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DAILYS: May 25, 2002

may 25, 2002he had sex with a white girl!!

Posted by PFUNK1 on 5/25/2002, 12:18 pm

was it everything that i always dreamed of?
west coast funk is happier than east coast
i may even go as far to say that funkadelic could
not have happened in all this laidback, beautiful
scenery with kickback hangin loose folx…

when i rollin up the coast in the sunshine i aint
lookin to hear nothing dark and heavy. i like the
shows ending with “whole lot of shakin,” upbeat &
happy.there is a commercial promoting california
and in it a racially mixed girls says
“we believe, we believe in nirvana”
i agree, we are a upbeat and happy people
who believe that we can attain a high level of happiness
and pleasure. (we more than believe, we have)

positive music with positive movement
positive energy

motor booty affair is the happiest p-funk album
bootsy’s stuff has good spirited movement, not dark

sushi, sunshine, beaches and beautiful people
and in a lot of places some pretty damn good funk-

sure sometimes i wish the crowds (almost everywhere here)
weren’t so young and white, but they have a good
spirit, are beautiful people and they know the p…

“next time funk come around big its gonna be a white group”
-gclinton on BET with jsalley

that may not be true with this undercover brother
thing, but im tellin ya- them white kids are learning,
and from what ive seen they are learning well


sir nose was a too cool to dance brother…

Posted by jeffery on 5/25/2002, 12:51 pm , in reply to
“he had sex with a white girl!!”

not the stiff corporate white man
(i thought this for a long time)
he was the brother trying to be so cool he couldnt
enjoy hisself, too cool to let hisself go, dance and
have fun. it probably aint his fault he’s like that
my cousin told me once i was too happy to be black

i was born in 1962
i didnt experience a lot of upfront racism-
if the white man held me back he did a good job
cause i didnt even notice it…

theory is my thangon bus ride to the funkshows in ohio i read
stephen hawkings “a brief history of time” cover
to cover and understood everydrop and concept.
i understand the theory of the big bang

i understand and can clearly see evolution
and how life evolved. i understand these sciences
and they make much more sense than the bible and
the creationist theories…

i feel like talkin y’all

i do not believe in god
you do not have to believe in god to be moral
god did not wake me up this morning
i am not here cause of the grace of some god in the sky

witness and watch the fall of catholicism
(over the next 100 years maybe)

science will replace religion

funk, entelechy and spirit similiar will be part of
the new homo sapien

my belief system is secure
it provides for my success and protects me
it is an intelligent system based on what i can
see and have experienced, it is proven by experiemnt

and i celebrate the success of my belief system
with the dance. a happy, spirited show of emotion-

if you’ve ever seen me at a show, you know

funk or walk


callin for the almighty on your deathbed is fear, not faith…

Posted by jeffery on 5/25/2002, 2:23 pm , in reply to
“Re: interesting beliefs man”

and a lot of the western religions are fear based

the wages of sin is death
but the gift of god is eternal lifeeinstein is quoted as saying humanity would be in
a sad state if our lives were guided by a reward
& punishment system…

i quoted einstein cause i like einstein

i read his book “relativity” on the way back from
the funkshows. understood 95% of it (it had equations
that need time to be worked out to truly understand)

funk or walk


physics & religion…

Posted by PFUNK1 on 5/25/2002, 2:46 pm , in reply to
“callin for the almighty on your deathbed is fear, not faith…”

the law of the propagation of light says that the
velocity of light is the same for all observers-
that means that traveling in the direction of a
wave of light or headed away from that wave, the
speed of the light will be the same.
i do not believe this. i also beleve there is something faster than light.relativity is heavily based on the law of the propagation of light

the key in me is being able to funk beat for beat
with anybody and then be able to easily explain
the logic behind spacetime to them…

operate succesfully at the corporate level during
the day and leave the club the sweatiest and
funkiest that night…

i also believe that the vatican may have (or had)
evidence showing that JESUS WAS NOT ANYKIND OF GOD.

is it 420 yet?

