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Subjective Experiences: June 17, 2004

06-17-04 v. savage farewell luncheon point moorea – wilshire grand hotel – la, ca
06-10-04 USACE los angeles district change of command patriotic hall – los angeles, ca
06-06-04 jeffery scott mitchell II graduation dinner olive garden – boardman, oh
06-05-04 drugs w/ george clinton
dj logic
the poogie bell band
pa potluck festival: church of universal love & music
acme, pa
06-05-04 cardinal mooney high schoolgraduation 2004 stambaugh auditorium youngstown, oh
06-04-04 my birthday youngstown, ohio
06-03-04 quaker steak and lube sharon, pa
05-28-04 movie: the day after tomorrow the plant – van nuys, ca
05-15-04 tv: lakers vs spurs game 6 caesars palace – las vegas, nv
05-11-04 p-funk allstars
star cullars band
studio z – san francisco, ca
05-07-04 maktub
marlon saunders
templebar – santa monica, ca
05-04-04 trulio disgracias
club good hurt – los angeles, ca
04-23-04 weapon of choice
fanny franklin
chris pierce
templebar – santa monica, ca
04-20-04 gov’t mule the grove – anaheim, ca
04-10-04 soulive
(after hours)
fillmore – san francisco, ca
boom boom room – s.f., ca
03-28-04 st elizabeth’s hospital youngstown, oh
03-27-04 p-funk allstars phantasy theatre
cleveland, oh
03-19-04 riverside hotel/ casino laughlin, nv
03-16-04 starr cullars band winstons – san diego, ca
03-15-04 champa 51 templebar – santa monica, ca
03-10-04 book closing  
03-02-04 trulio disgracias
club good hurt – los angeles, ca
02-26-04 the passion of the christ the plant – panarama city, ca
02-23-04 the peak show templebar – santa monica, ca
02-21-04 fanny franklin
burning star
templebar – santa monica, ca
02-15-04 hairy ape bmx templebar – santa monica, ca
02-14-04 trulio disgracias
fais do do – los angeles, ca
02-07-04 club quality zanzibar – santa monica, ca
02-01-04 jesse james superbowl party james residence – inglewood, ca
01-31-04 nu-phound nation
aziz faye
fais do do – los angeles, ca
01-23-04 maceo parker
natural afrodeshiac
house of blues – hollywood, ca
01-17-04 nu phound nation
aziz faye senegal drummers
fais do do – los angeles, ca
01-15-04 p-funk allstars
house of blues – anaheim, ca
01-14-04 soulive house of blues – anaheim, ca
01-07-04 greasy beats
templebar – santa monica, ca
01-02-04 macy gray
natural afrodishiac
house of blues – anaheim, ca
12-20-03 nu phound nation
aziz faye
fais do do – los angeles, ca

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afrofunk alchemy – dec 20, 2003 – fais do do
nu phound nation, aziz faye “Hi everyone, I want to introduce the idea for Afrofunk Alchemy this Saturday, it is sooo exciting, and very dear to my heart: Legendary players Frankie “Kash” Waddy, Blackbyrd McKnight, and Lige Curry are going to be performing as NuPhound Nation, giving us On the One Funk and then merging forces with master drummer/dancer Aziz Faye from Senegal and his crew. Evolving into an articulate improvisational jam at midnight, I welcome all musicians to come down and experience this. The band will be acting as musical directors, extending invitation to the wonderful players in our midst to join in the improvisational magic, in a “whatever the party calls for” sense, as they see fit. The idea is to create new forms in music, by drawing from the incredible wealth and variety of talent among us, in a spontaneous but organized and articulate way, so we avoid a “free for all” kind thing, and keep the musical integrity in tact. I want everyone to be a part of this, as the audience is as important in this experience as the players, exchanging in our active/receptive parts and collectively ROCKING THE HOUSE! I really would love to see all of you, I have been so busy with this club, and this is my night to celebrate with all the partypeople in the place to be! If anybody needs love at the door, just call me, its a night for folks to just have fun, no worries. See you there! Fais Do Do 5257 W. Adams blvd LA 90016 (323) 931-4636 ext11 love-Sarah PS. PLEASE PASS THIS ON…. THANKS!”

“Afrofunk Alchemy at Fais Do-Do. Some dexterous lead guitarists perform locally this week — including the flash hard-rock wizards from Magnolia Thunderpussy, Fatso Jetson and Backbiter across town at Mr. T’s Bowl tonight — but the wildest guitar solo this reporter’s ever heard in 25 years of concertgoing was carved out by one Blackbyrd McKnight. It occurred at a jam session much like this evening’s bill, about a decade ago at the old Music Machine, where McKnight was backing Thelonious Monster singer Bob Forrest. McKnight, a P-Funk mainstay who’s also worked with Miles Davis and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, was filling the room with these insane note flurries, ripping off the audience’s collective head and slinging it ‘round the galaxy. The notes flew endlessly from McKnight’s frets, building to an anticipated apocalyptic finale, and we all might still be there waiting for it, except Forrest accidentally unplugged the guitar cord while stomping around the stage. With the aptly titled Afrofunk Alchemy, McKnight and fellow P-Funksters Lige Curry and Frankie “Kash” Waddy join Aziz Faye’s team of Senegalese drummers for a wide-open jam that’s sure to dazzle. (Falling James)” LA WEEKLY

