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DAILYS: August 28, 2010

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august 28, 2010
if “race” is the wrong word, PEOPLE ARE STILL NOT THE SAME. body types, head structure, fast twitch muscles, etc. its not just culture either, there are different types of human beings under the umbrella of being human. are all dogs the same? NO. and i know better to use the word “breed” when talking about humans, what a reaction that gets!

my mother told me one day i came home from kindergarten and she asked what color was a new friend, i replied “i don’t know.” but as an adult to strip a person of their ethnicity by not recognizing it is just as bad as being racist maybe. my color or race or whatever sets me apart from others and im proud of that. i always notice race and color. when i walk into a room i instantly notice how many of each “race” i see in that room. and i will sometimes whisper “we’re the only black people in here.” or “there aint no white people here” (but thats rare as there is ALWAYS a white girl around LOL). to not be aware of that is a form of ignorance.

plus even though i act the same everywhere, behavior is adjusted depending where you are and who you are with. if im out hanging with black folks, i communicate and body language as if with black folks. people of other “races” may not understand or feel this communication protocol so i dont use it when around other ethnicities. and the other way around also, if im in a room full of white folks. its a way to maximize communication to understand who and what you are talking to and to have a feel for what they are use to receiving.

now to dislike or hate or hold a grudge or draw hardlined prejudices along these “racial” lines is not “good.” there is a difference between recognizing the differences and holding that difference “against” someone. yeah we are different and we should be able to celebrate and recognize the differences without any kind of “negative” feelings.

and actually, if you are a racist and you are sincere about being racist who am i to say that its “wrong?” hell as long as you dont touch me or break any laws, you are free to be as racist as you want! who is to say that it wont be a racist group who didnt mix itself ethnically that will be the one to have that special gene to fight that incurable disease and saves humanity? there is no right or wrong in the long run. only outcomes.

i understand folks trying to end racial hatred or whatever, but to eliminate race by eliminating the definitions aint gonna get it. like abolishing the word nigger. how silly is that? soon as you make a stand that you dont use that word, you make it a weapon that can be used “against” you.

slowly humanity is making progress to a higher consciousness and understanding and one day we will have all this race and sex stuff 90% worked out. and it will take everybody’s efforts and ideas to get it done. in the big big big picture of this universe and all the universes that have ever existed, its all gonna work out one way or another and until we know why we are here and whats this all for there is no good, bad, postive, negative, right or wrong except on the individual level

thank you for this opportunity to express, i so love to write…

august 24, 2010
Jeffery Jefferytv Mitchell ? i can try to answer for why i am spiritual but dont believe in god. god is a supreme being that is not only separate from our universe, but is above it and controls it. i do not believe such an entity exists.

i believe there are interactions between our consciousness’ that we are not aware of yet. i believe that feeling you get with a group; church, when cheering at a football game or getting it in a club is a form or spirituality. i believe there is human created spirituality.

i dont believe spiritual means supernatural. spirituality to me is a network that connects everything in the universe that we have not detected yet. we communicate with each other in ways we are not aware of yet.

as far as “spirits” go, im leaning towards individual consciousness each having an energy that is unique and has information. not sure if i believe it can actively interact or just exist as a spirit or essence of someone.

i believe in faith. faith works and is for real. i believe you would get the same results if you put your faith in god or a suitcase. its your faith that moves.

i believe in religion as the organization, ritualization, ceremony, reverence, art, prayers, archectecture, fellowship, etc. religion is the organized structure that when not perverted is a good thing.

i believe in meditation and “prayer” as they work with faith and somehow when individual consciousness focus on something there is an effect on the whole because of the unknown connectivity we have with each other (a spirituality network)

xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx Jeffery, it pretty much sounds like you believe on God, you just express it differently.

Jeffery Jefferytv Mitchell ?@xxxx please explain, i dont see how after i stated what i believe god is and that i dont believe in that. maybe if you believe what im describing is god, maybe what you believe in is not god.