the theory is heavy,
but the vibe and energy from it ain’t

funk is a non-profit organization



may 12, 2002
jeffery hoopin

april 26, 2002

if everyone in the world
could give me what i wanted
i wouldn’t want for more than i have
(hey ey hey)
i couldn’t love you more
if i tried



april 21, 2002

leave the driving to us

greyhound bus lines

april 12, 2002
since ive been home ive hit the daily number twice, once in pennsylvania and once in ohio.
$80 a pop, 642 bet a dollar boxed…

even god knows you desperate for money
my sister

march 26. 2002
now i aint gonna be the one helping to make signs at the next march but i was very, very proud to be black during ms. halle berry’s oscar speech. i sat eyes full feeling every drop thinking to myself “just stand there and cry as long as you want girl.” don’t even try to talk till you ready. 

i wasn’t as happy that she won as i was that she showed people (ok white folx, but really all of us) how to show that you feel something very deep. i believe there is a power in being the central focal point of a crowd, and especially in emotionally charged moments. i felt the same way when cuba gooding accepted his a few years back. im also very proud of sidney potier. he was an actor i grew up with. denzel was distinguised and gracious and he was still black. (he was being white better than the white people LOL) and he is me, he is what i am. i feel his every gesture. he and halle took public display of honest emotion to a new level just by being themselves. just by being ourselves. our newselves. 


homo sapien negroid americanus
Posted by PFUNK1on 3/24/2002, 11:50 pmevolution
right before your very eyes
halle, whoopi, denzel and sidney
Posted by jeffery on 3/25/2002, 12:57 am , 
in reply to “homo sapien negroid americanus”all of must funk we
(to sir with love)


if she is bad, he can’t see it 
she can do no wrong

when a man loves a woman, percy sledge


march 18. 2002
from broadcast to pbs to digital cable (discovery civilization channel)-
there is some damn good television out there if ya know where to look


if when we die we go to heaven,
why are we here first?

ally, everybody loves raymond

march 16. 2002
i was chillin out at venice beach yesterday drifting around in my serene world enjoying the female scenery and georgeous weather having just eaten a large order of french fries when i found myself standing in a surreal daze. i was so relaxed and in such a content state that just standing still and breathing felt good when sade’s your love is king started playing out of nowhere. it started cleanly from the very begining and the initial horn solo filled me with energy and memories. i smiled, sang and danced towards the music and when i got close to the source the song went off. i screamed “your killing me!” i laughed and thought of telling this story in a daily and who may or who may not read it.

when i got back and started my car sade’s hang on to your love came on and i was reminded of the mini jam session i had before i left for my venice beach boardwalk walk. i like the guitar riff in this song so much awhile back i actually bought a guitar and wanted to learn how to play it. i checked the tape case to see that your love is king was the song on before this one.

recently while up at my buddy’s kickin it sade’s old live dvd somehow made it on to the big screen  with surroundsound and having never seen it i danced and was reminded of a beautiful summer night in an open amphitheater where i pointed at mars and danced while she sang-
it was the most emotionally intense concert i ever had.

a couple days later me and my buddy was in fry’s electronics and sade’s dvd no ordinary love was playing on a big screen system.

sade flash frontpage and frames play

“go pfunk!”
unidentified fry’s store clerk

march 15, 2002
there are currently no black governors or united states senators


Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. 


my favorite prayer


march 13, 2002


you don’t know like i know
what he’s done for me

god’s not dead, he’s still alive
god’s not dead, he’s still alive
i can feel him in my hands
i can feel him in my feet
i can feel him all over me

i’m a soldier in the army of the lord
i’m a soldier in the army

songs we sang in church


march 12, 2002
another cool thing that i do that im proud of and think most people dont (or won’t or can’t) is i routinely achieve high levels of expression. when im driving in my car i often sing as loud as i can  and allow my body to move freely and energeticly. (in the car on the freeway no one can really hear me so i can be as loud as i want). for 17 weeks during the nfl season cheering for my beloved steelers i express huge amounts of aggressive energy. at concerts i am able to dance and express openly and freely in publc. this is very very important to me cause there is energy inside me that when i express it physically feels really really good. i often wonder when was the last time you sang or screamed at the top of your lungs or just went crazy letting it all out?

