or anykind of) system can feed hundreds of millions?  hundreds of diverse groups of millions?

does globalization work? does the connecting of millions into a few huge groups work better  than many individual non interacting tribes? we have evolved dependancies on west created; electricity, cars, sewage, etc. how do you consistently supply these things to billions?

the bottom line to all this (and maybe all things) is food and quality of life. religion and god are  used to achieve a common spirituality by both sides. if afghanistan life had hope for the future,  these people would not be mad. they are also fighting for survival. for whatever reason, they  dont or cant do commerce with the world’s western dominated economic system.  their country and land does not have the natural resources to supply the people with food.  they need to import food and to do this they need to interact with the west. they must also  have a resource that is in demand that can be sold. so this can happen to any region with a  group of people who also do not have these things.

sometimes bush and other officials call it a war against civilization. western civilization  culminates as the united states. western civiization is primarily north-western european,  caucasin. the white race. evolving before greece to rome to england. the ideals of the west  dominate the world and has deeply influenced most cultures. everybody doesnt agree with  the ideas of the west.

bill clinton is one of us to come.  his speech from the kennedy center broadcast and replaying on c-span is masterful.

ari fleischer  has a slight hollywoodish/entertainment type look and feel. still, he is good.  he operates as a gate between the press and sensitve & or classified information.  he does  it with a hollywoodish styled smile. mr rumsfeld takes a no-nonsense straight ahead fair  approach. he is sharp mentally. i love it when he has to pause, takes a deep breathe and think about an answer before speaking. all i got are oxford button-down collar shirts. mr rumsfeld  returned to the us saturday night just as he said he would and the bombing of the taliban began sunday morning.

word of the bombings hit the media right before the kickoff of the sunday nfl games, so like  millions of others i was in a bar watching tv. i was glad bush didnt show even the slightest smile or even a hint of revenge. i dont think he used the word evil either, he was good.

the diversity of humans continues to amaze me. stting in the bar intensely focused on george w. i wondered how someone could talk while their president was addressing them and the nation  during this very critical time of war. i learned a long time ago different people handle different situations very differently, so i wasnt mad at nobody- just amazed.

this war will be long even though we will be done soon in afghanistan. what the us cant bomb will starve and freeze come winter. nothing will be going in or out of that area without the us  knowing it. we have rounded up over 600 of the worlds known terroists. the us is freezing the  assets of known terrorist organizations. (we can do this cause we own the dominant economic  system. for a nation to survive it has to do commerce with and within the rules of the us  economic system. there is a record kept for every transaction in that system). all this to  seriously cripple terrorist networks worldwide.  the us is organizing the bulk of the world’s powers to act as one against terrorism. nato planes patroling us skies. all this isnt just for bin laden. i think iraq & hussein may be the ultimate goal thru syria and libya. im not sure, i need to study the politics of the region but there will be a us military cleansing sweep of the region. this is the long war we are asked to prepare for.

media is doing a good job. much more respectful, effective and informational.

i heard somewhere that isreal is a jewish state created in the middle of ethnic arab land. isreal  has the support of the us- not surprisingly considering the power, wealth and influence of the  us jewish population. i need to research this

october 4, 2001
  us defense secretary donald rumsfeld’s 4 country mideast trip is a show of power, confidence, intelligence and diplomacy. he publicly announced his travel schedule before the trip and  proceeded with confidence. mr rumsfeld is no joke.

bush just used the word “evil” again in a taped speech on cnn

last night my previous instructor casually recognized my prediction that unemployment  insurance was gonna be raised. when i saw that bush was talking of extending unemployment  benefits i called my sister and told her i guessed that. several days later she called me and very  reluctantly told me she just heard ca governor gray davis is trying to increase the dollar amount. the economy is bad, spending needs to be incresed to get it going again. one way to increase spending is to cut interest rates, another is to pump money to individuals so they can spend. i understand bush’s call for americans to spend to keep the economy going, but this is just a  temp fix. our economy needs to be based on “necessary” products and services (i have a  feeling it primarily is already and “necessary” is extremeely relative).

technology has made production so efficient that fewer people are needed to produce. this  means fewer jobs are available while the supply, products and services, increase. so now you  have more product created by less people while there are more people. there are a finite  number of jobs needed to produce what is needed by an entire economy. we have more than enough people to do these jobs.

an economy’s money  needs to circulate from employer to employee to consumer back to  employer to keep the economic system going. if there are a finite number of jobs to produce all that an economy needs, what happens when you have many more people than jobs? “unnecessary” jobs are created. intense marketing strategies are created to generate demand. marketing has become a catalyst to itself and will bottom out and/or crash. money and the  importance of marketing needs to be scaled back. (though art and creativity in marketing ads  have grown positivitly with the industry)

china buying jets from boeing is a direct injection of funds into our economy. that $$ from an outside source will filter down and mean jobs. but government money to the american public  via unemployemt and other relief benefits have to come from somewhere. in the capitalist  system, there must be a balance between legitimate supplies and demands.