August 23, 2010
i think i just figured out how the dailys will fit in with my new The blog will be for the polished, edited refined publishings. and the dailys will be for my raw writings. like now, i was creating a blog but it was still too raw to even put into a draft as im still figuring out how i want to tell the story. yesterday at the meeting i met a young black male from compton who had never discussed “atheism” or non-belief with anyone. he had never met anyone who openly acknowledged they did not believe in god.

he was young and cool and hipped hopped out down to his jeans and sunglasses and phone. its just hitting me how important and special yesterdays meeting was. this was direct evidence that he and his kind exist. and i mean he was cool and slick and you could tell by his style he was up to date with the trends and happenings within the black community.

it seemed a lot of his questions (and he had good for real questions) centered around family and kids. the what if’s of inter-faith relationships and raising kids without faith.

it reminds me how far ive come and where im at with my atheism. wearing it on my shoulder so to speak. its normal for me now, sometimes i forget that its a VERY VERY big deal in a large part of the country and world.

im doing this with dr sikivu hutchinson whose father is famous it seems cause every time we meet with someone they do the eyes get big “thats your dad” and i aint never heard of him.

anyways we are planning an event at lucy florence  in los angeles to raise awareness and we were brainstorming ideas and homey maybe without even realizing it had more than one very good idea because of his insight within the community. he knew people, personalities and places that could be very helpful with our endeavor.

and then today i get a video sent to me via youtube from Freethinkers Chronicles
and it is so homemade professionallish that i was very impressed. the research and message was solid and his production is perfect for the audience i wish to present i too.  allan kenneth paine. oh yeah i should reach out to this guy…

sunset junction was good. it was a much bigger festival than i expected. it was huge spread between santa monica and sunset blvds. very very very attractive crowd. good music, tons of vendors. i mean tons and tons of vendors and aggressive too. but it was in a spirited way most times. lots and lots of food.

the ohio players is old, but they got down. they represented ohio well right down to the break in the show when the drummer told everybody that the first thing they do is thank jesus before he introduced everybody. i love ohio and ohio people.

i caught my fave song of fishbone suffering passing by that stage going to see the ohio players. bitches brew with blackbyrd started late so me and team oxnard #2 left to catch OP. but they started late late also.

orgone finished their set with cosmic slop.

july 23, 2010
is there ANY possibility that YOU and the spirit of love and the people around you could have been the catalyst for such a change? could it just have been time for a change? where was the lord when you were having these problems? did the lord say “ok, today i will unburden the bossman” or was it you who decided deep down that it was time for a change and used your own “power of faith” in god (not god) to make things happen?

how do you know it was the lord? did he talk to you? did something happen to give you an indication that a supernatural event occurred?

i believe in faith and that faith works. we get power and energy from faith (no matter what its in) and not from any external entity in the sky. i believe we make our own miracles…

people gonna say im not a believer and that since i dont believe i dont understand. but i would really like for someone to explain to me these things and not be defensive, dismissive or beg me just to believe and except without reason….

love is highest

i saw it first in my great grandmother. how everything in the family passed threw her house in some way or form. i saw how much work and love and drama and kids and food and church and everything she did. i was in church with her every single sunday i stayed over her house and i saw her praise the lord with all her heart. i understand now she was celebrating and fueling her faith. singing and gaining energy, peace of mind, meditation. but when she got home and was handling us kids and business, it was clear to me god ain’t have nothing to do with that. it was on her strength, experience and knowledge that we rode, though she would thank god for it all day long.

i believe ive gotten most of what i am from my parents. knowledge and strength that was passed to them from many generations and cultures. thousands of years of magic and miracles and love has been passed down to us by that which has evolved before us.

@Harriet thanks for your response. I think in a way we are saying the same thing about faith. hope i aint get too excited about this! LOL…

Tee Cooksey : Jeffery Mitchell: Thank you for the above query. I was driving when your comment came across my blackberry, in route to bible study however, I was very moved by your questions and couldn’t wait to get settled so I could address them accordingly and respectively.

First, let me say YES, there is a possibility that Derrick, the Spirit of Love and the people around him were catalyst for such a change because God (with a capital G) is love and He is also a Spirit. 1John 4:8 states, “Whoever does not love, does not know God, because God is love.”

Second, in another passage of scripture (John 4:24), the writer states, “God is Spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth”

Third, the people around him were in fact catalysts and/or vessels whom God used to prompt the change which came about—particularly his woman, Sherry, whom I know, is SAVED, Sanctified and filled with Holy Ghost—however she never judged or gave up on him, but remained steadfast in prayer for his soul!

Fourth, with respect to your question, “could it just have been time for a change?” Yes, it was time for a change, however you must understand that the things which belong to us as human beings, we’ve been endowed to do in and of ourselves, meaning, there are certain things we have power over…and those things take little to no effort at all, but then there are things such as breathing, whereby we must rely on the One who is the GIVER and SUSTAINER of life to do, as well as to bring about the change you’re witnessing in Derrick by the very testimony that’s coming from his mouth.

