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jefferyTV evolved from years of experience with the many websites that I created and operated. In 1997 I registered PFUNK1.COM which served as the one stop shop of everything jeffery. Here is where I gained the foundation of the Internet and true social media from MySpace to Youtube to Facebook, etc. But even beore that  using  the online services Prodigy,  Compuserve and AOL I created social meeting spots under the tag PFUNK ONLINE. Before that I ran a dial-up BBS under that same name.

From there I created the now defunct WEFUNKWEST.COM where working with Parliament Funkadelic members Lige Curry and Michael “Clip’ Payne I produced and manufactured CDs and DVDs that have sold all around the world. Products I manufacture are sold on George Clinton’s merchandise table and are available for purchase online along with instant digital downloads at websites that I created and maintain.

I have also filmed, edited and produced videos and DVDs for private parties and that are sold. My Youtube videos have accumulated 931.000 views. My Atheist Walking video was one of the first atheist videos on Youtube.

I have shifted my talents, skills and ability to fall under the name jefferytv in a deliberate attempt to gain and promote sole ownership and authority of projects I want to take. Also to have complete control of the message, vibe, terminology, flow and the complete exeprience of these productions. The bottom line is I have always wanted my own.I am very respectful of and  completely grateful to everyone that I have worked with and learned from am continuing to and will work with. 

This site, as is everything under the jefferytv brand is solely loyal only to the whims, direction and reactions of Jeffery Scott Mitchell. The internet provides one of the few places in the world where an individual can create a “place” that he can be totally selfish about and completely self-indulgent.

I encourage everyone to create a place like this.

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