sometimes i watch people and wonder how they can go thru life keeping so much inside, or if they got anything inside. i wonder what it feels like not to have that connection to one’s internal energy/feelings of happiness. ok, its  mostly older white more conservative looking people. cause i see it this way; white people evolved in an environment where there was not a lot of sun. places where there is not a lot of sun are cold, harsh and there is not a lot of food. it is a very tough existence, and it would seem that nature is agianst you. more than likely to protect themselves from the environment they lived in caves or small heavily fortified huts. either way, many individuals (single families and multiple families) lived together in close quarters. over time an individual would learn to internalize his feelings as not to disturb others around him. also, how much physical expression occurs in cold climates where a person is always heavily clothed.

 i think about people of color evolving in warm and tropical climates where they dont have to live in close quarters (not a lot of protection is needed against the weather so many simple huts could be built allowing single families to have their own). i think about how much more physical expression one can have when he isnt all bundled up for winter and can enjoy the warmth of the sun. this physical expression i equate to dancing and could be driven by an appreciatin for nature- cause where it is warm nature is comfortable, food is abundant and life is fairly easy.

i believe that our brains evolved diferently. during this evolution, people living in warm comfortable climates were generally much more “happier” and “connections” between  the part of the brain dealing with happiness were made to other parts of the brain. one creature evolved “happier” and more joyful than another who evolved under harsh conditions. over thousands of years the brain made strong connections between “happiness” and its other parts evolving happiness to be a big part of the physical individual. this is “hard wiring” inside the brain so it cannot be taught, but can be developed overtime. i see this evolution of a strong connection to happiness in the spirit and energy (and rhythm) of people with color. this connection is a channel for emotion to greatly influence the physical body.  whereas white people’s brain evolved more technical becuase of his need to conquer the environment and survive.

humans need to exercise their feelings of love. it doesnt matter what we love, but maybe due to how love evolved into us we have a need to express and exercise that love. and when we do we may be better functioning creatures. its a fact that when we are in love our body’s operate differently because glands stimulate it differently. i exercise my need to love mainly in my lust for life. i am not limited to loving a single person or thing to get this exercise. i have the ability to be in love with life and get that in love feeling from almost everything that i do.

march 11, 2002 (part II)
i also am aware that i live and experience life at the top of the most powerful and richest country in the history of mankind. the united states is the most powerful/richest and los angeles is one of the richest of that. i know that 1/5 or 23% of the people in the world live in servere poverty (less than $1 day). i know that as i experience lion king, vegas, quality education, proper sewage, electricity and the such that what i spend on a gallon of gas is more than what some families live on daily. i am aware that the value of my garbage is higher than the income of a lot of the worlds families. i know this but  i am not ashamed of it, i am just aware and i wonder.

looking at a list of countries according to income level, i noticed that most of the countries defined as “terrorist” are lower income countries. where the overwhelming majority of the high income countries are caucasin and western. i read that 7 out of 10 people in the world is non white.

like i said im not making excuses for the wealth that we take for granted. i learned something about “entitlement” from a tv show regarding starving people in poor countries. to put it crudely, it says yeah sure they are poor and starving and we are rich and wasteful, but the poor peoples are not entitled to share our wealth. if asked to share we would and do, but they have no right to our foods or wealth. however the united states accumulated its wealth, right or wrong, we have it. it may have been at the expense of other people (actually not “may have”, it definitely was) and maybe the united states will pay for its past atrocities sometime in the future. these kind of atrocities have occurred all thru time and maybe even before the evolution of consciousness, so the “whats right and wrong” thing can easily be argued.