-this was a very very special night. house full of los angeles’ funkiest musicians. and we had a very good time. it definitely went next level. i got there early to setup recording equipment. finally formally met sarah and she introduced me to erica who was the sound person who did a VERY good job. setup my hi-8 video camera upstairs on a tripod on the balcony and streamed via usb to my laptop. the laptop had an external mic connected directly to it so i got a higher quality audio exactly matched with the video feed. i captured video and audio at the highest quality (2.1Mbps) while also recording it to hi-8 tape. did a test during nu phound nations soundcheck. i decided it was to much work to capture with the laptop especially since i had my cassette deck recording audio right from the sound board. it got crowded up there and star cullurs i believe was like sittin in the way and it was cool i just didnt wanna bother folx during the show messing with equipment. anyways soundcheck had me groovin and i ran out to check the tapes and they were good. when i got home the laptop footage i got was good and the audio was better, just a little loud. talley on beat, i grooved with him. lauren and her mother in the house. lonnie of weapon of choice, overton in the place. 

greasy beats, niloo, dubistry – 01-07-04 – templebar

there were a bunch of fine females in mi fave place this night. many more stunningly attractive females than usual. sistas too, looking good. audra (i love her) and fanny franklin in the place. i love gettin my groove with females around me. i love the templebar. it felt like it had been a long time since ive been here, it felt good to be in the place. and even the smell of the place was stimulating…dubistry was a full band with dj beats and a black female lead singer. vibey music, not quite funk and not quite pop, not quite neo soul, but funky and soulful. good grooves and catchy vocals. niloo may have been a more mainstream type attractive singer chick. not so much real and funky (though she seemed “realer” than most), she seemed to me to be the packaged product type. her band was good, maybe better than her. but she was good, dont get me wrong. greasy beats was a bunch of white boys playin a funky funky jazz. they have been touted as hard funk funky, but they were way way too jazz oriented. most of their music seemed to be played on the real one, and not the one and three. or a jazzy groove that had nothing on the one at all. deep deep funky jazzy groove with sophisticated beats.

maceo parker – house of blues – jan 23, 2004
me and moinique rolled up in this one and the rumors i was hearing all day turned out to be true. prince and his gang showed up and took an already good funky show to another level. i stood there groovin 15 feet in full view of fred wesley, greg boyer, maceo parker on the horns. with rodney skeet curtis on bass and prince leading the groove. man it was good. prince’s bass player sat in for skeet as did his keyboard player rad. rad turned me out. that little asian girl soloed on keyboards groovin with the low deep bass end of the piano. and not only that she was hittin the funkiest spots and grooves ive heard in a long long time. she touched a very funky nerve of mine, i was impressed. shake everything you got was soooooo good. maceo and crew are the tightest funkiest things

zanzibar – 02-07-2004
slept and lazy all day i knew i needed to get out and do something cause i would be restless crazy sittin around the house all evening. was gonna go to the templebar but decided to check out zanzibar as mi fave dj’s haul and mason (from the templebar) do this club quality every saturday. it was so last minute in fact that i called directory assistance to get the address of the club as i didnt know it. nice young 20 sumthin crowd. lotta cute girls ready to get there groove on. good groove music kinda leaning toward hip-hop but not the top 40 hip hop stuff. more sophisticated and complicated grooves with rap. and this is what i wanted. i danced for like hours either vibin myself or others off to the side or on the dancefloor gettin it with others.i thought to myself for somebody so old, big and black that i get my vibe on pretty good. like for an old man like i was in that place i was able to get groovy with more than a few young attractive girls (mostly white) and have a good time. and even be aroused even. i like clubs like this where people dont come overdressed, they come to groove. sure they look nice and some do dress, it doesnt seem to be about mackin or gettin some, though we all know thats probably the bottomlineand when im in a groove with all these young white girls around me i think of my 50 sumn white male supposedly conservative christian cubicle neighbor at work. i almost always wonder what he would do if he had all these young sexy thangs dancin and vibin around him so sensually. then i tried to picture him in this situation and i couldnt. it was the “moves” or the groove i couldnt picture him gettin that would “attract” these girls around him. then i thought, maybe its my groove and a vibe that i put out that has almost always has me surrounded by sexy girls dancin in a club. cause i was not dressed at all, but i was confident and relaxed. i dance and vibe with a relaxed confidence and happiness. this may be attractive to females and others who also are gettin there now i notice when in clubs and groove situations i look for somebody hittin a groove and focus on their rhythm. i am also attracted to it. this night i thought to myself that if i vibe somebody hittin a compatible groove that there would be an undeniable attraction. like a vibe between us that would be hard to resist. i had confidence that i could vibe and interact with any female in the place with my groove.

trulio disgracias – 02-14-04 – fais do do
got there at what i thought was later but the place was still empty. met sarah at the door and she was warm and spirited as usual. for somebody deeply in the music business, she seems to have kept a fun and spiritedness about her. and ofcourse her rhythm skills, dancing ability and a way to be free and open to fun in public. anyhows i walk in and they playin an obscure george clinton song i recognize so i digs that. i greet folks and then gclintons last dance comes on and i start to feel hanging around almost bored when norwood approaches calling a soldier to transportation duty and the next thing you know im headed towards downtown los angeles to scoop up overton. the nba allstar weekend was happening so i figured traffic would have been too too bad but it wasnt. i get him and we chill on the way back and it was cool.cattywompus played and they were good. ok, let me clarify. they were MUCH MUCH better than the last time i saw them. their music had direction and a deliberateness that i thought wasnt there last time. it also seemed to be more on the one, or a more funk based movement and groove. but it still had a most refreshing hint of whiteboy in it while being played with a hard funkiness.i cant help but cop to how cool i feel hanging out with norwood, sarah, lonnie and overton and them. its not like im in awe of them or nothing, but i do LOVE being around people who have a talent that i respect and enjoy. these people have done things that have impressed me musically, rhythmically and spiritually. and maybe to be close to the makers of the music itself. the music and groove is most dear to me and these people all but live to create that music and groove. so i say this to be sure the point that just hanging out is a special part of the evening for me.trulio played p-funk music all night allowing anybody in the crowd to join in. truly trulio. lamar got the cookie jar groove going. the buffalo boys got to get at it. i got video and norwood had a mac connected and got a real good audio copy he wants to snippet on the internet