this could be seen as a “problem” in the western civilized system as it grows to accomodate large numbers of people and groups. what system do you use to feed and support millions  of people?

the US policy not to negotiate with terrorists is a very good one. no group should ever be led to believe that an atrocity will get their policy heard or any demands met. terror cannot be used to get recognition. but because of the september 11 attack osama bin laden will now be a part of history for a long time. and just like timothy mcveigh, his message will  eventually be heard by milions. we will not negotiate with him but we cannot help but hear his messages. hearing his ideas about the west will change the US when we look at ourselves with his ideas in mind

more than one high ranking government offical has given a left handed compliment and kinda  validated the information in the news media. almost to say that certain news coverage is up to date and fairly accurate. when the media operates with intregity, it is a good thing. fox news is a bit sensationalized and they were the first to name the attacks (“attack on america” or sumn) and they had graphic only hours after the event. cnn is my primary news source.

the openess of the government, the amount of interviews and tv time that rumsfeld, powell,  busch and ashcrfot give is very good. open and upfront as much as possible. these men tell  reporters very easily now what they wont and cant discuss. rumsfeld replied “are you kidding  me?” when asked a question that very obviously could not be answered. he also said he cant remember once lieing to the media in his career and that he didn’t intend to start now. and no one under him should ever lie about anything ever. he very frankly and brillantly said there  are ways you can do what you need to do without lieing. i like mr rumsfeld

ashcroft is on tv now

october 3, 2001
sometimes its hard to breakdown my thoughts into an explainable writing. the events of  september 11th were signifigant enough to trigger deep feelings, deep thinking & deep  understandings.

almost everything that has happened fits into and can be explained by my philosophy and  understanding. over the last few weeks as my knowledge of the situation grew, i was able to  forsee certain events. i have forseen so many events that validate my philosophy that i have  even more confidence in my understanding. sometimes enough confidence to predict.

i feel like i can see the whole, the big picture. i can clearly see how evolution fits into all this.but  i cant fully put it into words yet. as time goes by my ideas and thoughts will filter down. below  are a gathering of notes from the last few weeks that i hope to review and condense into a  structured text. i used color to show when the different notes were taken. white text is from  today and revisions to previous notes.

more random: i like rumsfeld. i like powell. ashcroft is cool too.  i also like haron amin, a young ambassador from afghanistan who states over and over not to  trust pakistan intelligence. the c-span channels are very good. i like to see high ranking  government officials giving reports.i dont like news speculation. cnn is good also. mayor rudy is cool.

the taliban is a rural group from pakistan that moved inside afghanistan.

i dont like bush using the word “evil” or “evil doers.” evil is completely relative and subjective. the people who did the terrorist act consider america the true evil.

i like the country’s patriotism.

september 25, 2001 i was completely deflated, i slepted. i had to sleep. my body needed to shutdown and process everything that happened. between my mother  and my sister the phone ringing before 6am doesnt phase me anymore  and neither does my sister’s high early morning energy. what i got from her  was that basically a jet crashed into the wtc on a clear day then another  plane crashed into the other one while they was showing it. she  knew  exactly how to pump the information,  emotion and severity of the  situation. she was clear,  concise and quick. i had the tv on in maybe 20  seconds. i think it was jennings, abc. 

we watched and talked about what we were seeing and questioned  who and why. what was actually said is a blur but i kinda remember the  general overall feeling.

who did it why what this means whats next

i got off the phone with her,  stood watching tv for a while channel surfing still wearing what i slepted in

then i got back in bed and watched

i was able to completely focus on all the information and emotion that was coming from the tv. it was very personal & intimate, just me and the tv

my sister called again and i told her a plane hit the pentagon, and one down near pittsburgh.  where was that one goingprobably white house. 

i was dsl’ed to and everywhere else switching between fox news, cnn, abc, cbs, nbc. my sister had nothing but a radio at work.

i watched intensely for maybe 4 hours, deep thinking and watching

by 12pm bin laden was presumed guilty. (by the news media)

i watched george w make a short statement in a classroom i didnt worry about his delivery and words so much as his intent.  his body language. he was filled with emotion (rage) and  he had to restrain himself in front of the kids and world. he used strong words. he was ready to fight just like a good ole boy should be. he was ready to fight and i completely understood. i like george w. i know that i would have a good time at one of his parties.  he‘s that kinda guy.

i have my views about western civilization. 

 i understand why someone would fly a jet into a building killing themselves and others.  i do not agree with the action but i know that kind of deep passion and or desperation  in a man exists.

i watch the western tradition every sunday at 12am on pbs my favorite episode of that series deals with 3rd world countries and documents the actions of the US in them. my favorite lineparaprased basically said  “western technology was needed to get rid of western influence “

thats what this is about its a fight against civilization. and the progress of civilization. the dominace of technology, media, money, politics.