Fifth, concerning your questions, “where was the lord when you were having these problems? did the lord say “ok, today i will unburden the bossman” or was it you who decided deep down that it was time for a change and used your own “power of faith” in god (not god) to make things happen?

Jeffrey, it’s quite evident that the LORD was present when he was having problems, seeing as though he is an over-comer and has lived to testify of the LORDS goodness and sustaining power.

Yes and No Jeffrey concerning whether Derrick decided on his own that it was time for a change. No because the bible teaches us that “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him.” (John 6:44) This means that the drawing is totally beyond our control. On the other hand, Yes, because while he didn’t decide the day or hour in which he would receive his salvation, (since this was already planned before the foundations of the world), he did in fact answer the call and said YES, I’m ready for a change LORD. So you see it’s two-fold, God calls and those who accept the call, have a willing spirit to say YES to the call.

Sixth, “how did he know it was the LORD, did something happen to give him an indication that a supernatural event occurred.” Jeffrey you just know, and if I were to try to explain it, I’d be spinning my wheels since that which I’m speaking and that which Derrick experienced (and is experiencing) when he accepted the call, are spiritual and would be hard for you to understand or even comprehend in the natural since the scripture states:

“These things we also speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches but which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned” (1 Corinthians 2: 13-14).

Seventh, it’s good that you believe in faith and that it works however, it sounds as if you have faith in yourself and not in GOD and therefore you’re operating under a different set of principles and beliefs which will only work for so long because there will come a time when you will recognize that you cannot sustain yourself…and you WILL look to the hills from whence cometh your help because all of your help comes from the LORD, whether you realize it or not. And just like there was an appointed day/hour for Derrick, there will be an appointed day for you as well…in fact, I think the hour is now..which is probably why I felt so compelled to respond to you in detail.

Finally, I wouldn’t say that you’re not a believer but more so an agnostic, which is someone who believes that there is not enough evidence to prove or disprove whether or not, God exists. And that’s ok…you’re not deficient because you’re different. We’re all different. And God is not angry with you for having questions—He wants you to ask questions and those of us who take time to study the WORD and not just go to church and have a religious emotional experience on Sunday know that the scripture teaches us to “always be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you…” (1Peter 3:15).

So in summation, I feel that you asked the right questions…that’s what an intelligent individual does. I’m the same way, I don’t take anyone’s word…I read it, study it, research it, pray on it, and then teach I it.

That being said, I think you were hitting on all the right points however your points are misguided! I will pray for you Jeffrey…that the Father of Lights draws you to Him, (as he did with Derrick) and cause His light to shine in the dark places of your life. I will pray that He removes the scales from your eyes in order that you might see and accept the TRUTH and I will pray that you come into the knowledge of who you are in Christ Jesus! Additionally, if you truly desire to know not just the God in heaven but the God who resides everywhere, who created the heavens and the earth and everything that dwells within, I’d be delighted to minister His plan of Salvation to you. For this is my vocation…winning souls for Christ and definitely one in which I take pleasure in and strive daily to walk worthy of my calling.

God Bless you my brother. I hope the above information helps! Tee

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell ?@tee WOW! thank you thank you thank you for your response. i read it the first day and have been glancing over and thinking about it the last few days. and im still digesting. there are points you make that i do not agree with or i think “incorrect” but i dont want to go point -counter point (yet) as i want to absorb and learn and try to see it as … See Moreyou do. so i really do thank you and i LOVE my blackberry!! LOL ok i may stereotype but a church and jesus lovin black female with a blackberry gettin facebook mobile updates on her way to bible study? see, i need to open my eyes!!

You know I preach that faith works. “Faith in what” is where yall get it wrong. Stripping yourself, people and the family around you, the earth and life of its “magical” capabilities and accomplishments.

Because of evolution, it is physically impossible for there to be a better place than earth for human beings.

i’m assuming the traditional definition of “heaven” as “a place your soul goes to be with god after you die.” If a “soul” or spirit exists, it is not human. There has to be a transformation to something that has never been observed and for which no evidence exists.