Warming up off that Funkentelechy riff Posted by PFunkJazz on 2/15/2004, 3:08 pm, in reply to “buffalo boys finally unwrapped axes and take stage…” After we kinda figgered the PFUNK-component wasn’t gonna in the house, we actually debated if there would be any “worthwhile funk”. Yea it was pretty damn fon-kay. Sure glad I came out!!
They had 4 or 5 local guitar axes up there and BASSically one low-end axe with molesters switchin’ off; like a low-end gangbang. We had Mike from BUFFALO, Lonnie of WEAPON and Norwood of F’BONE. Some drum support from one bro and also Lonnie. On the mikes, were Parliamentary sketch-artist Overton Lloyd, real-deal P-Funk vocalist Kim Manning, Lonnie (souled-out with a deep growlin’ vibe) , Norwood and almost anybody who grabbed the mike. Our very own Lamar bent a mike stand over, which to him gettin’ pulled up on stage bu Overton. Lamar layin’ out al pantherish with the big boys! (Good goin’ playa; glad to see you up there! Now, I wanna see you open a night at Fais Dodo!).There were funk classics and some orignals from Lonnie, Overton or whomever. It was most definitely a funk jam with axe-molesters flexing their muscles. Unfortunately the vox were poorly miked, so we lived off lip-reading and our own funkentelechy.Oh yeah, Moon, Evangelis dropped a bit of “Maggot Brain” and got them other cats to chime in. Later, when houselights went dark, he rushed thru some Jimmy Page-type Led Zeppelinisms. Also, Mike was holdin’ the bottom on bass and rocked the mike when Lonnie and Norwood gave it a go (nice rhythm section Lonnie on drums and Norwood on bass).IMO, I think the major axe-molester up there was F’Bone’s Rocky George. He was runnin’ the neck and crankin’ out funk-distorted leads. (Damn! Along with Torri Rufin, F’BONE 3.x’s guitar firepower is kinda mind-boggling!). Norwood was saying new stuff gonna be out soon and Lonnie got new funk that’s gettin’ out with some FUNK TO THE MAX assist.
Nice night of $10 funk in da ‘hood. Glad I didn’t have to go into West LA last night cuz traffic was reported to be at a total blockade cuz of NBA ALL-STAR parties.

OH YEAH. Big ups to CattyWompus who led off the night and brought their crowd in. They’re a nice soundin’ lil’ ol’ funk band from the Westside. Definitely worth checkin’ out. -PFUNKJAZZ

hairy ape bmx – 02-15-2004 – templebar
wandered in mi fave after having cruised downtown and the staples center post allstar game and after most folx had left, i guess. there were a few niggas around and you could tell it was crowded earlier, but not much was happening. so after riding around downtown after sleeping all day and after going the wrong way on a one way street, i eventually made it to the templebar. hairy ape bmx seems to play an eclectic jazz alternative percussionny type music. and i liked it. they were keyboard synth, drums, keyboard-percusiionist, bass player and maybe a guitar. an olderish white dude seemed to be lead and he had good energy and vibe. thing i kinda liked about it was that he maintained an older white guy vibe while being modernly funky. this gave the music a not quite hip-hop, not quite jazz, not quite etc sound. very, very good grooves. OH YEAH!!! they played some trouble funk!! lets get small and a version of drob the bomb!! i was like dammmmmn. the sound is very hard to categorize and that in itself i find most intriguing.but what made the night for me was a female. i was sittin in the back in the cut when this white girl who seemed to want to move ended up standin by me. the music came on and she was gettin it in a better than normal white girl dancin very close to the beat type way. i mean i was vibin her and felt her on the beat but she was doing them white people moves that had her body movin in all kinds of directions. she was a white girl dancin like a white girl with white girl energy on beat and i was feelin it. so as she is gettin it im feelin the music and her so i indirectly send groove and beat her way. no direct acknowledgement, i was just hittin the beat and groove really “hard” and i knew she had to feel this as i felt i was in her vision. later in the evening we danced side by side for a bit and exchanged a directly acknowledged smile.i was relaxed and feeling really really good as i left when i saw her outside. i walked and continued toward her in a way like i knew her. she responded accordingly and i extended to her and said something like “you were good tonight, i enjoyed your energy.” she responded warmly and we shared a very warm and open and long handshake. her hands were warm and soft. her grip was good. i looked in her eyes and she was the kinda cute enough i like. we talked sorta small but openly and a warmly it seemed for a few minutes. i was relaxed and enjoying everything in life and the evening and meeting her as i felt a little sumn sumn between us. even if it was just 2am club closing lonelys i felt it and i waded in it.we talked and smiled and she was deliberately relaxed and attractively spacey and i enjoyed it. i was open and she felt open and i enjoyed it. we exchanged names and had another long warm handshake that we both seemed to not want to let go of. as all this was going on i thought about the give/get phone number thing and creating the possibilty of seeing her again as from what i could tell i would like her. but i was too relaxed and lazy so i just made myself obviously open to the idea of future exchanges. i should have “made the move” and i know it but i didnt and i knew i should have the whole time that i didnt. i wasnt scared or nervous about it as i was more complacent and lazy about it. still, looking back i should have created the possibility of continued relationship with her.