i heard a story about bin laden’s anger over americans (the west, and i believe caucasions especially) walking on holy ground. imagine a place so holy that for hundreds of years only the very devout of your religion were allowed. traditon handed down to you from generations. how would it feel to have this place desecrated by outsiders of another race.  to see the power and arrogance that the west has globally. a power and an influence so great and so different that it will change and destroy your way of life.

western thought, the use of sciences i wouldnt quite say their fight is against the growing new consciousness of the west-  a modern thinking and spirituality that i think will evolve us into another kind of homind-  cause im not sure if they recognize the depth of the west or if we have any consicousness at all. they may see us as unconscious machines and slaves to technology.

either way, our way of life will eventually destroy theirs and every culture like theirs.

a by product of the west’s rise will be a new consciousness that evolves a new kind of human. this new homind will have superior technological & social skills along with a never before seen  spirituality. not a spirituality based on god, but based on conclusions that come from the  experience of mans’s cummulitive knowledge over thousands of years.

no other creature can store knowledge and pass it on to future generations

when we became conscious, we lost guidance. we were no longer controlled by instinct. we  had to figure out what to do, it was no longer programmed into us.

we created communication. we became free willed individual beings.

we had to create a way to communicate to each other. we had to create a spirituality, a commoness amongst each other

we created the ability to commuicate feelings across distances.

i was riding around the other day and everything that i saw the terrorists were against. the streets, the stores, the buses, tv, news, telephones, palm-pilots, internet, computers.

there are people who will not be successful because they dont have the ability to use modern technology. 

no one can can survive in isolation. you cant grow your own food and be self sufficient anymore. there are too many persons per area. you need to be able to do commerce to get the things you need to survive and this goes for nations also. 

in the US you have to generate a certain amount of income to survive.  to generate that income you must do commerce with the prevailing economic and social  systems. if you cant, you cannot be apart of that system and you will not thrive

the homeless are recognized as a group. on the cnn ticker was text  that homeless veterns were draping their shopping carts with flags. even the homeless get national recognition in this country.

this was the first attack like this ever. no way we could have been ready. we were dominant, complacent and relaxed. no way we could have seen this comingbut look at the country now,watch what we do

even on the playground the biggest kid got tested what happens after a bully gets sucker punchedeverybody goes eeeeeew and waits to see what hes gonna do

you dont sucker punch the bully unless you got backup you have thought about what he is gonna do 100 times before he even knows its gonna happen.



more 09-11-01 accumulated notes:

by 12pm pst ossama ben laden was presumed guilty

bush “hunt down and punish”

e-mail with the idea of  you dont bitch slap the big boy on the block unless you got back up

the peoiple who did this have a plan for the US reaction or retaliation.  maybe they want world war or something but they are definitely anticipating our reaction.

brought up this topic and and the discussion turned to bin laden allies. my teacher who is  middle eastern mentioned pakistan. when i got home the prime minister of pakistan was on tv

discussion that this could have been prevented- how do you stop this? how do you gaurd against everything? intelligence should have known? i dont think so

idea that the US,pakistan and russia all but created the taliban

attacked was against major us business and military and figure head symbols

aol spam porn e-mail stopped for the few days after the attack, no porn email on aol

if we dont react to this attack, it could be taken as a slap in the face to the people who did it,  like a form of disrespect that could anger them more

if we wipe out the perpetrated we could be seen as the bully we are 

my biggest fear is biological and /or chemical warfare

what does bin laden want? what 

basically against our way of life and having the youth of his people seeing the freedoms that kids in US have (this would lead them astray from religious devotuion)

support of a country with different beliefs- whats wrong with us investing and supporting a non-democratic country?

faith and belif in a god that doesnt exist masses of people, the “whole country”

i knew speaker in memorial service was gonna be black. the carrier of the american flag was a black man. everybody in the pews and part of the high level political system was staunch white

bill clinton was vibin the music like he was black denyce graves sang at the service, ive seen herperform live

religion is the basis for this war/attack and lots of other suffering “in the name of god”

the terrorists pray to the same god we do

september 11, 2001

september 7, 2001
its the little things….

Posted by PFUNK1 on 9/7/2001, 7:18 pm

my daughter (in ohio) just called me (in LA) cause knee deep was playing on the radio… it was good to hear her voice it was good she recognized the music i love it was good to hear my favorite song even over the phone

she was getting ready to go to my old  high school’s football game (they are  playing my father’s old high school who is  ranked #1 in PA) cause my 10th grade son is dressing for varsity…

soulive tonight at the templebar, santa monica

sure i aint got no job and the economy is bad- but the glass i see aint half empty,  its half full of some funky funky good shyt…

good thoughts, bad thoughts

september 2, 2001
zoom zoom

august 4, 2001
 parliament – funkadelic live
the 3rd song (cosmic slop) is my all time favorite song performed live.

even when im not, i am. therefore i think.

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