and since im ramblin and babblin i saw a show about the middle east on pbs and it was “straight” history. i mean there was no political slant and it told the story by way of historical fact. after watching this i think the united states is in big big trouble. from somalia to the shah of iran to allatolah kholmeni to hussein, the united states has done some seriously bad things. things that it will have to admit to and correct and may still have to pay for. call it karma, but what goes around comes around. dont get me wrong, i love this country. but i dont have to agree with everything or not say bad things cause i do. ok im done for now…

march 11, 2002
i dont know what my future holds for me. i know that i will be instrumental in creating whatever that future is, i just dont know what it is i want to create. i know i can have or be anything that i want. i never doubt this even in my most “depressed” state. (cause in my most deepest depressed state i am still generally happy). sometimes i get a feeling of invincible helplessness. its like everything that i do i am succesfull. i am always getting lots of positive feedback from everyone around me. i am use to being the primary or connected to the primary focus in every situation. it really feels that if i want i can have anything that i want or can figure how to get it, but i have no deep desire for anything. imagine this feeling, be it real or imagined, of going through life deeply  believing you can have anything you want. over time this has an effect on the individual.

yesterday i woke up around 11am cause i went to bed at 4am cause i was out hanging at the club. hanging at mi fave club seeing and hanging out with mi fave local band. it was kinda deep cause it was the one year anniversary of my first ever visit to the temple bar and the group i saw 1 year earlier for the first time has become mi fave local groovers. anywayz, i get up,  put on some shorts and sandals, get in the car and head to a spot on pacific coast highway overlooking the ocean. the cool thing i thought about this is that i didnt brush my teeth or wipe my face off or anything. i just basically got up and left. i didnt get caught up in the preparation or worrying how i looked.  it was a gorgeous day and a beautiful ride and im at the beach chillin. and i mean im relaxed and chillin, not a care or worry in the world. i sat on the rocks overlooking the ocean and pondered my life. feeling the sun and enjoying the ocean…

i know that my life is good. i know 95% of humans who have ever existed will not have a life that fills them with the joy that mine gives me. the variable here is that what people desire varies greatly, so what i like others may not. but if you list all the things that any individual desires for himself and tally how many of these things he has and doesnt, you can gauge an individuals happiness. i look at my life and there are very very few things that i desire and have not experienced.

also more and more i am loosing my desire to be part of the prevailing social-economic system. the things that are used to motivate people dont motivate me. i am not driven by money, sex, the love of someone or rewards. i believe that certain things are used to “frighten” humans into motivation; fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of loosing job, etc. i have none of these. the things that our social-economic system uses to “steer” the masses dont work on me. i dont want the latest fads; the newest clothes, the coolest house, the biggest tv. so im not compelled to buy and have, therefore im not compelled to accumulate wealth. to accumulate wealth you must do commerce with an economic system. these systems are run by humans so you must also be social. to be social you must understand and adhere to many unstated social rules. i look at a lot of these rules and just laugh, where other people take them very very seriously.

there is a freedom i have experienced living outside alot of of these rules. a freedom i know most people will never have and could never understand. a freedom so deep that my mind is free of the normal daily stresses a lot of people have. even when i was working my job was good and i had freedoms so this last year and some unemployed has really alowed me to free myself. sometimes i get feelings of such depth that i wonder about the people too bizzy running around “living.” i can see people running around just barely surviving and trying to make a living. is that really a life? i see people following social rules and living in a system thats killing them. a system that burdens them with “you should haves” that end in dogma. i see people living their whole lives without really questioning “why?” or “what is it we are here for?”  i see people living a life they have no control over and content with just living, dying and not knowing why.

anywayz, this is my first daily in awhile cause i have been really deep thinking a lot of things. one of which is abuse and the human being. im starting to believe that we (and maybe all life) are creatures of function. we must have a function. what happens when a human being gets to a point where he doesnt have a function? where his life is so good and easy that there is no real struggle and or drive for anything. what happens to that creature? what happens to a human being who feels he can get anything he wants, desires nothing, is constantly praised and positively stimulated in everything that he does? where does this human being get his drive and motivation from?

basically, how does the physical human being handle achieving a mental and spiritual nirvana? in our present human form, can homo sapien sapien handle heaven on earth without abusing it?