the peak show – feb 23, 2004 templebar
get in mi fave hangout and the lights are on in the performance area. the room unusually filled with light and young white people. i was the only black patron in the joint and as i wandered into the area meshell’s faggott comes on. looking around the vibey decorated room with pictures of only black men on the walls, black groove music playing and all these white kids who prolly couldnt hold a beat even if they wanted to once again sent me to thinking. but where im at now mentally being the only one dancin (or even moving with rhythm) with the lights on was just a worn down speed bump where before it felt like a armed border barricade. i got down and danced in it on beat and it was euphoric.the peak show opened with flow. holland greco’s voice and the music moved me so deeply i couldnt look at them, i turned and had my back to them for the first few minutes of the show. this girl has the kind of voice a man can worship and the groove and vibe of this band touches me sumn good. now i dont want to say that she or the band was holding back or coasting because the crowd was fairly light and standing rigidly still and they had another gig later this night, but as soon as flow began i was welled up with tears. my emotional energy was so up i was prepared to let the cry out and the tears flow (excuse the pun). but maybe cause this was the first song (and it could be my fave) they and she went easy with it. or let me say ive heard them sing it with more intensity. if this song would have went where it has before i would have been crying like one of the stereotypical white girls that this room seemed to be full of. and even still i was more than deeply moved and i absolutely love that i was. another cool note: i seem to like their new stuff too. well the songs they played that i hadnt heard before i liked. i love the fact that i like the vibe and groove of this band in combination with what ms greco’s voice does to me. i mean to be so old and black and to be able to get it with this young (pussy and beer cheering, and why did you guys go on about farting for 3 minutes last night LOL) band i totally digs. having such a magical voice is one thing, but to have that voice express itself with this vibe and band goes to a whole nother level.and in my mind as i walked to the front where most of this young white cant move to the music or dance crowd could see me i was gettin, knowing and feeling every beat and break. i mean i just love what the peak show music does to me and to have love like this in my life is the best feeling a human being can have.(its a few days after i wrote the above and for whatever reason i dont like the way i wrote this experience. reading it, it seems i dont even like my own writing style. and the main point may have been missed. the sentences are too long and wordy or sumn. feel like i need to get back to shorter sentencing.)

the passion of the christ – feb 26, 2004 – van nuys, ca
the theater had a nice crowd, but wasnt crowded. overwhelmingly hispanic, very little english being spoken. to christians: if you place your faith, beliefs, philosophy and live your life based on a story of such suffering, pain, evil, martyrdom and that one mans horrible death is saving you, that will be your reward in life. how can a motivation or zeal for life come from such suffrage and death.

how healthy is it for such a dismal story to be the focus of your life? the symbol is a dead man on a stick. why “celebrate” something of so much pain and death. this is a religion based on suffering, evil and sin.
one thing i did come out of this with is a deeper understanding of the idea that christians believed that jesus died and suffered for all our sins. that his pain and suffering is the new covenant with god that saves humanity. i think i realized that people ACTUALLY LITERALLY believe that.

in the movie there was an unacknowledged spooky character that was obviously the devil. it hit me that people actually believe that there is a devil. seeing biblical characters in biblical events in a movie that was made to seem realistic made the whole bible story even more unbelievable to me.
there were emotional beggings in this movie. there were scary parts put in to startle and scare the viewer. theatrics maybe. jesus also fell too many times. his suffering was way over the top.

i can understand the idea of a people placing faith in a man conquering death for humanity. like if he was god or not, faith works just having belief that this man created a covenant with god for us. in the movie i got the idea that jesus may have known that he was a sacrificial offering to god for the people.
jesus’ teachings were positive and good for humanity. he preached the way, eventually accumulated a following and became a and “pivotal” famous figure. this gave him power and put him in a position to be recognized as a person who could sacrifice himself for our sins.

i understand how having hope and faith in this event could pacify humanity. give them a sense of security.
i also more realize how sin and evil are created and/or sensationalized in the very story which jesus is delivering us from. to get more impact in what jesus did, you need for evil to be this powerful deadly thing. evil MUST be prevalent and around us in everyday life. there must be sin and man MUST be weak and need saving. so to make the story of jesus have more impact, a fear of evil and sin must come first. the deeper our fear of an evil, the more we have a need for god and jesus.

book closing – march 10, 2004
well i think im done. i see now reason not to send this to the printer right now. feels weird. i just have to post this text, create the pdf and ftp it. im ready to be done too. i went to borders to check out the philosophy section to compare what im doing and im cool. while i was there i picked up sting’s sacred love. as i was creating the text on the back cover i heard him singing about religion. i was deeply inspired. i thought of “science will be religion.” ok. thats it. most of all we funk.

starr cullars band – march 16, 2004
Posted by PFUNK1 on 3/17/2004, 7:28 pm STAR CULLARS gaddamn gaddamn
winstons – san diego, ca – march 16, 2004
i wasnt in the aware so i was surprised when he was so good then after the show he explained him and mr mike hampton use to hang out and mr eddie hazel was the next level to them. he’s happy. he said it and i saw it. i feel like im reporting. i feel like a messenger. after the show we chatted and he said he’s gettin to do something he’s always wanted. from what i got mr clinton and mgmt aint mad and i think encourages “projects” like this.

he mentioned the maybe positive effect on other members seeing him do this. and the STARR CULLARS BAND was good too. and will be better just from playing together. star on bass, lige on guitar and a drummer from brazil who didnt sound brazillian. they got a sound and a groovemr curry said there is a vibe between the members of the mob when they are on stage. and its strong. he said he vibes well with mr cordell boogie mossoon. the line up changes effect the vibe. but the changes aint no biggie.