Correction: If a “soul” or spirit exists, it is not a human being. It could be “human” though.

dance? in my day we use to call it “shouting” and it was definitely not considered a dance. we use to get in trouble if we mocked shouting or if we put a little funky sumn in it. and you did not dance in church! the dance you do in the club and shouting in church invoke different feelings and emotions. its hard to get get nasty down in it doing a dance you see your mother and grandmother do with deep reverence.

but its all about how the physical rhythm effects the body of some types of people. and this may be what i love most about being black and having this “ability” evolved in me so deeply. (and no, i don’t believe people are all the same). in fact, i got videos and though i do more dancing than shouting in my groove you can see the “trance” or meditation or yoga of it all. im at the point now i can go completely away and experience a type of physical orgasm.

amplification seems to assist in this too. stimulating the senses feeling the pound of the beats and instruments in syncopated rhythms and looking around and seeing everything and everyone around you in a perfect rhythm. ive had that more than a few times at p-funk shows. when ive looked around and the whole room was gettin it and we knew we was gettin it doing our own individual thing as a group in mental, physical and spiritual harmony.

i am sooo happy i grew up in the black church sittin behind the organist and experiencing this. years of study and practice of grooving mentally and physically. basically being taught from an early age how to “go away” with a group in public like that with that kind of energy and celebration. having rock and roll being birthed in my backyard (ohio). i was doomed to be what i am. the more i learn the more im seeing i had no choice but to be funky…

feb 16, 2010
“To say Thank you is not enough. You have helped me discover an underlying theme for my dissertation. My research focuses on the displacement of residents due to gentrification in the urban landscape. A theist who maintains that God makes no mistakes, must therefore admit that everyone is created for a purpose. There is room on the planet for all God’s creations; and there is no justification for the homeless man, woman, or child.””All of the religous morals that people claim; have little effect against an economic, political, and social system that values things above people. I’m not going to say “Allah bless you” (Smile), instead know that I wish you and all those you know and love more happiness than their minds and bodies could dream of. Rest easy knowing that you helped inspire a brother, I hope my research will help those in need. Salaam (peace).”

feb 2, 2010
ohio niggas even stand still on beat.

i was able to be alone with you in the room.

on pure curiosity, how can you not watch the tea party convention on c-span?

jan 28, 2010
From a recent facebook post:

Jeffery Jefferytv Mitchell how does your faith explain a compassionate protecting god and recent tragic events? are you truly satisfied by the way your belief system answers this and ANY other questions that you are confronted with? if you are, that’s all that counts and no man or questioning should ever trouble you. and that’s where i am with m…y beliefs as an atheist, never troubled…

Andrea Gilliam-Washington The Bible speaks of wars and rumors of wars and also various calamity happening in the “last days” Human death is not so paramount to God.

Death is just a mere truncation to the number of days that we (thought we) have left. As if our God even owes us a ‘tomorrow’. To me, death is a mere shadow of reality. They’re facing their judgement,……. … See Morethe way the rest of us will.

The question doesn’t trouble me…..*maybe* and I use the maybe loosely your non belief troubles me. But again, we all have choices and “free will”. Did I answer?! 😉

Jeffery Jefferytv Mitchell  the question was deliberately worded as to be a “question” that can only be answered by one to one’s self. but since we gettin technical, i will evaluate.

you refer to the bible as if its the ultimate authority, like its guaranteed. i can show you scripture that even you disagree with. you then use the bible to demean human life in god’s eyes and as a whole. and infer that we are blessed that god even lets us live at all. this does not seem logical as to why he would give us life in the first place at all…

the statement “To me, death is a mere shadow of reality” is poetic but means absolutely nothing, and its not even accurate. death is reality not a shadow of it. … See More

as far as them “facing judgement” thats a major assumption you are making based on faith. how you reconcile that with a compassionate god who would kill 100,000 and injure (not kill to send to judgement) is a whole other discussion.

i admit i fired this post directly at the doubts i know believers have. and i commend you for your honesty in using “*maybe*.” that “maybe” basically makes my case. cause ii have no doubts or maybes cause i dont believe in anything that i dont undestand.

the icing on this cake is you have NO PROOF OR EVIDENCE for anything you say, you take it on faith. now you may say that i dont either, but i didnt make any claims about reality.

nov 15, 2009

“If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.” (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)

“However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way.” (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

oct 4, 2009

i have witnessed and felt the power of both faith and love. I am an atheist but I have faith in spiritual things. I am not a skeptic. “redirecting” the power and energy of faith to focus on ourselves and not in the sky will eliminate 95% of the worlds problems and create a heaven on earth.