one other note about our social-econimic system; it is customary to lie in certain situations. i have a lot of trouble tolerating this sometimes. i dont lie and i wont, but there are situations where if you dont lie its almost seen as rude. i read an article that almost stated that not lieing in certain instances was wrong. it all but condoned certain little “white” lieing. this article touched a nerve in me few ever  have…

february 17, 2002
Main Entry: Bo·he·mi·an
Date: 1603
2b : a person (as a writer or an artist) living
an unconventional life usually in a colony with others

Main Entry: beat·nik
Date: 1958
: a person who rejects the mores of established society
(as by dressing and behaving unconventionally)
and indulges in exotic philosophizing and self-expression


february 17, 2002
i love black people. i see so few cute black girls that when i do i loose my mind. we have a style and a way about us that i forget sometimes. i read somewhere that california may be like only 6% black so that would explain why im always hanging around white people and enjoying their ways and the ways of the majority. but when i get around my people there is a vibe there that opens up a whole new communication channel. its like i can communicate with black people in a way that i cant (or dont) with white people. it a natural thing based in body movement, gestures and broken english. black people’s converstaions routinely has singing (or reference to melodies) in it and we will dance to show emotion. there is a natural closeness that black people have. and i think that closeness is a natural compassion with physical affection.

i saw sumn on tv in an urbanized african city where a group of africans were sending off a group of train travelers. it was like a bon voyage with everybody shaking hands and expressing celebratory joy. i noticed that the africans would cock their hands when they shook hands. and they did a kind of a “soul shake” as opposed to the western caucasin straight hand shake. the africans did it with more of a slapping the hands together. like how we do it here…

this is the first real daily of 2002 and the year is like 50 days old. when i am in deep experience i allow myself to be fully immersed in it and i dont write so much about it. specially when im doing things that are new to me. i guess if im doing things that are new, i dont know enough about them to write about it. and life can take you to higher planes where your whole existence and worldview is changed. so its like life is new all over again cause the things i may have done last week i understand differently and therefore see them differently and therefore react differently. its like everyday of my life is brand new.

february 05, 2002
clinton, bootsy film at pan african film festival…

Posted by jefferyon 2/5/2002, 1:16 pm


“Yo’ Jeffery,
I’m the guy who filmed George’s show a few weeks back. I was recently looking at some House of Blues footage of “G” and P and I have you holding a license plate that says PFUNK1. Here my email and the footage along with some vintage Bootzilla will be playing Friday, February 15th, at the Magic Johnson theaters. LOVE HURTS” Friday, February 15
Theater B
10:40pm Love Hurts 

Magic Johnson Theatres and
Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza
3650 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
(1 block west of Crenshaw and King)
Los Angeles
Parking: Ample free parking.

february 04, 2002


january 30, 2002

so it truly is a good thing
and i always wanted you to know
there is always this
and this is everlasting
nothing can come between us, sade



january 9, 2002

you are in truth, the truth you seek…
i no longer desire

god shiva, me’shell ndegeocello


january 3, 2002

i am so proud and in love with my life that
if i could
 i would document and record
every nanosecond of my existence…

jeffery scott mitchell

december 28, 2001
what if every micro-nanosecond of sensory input to your brain was pleasurable. what if every elementary particle that came within the realm of your being filled you with joy. what if when you let your mind aggressively explore any and all posibilities in your life you find no stress and no negatives. what if you had absolutely no worries. what if all the things you care about are safe and thriving. you are physically, mentally and spiritually healthy…

is this not heaven and what more could heaven possibly be? 

what if you had such an understanding of life that it eliminated any fear of death. you live your life to the point that you know when its time to die, you will be ready. looking back over your life and being so proud of your experiences that it fills you with joy. thinking about your future excites you. 

in our present human form the promise of an eternity as a spirit does not arouse me. in my present speculations, being a spirit would be nothing but feelings and perception. so if all my feelings and perceptions bring me extreme pleasure without any stress and no deep desires, is this not heaven? what more can life itself be?

the promise of a better life after death was used to pacify oppressed people.
i dont see how it could get any better after i die.


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