STARR CULLARS BAND management was there. i thought they were from santa monica or sum’n. definitely young entertainment industry types. eager, youthful. and ms cullars aint fakin it on bass. she aint just got body-she can play. i was video zoomin in on her fingering and her lower hand was on her waist (she wearing low ridin spandex) and her upper hand was breast level. i may have been a perv but this pervert was on beat. she was getting it. well worth 4+ hours drivin on a school night.

they gonna be doin stuff with CARLOS WASHINGTON who i have heard before and distinctly remember for his nigga & trumpet. first time i saw him he was crashing folx sets at the funkyard festival and turning them out. then the next time i saw him was at mi fave hang out and he came in on trumpet in a way that ONLY a black person could have. it was so nasty and lazy and smooth. it had a vibe and a groove that everybody cant get too. ill never forget that.

video at 11

p-funk allstars mar 27, 2004 – cleveland
show stops twice, blackbyrd walks off stage…Posted by PFUNK1 on 3/28/2004, 2:59 am

during the begining of maggot brain, dont know what or why or nothing just know him (blackbyrd) and mr hampton was going at it on stage and i mean dead silence show stops. i was rolling!!!! it was a mess. to say they weren’t on it is such an understatement its a lie, lots of miscues. uncordinated. beyond sloppy. i had a gooooood time!!!!!


well worth the air fare just to see blackbyrd take his shit off and sit down!!! they got it going good more than once. and it seems the best times it was correcting a miscue that turned to groove. oh i was talking shit, boooing, givin the thumbs down and groovin my ass off the whole time.” i came all the way from california for this shit??”


it was bad and sooooo good. when blackbyrd split i had been clownin the show cause it just wasnt right. after he did that it confirmed to me something was wrong (for whatever reason) and thats when i REALLY started talkin shit. wavin off beat on purpose. standin with my arms folded lookin up at the ceiling. fake yawnin. LOL. but when they got it going i was right with them givin it up. and there was a couple of real good grooves this night and even they would “crash” to an ending LOL. crowd was mostly young white kids, they and we and everybody seemed to have fun. there were notes and changes that made me cringe LOL. bernie stepped to the mic during the stoppings of maggot brain and said- “hell i can play the whole thing myself” and sumn about removing the negativity. lily hayden was not good this night but her voice sounded good on her song- but i believe they messed that up too!

kendra was perfect. i think i love her. lol. damn i feel good. cream soda is good. cheese popcorn and pizza at 4am. saw my kids today too. im in heaven


yeah, the show im talking bout is CLEVELAND Posted by PFUNK1 on 3/28/2004, 3:09 pm ,

in reply to “Fair question, Jeffrey — What’s the name of this town
mr mcknight returned late in the show. he sat and played, very obviously not happy. i think mr nelson disappeared too. and i also think mr hampton was all but alone on maggot brain. then mr shider came out and pick up a guitar- hampton, shider, worrell maggot brain?


Posted by jeffery on 3/29/2004, 2:28 pm in reply to “yeah, the show im talking bout is CLEVELAND”

thinkin about it again it wasnt perfect, there were bumps in it, but think how funkadelic the whole situation was and to end up with hampton, shider and worrell? i admit i was caught up and distracted by the “drama” but i think i can almost feel a couple of really good maggot brain moments. i was standing right in front of the speaker. my ears are still ringing yeah i can remember mr hampton maybe almost gettin there even with this impromptu line up. yeah

never seen 420 friendliness in ohio before…Posted by jeffery on 3/29/2004, 2:36 pm,
in reply to “show stops twice, blackbyrd walks off stage…”

i was impressed.

i asked the ticket guy was there re-entry.

he said no.

i asked was there a smoking area?

he said the whole place is a smoking area.

he then added “and ya can smoke anything you want”

and folx did

st. elizabeth’s hospital mar 28, 2004

it seems like seconds after i typed “im in heaven” and posted the above my cell phone rang and it was terri, my ex-wife. it was 4am. she was at the hospital and told me that jeffery and kimberly were ok but jeffery’s best friends were in a very serious accident. she asked if i could pick up joe (her husband) and bring him to the hospital. because information was still coming in at that time she asked if we could stop by and check to see if anthony was at home as they werent sure who was in the car. details were sketchy. i had been here earlier as i had time to kill before driving to cleveland so i let jeffery joy drive around some. he used my cell and called anthony and we picked him up. we cruised by a playground as they talked about people and made plans for now and later this evening. i watched him and jeffery play high school football together as seniors last season so i asked him what college he was going to. he said he was going to whatever college jeffery was going to. anthony was 2nd team all state and had schools wanting him. later back at the house the phone rings and its isiah, jeffery’s life long best friend. i said whattup and asked him what college he was going to. he reminded me he was just a junior, i was like oh yeah thats right. me, jeffery and anthony discussed college and i found out the 3rd of the amigos, christian (also on jeffery’s football team and i watched all last season), was gonna walk on at ysu. we talked a bit and it seemed we convinced jeffery who wants to go to a smaller college to kinda agree to the ysu thing. he felt he would have to work hard and would not get much playing time his first year. i left going to cleveland feeling really good about something that was heavy on my mind; jeffery’s college direction.

Mahoning County Three Students Killed ( While all the details in the crash investigation are still unclear..police can tell us some of what happened.At around 11:40pm Saturday, a grey Chevy Lumina with seven teenagers inside struck a bridge abutment on West Cohasset Drive in Mill Creek Park. As a result three teenagers lost their life. They are Anthony Childs of Cardinal Mooney High School. Isiah Thomas of Cardinal Mooney High School and Amanda Ferraro of Austintown Fitch High School.

Mill Creek Police say the spot where the accident happened is commonly referred to as the Ax Factory Bridge. At this time, police don’t know why the car went off the road and have the vehicle locked up until the investigation is complete.

Family members tell us the driver of the car and three other passengers were taken to St. E’s. The driver Christian Lively of Mooney, underwent surgery this morning for internal injuries. Also injured: Lia Kovalchik and her sister Karla. Another Austintown student Colleen Casey was treated and released

i have been affected by this. i havent danced, sang or really laughed since the hours i spent at the hospital. terri was “impressive” for lack of better wording. she stepped up and really helped as families arrived and information was sketchy. i couldnt and didnt try to say anything to jeffery or kimberly. i felt there was nothing i could say that hadnt been or needed to be said.but i was not going to leave them. i just wanted them to know that i was there for them.

i am continuously impressed by humans and the human spirit. to see people in action in this time of tragedy was inspiring. i cant stop thinking about my son and his future and the impact this will have on him.

i cannot stop thinking about jeffery. probably why im writing this. i have a sense of helplessness and rightfully so. no life was lost in my family. as much as im affected i have to remember i am not a parent who has lost a child. that is where the real tragedy and pain is. i am fairly removed from the situation but cannot stop thinking about it. my children are ok and safe yet im still shaken and worried about them. i almost feel guilty writing this subjectively about this subject. the affect on me or what im going thru is nothing compared to the principals.

when we left i kissed and hugged my children like i never have before.

i worked half a day today mar 29. im home now. im thinking things that i feel too sensitive to be written here at this time. they are all good things in my mind. but things that i know could offend or upset people experiencing this sensitive time.

soulive – april 10, 2004 san francisco
SOULIVE after hours…Posted by PFUNK1.COM on 4/12/2004, 12:32 pm
san francisco – april 10, 2004 – fillmore

man them f#ckers took me to a new highest level. saturday night i went higher than i ever have before.i love GEORGE CLINTON AND THE P-FUNK ALLSTARS. i love PARLIAMENT / FUNKADELIC. but i dont think at this stage of the game that they can or will or intend to take me higher. i dont think they are designed to push “it” to go higher. but they got me here. without PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC i wouldnt have the basic understanding that puts me in a position to go higher.i mean we was gettin it. we was gettin good and intense. SOULIVE, MACEO, PRINCE, TOWER OF POWER- these are bands that i have personally experienced who seem to be trying or capable or intend to take it to a higher level. the intensity of these groups is NOT matched by the P-FUNK ALLSTARS. and i think im better off realizing that. the P-FUNK ALLSTARS are my heart and soul musically. my philosophy is more than just a little P-FUNK based, but if i want to keep going higher and higher and deeper and deeper i need more and more intensity and energy. i mean them niggas is old and maybe shouldnt be looked to to lead a culture that is much younger and has much more of a different kind of energy. i dont know.

its sumn SOULIVE with MAKTUB lead singer went after hours across the street from the fillmore and we (band and crowd) took it next level. CARLOS WASHINGTON (dat nigga) was in the house- crashin folx sets as usual and adding his own kind of energy on trumpet. neal evans keyboard was set up left of stage facing straight out. so for the first time in my SOULIVE experiences i was able to get it with him good. i was standing 3 feet from him and i knew he was well within my energy range. and i put it out there and
on him. he is one of mi faves and i was able to go off and get lost in his groove knowing he was feeling me.

oh we was gettin it. i was close enough to see and feel his fingering. i was close enough to watch when he hit the key and then feel the sounds he created. (i was also close enough to see and feel when he slightly missed). i was able to vibe him the way ive wanted to for a long time.

highlight for me was once after the many “peaks” in the groove, he reached out and shook my hand. i mean i know i was gettin it. i had on my PFUNK1 steeler jersey and i knew i was represettin. i know that i can boost the energy of the band and the room. and i knew i was bringing it this night. so allow me to ego play and say it again this way- he reached out to shake my hand, not i his. and i was touched by this, and still am.

YOUNG WHITE AUDIENCES Posted by jeffery on 4/12/2004, 2:02 pm ,
in reply to “SOULIVE after hours…”

i stated years ago on this board that i noticed that the overwhelming majority of the crowds are young and white. this may mean something years from now. saturday night SOULIVE at the fillmore was no different. what is different is how i handle it. i have learned to find the white girls who got the best rhythm and groove and groove with them. like saturday im gettin it and there are young white girls in my area, and im within theirs. there was this one girl gettin it with the groove, on rhythm but maybe not on the “right” beat. so what i do is i angle myself so that she is in my peripheral vision- i can see her motion and feel her energy without making direct eye contact. now i stay in my groove and on my rhythm and on my beat. i hope that she stays on hers and we usually get into a groove with each other that is in rhythm but on different beats (or sumn). she still got
them “natural” white girl moves and groove, but its in rhythm with my groove. so this goes on for a few minutes and what i do is repeat the whole process with another young white female. so after awhile i have maybe 3 or 4 people (its not always girls, though usually cause white boys dont dance) in a groove around me. i have enough rhythm ability that i can vibe and be “in sync” with all of them at the same time effortlessy. i need 3 or 4 of them to satisfy my desire for intense rhythm like this.

i was telling my buddy this and he made a comment somewhere along the lines that i needed 3 or 4 white girls to get the rhythm one black girl could bring. LOL and he may be right. at the after hours set after the fillmore there was one black female in the whole place- and she was my buddy’s girlfriend and she came with us!! also the absence of the black audience may be signifigant in the future. the best music- (in my opinion) live-funk-jamband-groove-intense music is not being heard or experienced by black people. these young kids may be a signifigant part of the country one day. there is a “mentality” and spirituality at these shows that these white kids are getting. they are wanting- shit they may be producing this!!! the musicians on the stage are black but the crowds are young and white. looking at it as i type, maybe the white kids are creating this culture- it is their dollars that ultimately drive this thing…

what are the black kids getting? where are the black kids? are black people missing this music???? if you ask me, r&b is dysfunctional (preaches too much love and pain). rap’s philosophy is questionable to put it mildly.

i love the jamband or whatever music scene. i love the mentality that is at these shows. i like the attitude of the white kids at these shows. they are open and out to have a good time. what they lack in rhythm and coordination
they make up for with energy and enthusuiasm. and they love my jersey and they aint shy about telling the big black man that they do. that in itself, that they aint “afraid” to approach and compliment a big black man means something that will be with them as they get older and raise kids and have jobs.

gov’t mule – 04-20-04 – the grove anaheim, ca

hold up!! whole lot of shakin is better than anything GOVT MULE did the entire night LOL!!!
Posted by jeffery on 4/23/2004, 4:06 pm , in reply to “I feel ya” thats just my opinion MULE music is almost spiritless

too plain, structured, sanitized or sum’n. the sound was good, but the groove- if there was one was lazy at best which is cool if thats your vibe- it just aint mine and the few times GOVT MULE got a real good groove going it lasted for like 10 seconds. it seemed the music was intensely concentrated to be mid tempo energy- like they was trying REALLY hard to be medium! LOL and the few times the MULE groove did get good- like 3 times for maybe 10-15 seconds each- the energy level attained was less than or equal to cosmic slop when george comes out. the P-FUNK ALLSTARS’s have more funk or whatever on a bad night cruising. let alone later in the show when shit is reall rollin and we wont even compare them to SOULIVE

MULE banging? no. funkin it up? no. that shit wasnt funk or funky at all- it was a different kinda thing, and thats cool if its for you. i bet i dont pay no $30 again to see them. i was so bored i was gonna leave early

SOUL!! thats what its missing!!!
Posted by jeffery on 4/23/2004, 6:06 pm ,
in reply to “ease it on down babybubba”

but it has a soul / spirit. just not the black american soul we associate “soul” with. it has a white american soul maybe- and the spirit / vibe of a white american (please insert racial disclaimers here).

its got groove, its got meaning.
grease is the time, its the place, its the moment
grease is the way we are feeling

we take the pressure and we go away
conventionality belongs to yesterday

trulio disgracias, shoppy – may 4, 2004 – club good hurt

shoppy is good. they played a very very entertaining eclectic music. it had so many style and was so refreshingly different that it was overwhelming. they look hispanic, but the music had a a very very sophisticated non hispnaic “pop” sound. i say pop sound cause it had a pop music feel and groove, but it was way to complicated to be pop music. i was impressed. there were changes and it went in directions that i could not predict and that tickled me. trulio was trulio, what can i say. they played a version of mr wiggles. seems in the open jam format of trulio disgracias with norwood at the helm, the musicians sitting in can start songs on their own. and it seemed they all wanted to play parliament/ funkadelic. and i admit i didnt even wanna hear any p-funk. one or musicans tried to start cosmic numerous times. one time i even said outloud “its too early for that!” they started the funkentelechy bass line and it lulled and then norwood stopped it and said “play sumn else” before it got going again. hell norwood even stopped the show and said “no p-funk, no funkadlelic.” LOL funny thing is i kinda agreed. i would have enjoyed hearing p-funk buts its nice to hear sumn else every now and then. trulio hit a few good grooves and got it going though and thats all that counts.

george clinton – may 11, 2004 – san francisco, ca

studio z – may 11 – san francisco
Posted by PFUNK1.COM on 5/14/2004, 4:37 pm
i had one of the best times ive ever had in my life. spiritually once again i went to a higher place. the crowd, the vibe, the 420, the music, conversation, food (chicken legs), weather. on the roadtrip airbody was on time, nobody was slackin and airbody was packin- we was rollin with some of the best funk music out!(weapon of choice’s colour me funky is like modern old style funk. i been sleepin on that)

the vibe and energy of the crowd was exceptional- still mostly youngish white, but there was a touch bit more older black males givin it up in the crowd. and there were black females there, like about 7 maybe and thats a lot more than usual!! LOL the heat, crowdedness, smoke and whatever made the room close and intimate and seem to concentrate the spirit and vibe. i think the defining moment was the crowd singing acapella for like 5+ minutes in the middle of the show- we had this “thank you for letting me be myself again” chant going on over “one nation under a groove” with george clinton singing the dah dah dah doo, dat dat dada …

over the top of all that with nothing but handclaps and no music being played. the spirit, vibe and rhythm of that crowd during that time all but brought tears to my eyes. we kept 2 different chants going over the top of each other for a long time that eventually morphed into “thank you for lettin me be myself… just for the funk of it” and i was gettin it. the place was too crowded but this made for a concentration of energy or sumn cause it was hot and thick in there. i met rickey vincent. i had been groovin all over the place and one time for a good 15 minutes or so i was gettin it with him standin right next to me. and i knew it too so i let it go all thru my body and that heightened my groove. i went away more than once havin my body hittin like 5 or 6 different beats of the groove. and having been in an intense groove for like an hour. call it trance or whatever, i was gone and gettin lost in it.

anyways later in the back after noticing him numerous times but not saying anything to him- (thats sumn i tend to do for some reason. i will vibe and
smile at somebody for years like i know them and never actually say hi or talk to them). so mr vincent comes up to me and says something about my jersey and how he has been seeing it for years. the first words out of my mouth was “chapter 18 the metaphysics of p-funk should be gospel.” i told him it articulated something i had been trying to say for years. this was after an already incredible show that had me in a heaven.

i had a really really really really goood time. a great day culminated in deep groove. good vibe and energy.

this was all but a NO FUNKADELIC show. the music was kept upbeat and spirited. even atomic dog had an upbeat kinda kick to it. the night was all lively. no maggot brain and i dont remember any “dark” funkadelic slow heavy music. this was a happy spirited set, and a happy spirited crowd.

zootzilla was barely ok. not from lack of talent, but prolly from lack of preparation and practice. he got the groove going more than once and if you ask me thats all that counts. they seem to have the idea of what groove and groovin is and with practice and experience they should get there.

star cullars band is just good. starr was angry as hell pre-show and she may have played like it and it didnt hurt- it may even have given their set a nice kinda hard rough egde. and lige curry is just cool. he has an easy going personailty, very easy to conversate with and is always up beat and quick. very good showman and musican. they were good as expected.

atomic dawg was backstage chillin with everybody. much love to everybody involved in this, for whatever reason. they passed out a flyer explaining the reasons behind this show and i wish the best for miss gina hall in her endeavor.

and i aint even gonna go into coming out of a deep deep “trance” like groove to find kendra less than a foot away from me vibrating on the exact same beat and groove i was. shit was so good and i was gettin so deep into it that i put my tshirt over my head and went away. i went so far away i “forgot” she was there to begin with so when i “came back” it was a surprise to see her there. and it was almost overwhelming to see that we were vibrating on the same beat and at the same frequency. man it was goooooood!!!

this night, along with my last SOULIVE experience in san francisco apr 10, ranks among my top ten funikest moments

higher and higher

i had been on beat and in a groove all day long. hours and hours of conscious vibe and dance “meditation” culminating with the heightened spirit of an energetic crowd and that p-funk music i love so much

higher and higher is the key
i dont want to shoot to the top
i wanna climb slowly but deliberately to my zenith
i imagine my climb at a 45 degree angle to
higher and higher

Posted by gh on 5/16/2004, 5:00 pm,
in reply to “studio z – may 11 – san francisco”

That was a beautiful show indeed. George told me it was one of his all time favorites and everyone involved had a meaningful experience.
thank you for coming.



Posted by PFUNK1.COM on 6/24/2004, 7:41 pm

up in the hills of pennsylvania you could see hundreds of stars so clearly. had maybe the best chicken i ever had in my life. folx walking around comparing buds. first i noticed country hippie boy was on a beat. his movement was in a kinda country whiteboy way, but he was consistently hittin the beat. dj logic was playin upbeat beats and folx was vibin so i drifted and without ever directly acknowledging i got into a groove with him as i drifted around. then i noticed another one!! LOL his “dance moves” once again were not the point. it was how he was hittin’ the beat. and i mean hittin it like he was pounding on it. like he knew where the beat was and was loading up and comin down hard on it.

and then i seen A WHITE GIRL WITH GROOVE. the key to this is that she was not trying to be on beat. she wasnt even tryin to dance. it was almost effortless for her. she did the little shoulder shake on the beat as she walked while she danced and it looked like she was gliding. it was obvious she had groove. i was truly moved to see and feel this. (she had more groove than pfunkjazz! LOL) thats when i looked around and noticed ALOT of folx was on beat. now there maybe a couple hundred? people and the only black folx i seen was on stage or cookin chicken. and these white folx with them big ole tame country dogs burnin huge tree log fires on the side of a hill was groovin under hundreds of stars.

drugs was cool. they had sound problems i think they couldnt hear each other but they sounded damn good out the pa. in fact the best parts were when they were freestylin doing a soundcheck. that music had energy and we young white kids wanted energy. when they went into mis america (any other way would be too good for true) it sounded good but it kinda brought the energy down. drugs music is heavy. i knew this years ago but it was really evident after a upbeat dj set.

and then here come mr clinton with all this funkadelic. mr nelson, mr shider, mr payne was gettin it- but we young 20 sumn wanna groove. no compute was fun. but a big chunk of it was heavy funkadelic. im straight parliament. gimme the hits and lets sing one nation and funkentelechy all night.

and one thing i think i noticed. groovin and scannin the crowd there were loose groups of people groovin. i saw nobody off beat. i openly vibed this. then mr payne asked the crowd to move in closer to the stage and when they did it seemed the crowd lost the groove or beat it had or sum’n. i wasnt noticing the rhythm in the people when they were closer together in a more tighter bigger bunch. sumn.

anyways, this was nineteen days ago june 5 the day after the first birthday ive spent in my hometown (youngstwon) in 20+ years and i celebrated it by picking my daughter up from high school and lettin her drive. i dont get many moments with my children so this was big for me. and i was sure to enjoy the hell out of it. (nice 2004 rental, not the PFUNK1 mobile, i got video)

my son’s high school graduation was earlier this day and now im surrounded by wondeful white people who got rhythm and some of the nicest dogs you’ll ever meet with a bit of funkadelic on stage doin stuff, having just looked up at hundreds and hundreds of stars and eaten some of the best chicken i ever had and gettin it to that p-funk shit with a direct vibe view of kendra.

the rhythm of vision is a dancer, and when she dance…


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