I can’t think of anything that can replace the power faith has in human beings, besides love which is also a faith. “Redidrecting” faith will make humanity “better” cause we would treat each other and everything around us as we treat god. From this our morals will come. Like a “natural morality”

the goal of life is survival, to continue “forever.” not for one form of it to be delivered to a better place forsaking all that life in its many forms has evolved to be. the goal of the bible is to discard mother earth, all life and all sh…e and we have created for a unseen unproven “better” place. the goal of the bible is the end of life.

devoting your life to god and living under pre-determined philosophies is not living, its existing. accepting you can never go or be “higher” than that is not fully living your life or utilizing your consciousness. so when people say by bel…ieving in god they loose nothing if wrong when they die as opposed to non-believers, I say your not really living your life fully with that mindset.

sept 19, 2009

To get to the point when you are living life according to self developed “rules” and understandings. To have love for everything with confidence and no fears according to your own moral code. Not having to answer to anything in any universe for what one believes, be it in life or at death.

I have grown to be free to place my faith in whatever I want and shape it however I want  answering to nothing and there is an euphoric freedom in this. I believe conscious freedom is the most grand attainable thing. To find harmony with everything based on one’s own beliefs and not following or bowing down to anything is the heaven many people seek.

a life and an act like that is not in harmony with everything around it, causes a friction to some degree.

to be in harmony with everything around you living according to your own inherent personal moral code without fear of any kind of ultimate judgement.

to live under no one’s or any god’s understanding of how you should live but your own. You don’t have to go to a book or anykind of spiritual leader for guidance or answers. It becomes all but natural and is revealed in your every act, right down to the way you move. Its a confidence that everyone can see. There is no guilt or worry cause you are not trying to live up to an external standard.

You place yourself and everything around you at the same level or higher than what a lot of people call god. Everything becomes “god” and a part of god and you treat everything with that kind of reverence, and you are in harmony with it all. Achieving this understanding during one’s life is heaven on earth for this harmony protects you from “evil” as the things around you will come to your rescue when you need them. Harmony also means taking care of your physical body: eating healthy, being active physically and mentally. Always continuing to learn as life and your environment changes, etc…


july 26, 2009

june 14, 2009
im at work chilling, listening to game 5 of the nba championship via the internet. fixin to go to lunch in a bit and i will update this entry later.

something from awhile back; written: march 31, 2009-
well, well, well. what can i say? i have a job that i seem to enjoy (so far anyways), in an economy that is as bad as its been in years. i hope this gig lasts, i really do. i love my badge. ive always loved badges that beep you access and opens doors. this badge has a cross on it. first time i ever had one of those.if this place is getting faith based government funding i cant be mad at that program. in fact, i think faiths of all kinds should apply for funding if they qualify. even a faith based organization of no faith. seems only fair to me that people of all faiths and without be eligible for this funding. but then again as i think about what the deeper ramifications of what faith based can be, i may re-think the whole program. either way, im happy and not mad at anybody or anything right now, and all is good.funny too is my new found tone and wording in these dailys. im not trying to antagonize anybody and i kinda know that the people i work with will be eventually exposed to the internet jeffery. a jeffery i decided a long time ago would be wild, untamed and restrictionless in his expression of his beliefs and passions. i all but vowed to make this a place where i could be completely free. funny how time and age changes you. how much more compromising i am now. how much more mellow i am about life and everything in it.sure i still have my passions, and they mean alot to me. but maybe, just maybe they dont move me as they once did. having had the opportunity to deeply experience my deepest passions already in my life, it does feel as if some of my drive to accomplish has diminished. im satisfied with my existence and am cool with just about everything.and maybe the election of the first black u.s. president has something to do with that. it seems now im confident that anything can happen in life and that im close enough and am a part of it. i mean, i shook his hand. he is not some far away figure to me, nothing in life is. i feel i can “get at” any part i want in life. i feel equal to obama as far as talents and ability, whether i am or not.there has been a regime change.

back to now; watching president barack obama i am completely impressed. completely. it is so refreshing to see a communicative, intellectual person as leader of the free world. someone who isnt afraid to be wrong or corrected. someone who can compromise and not feel his power threatened by his ability to be fair and reasoning. in reality, it should not be a big deal as most of the people i hang around do this. but for the president of the united states to do this may be unprecedented. and maybe, just maybe it has something to do with him being the first non-white male in this position.

the los angeles lakers have just won the nba championship. i love los angeles (the city) and i think kobe is the best basketball player ever. i wouldn’t say that i am a laker fan, but i do root for the home team. hopefully the championship parade will be on wed or thur when im off work.

its sunday night, im in a windowless room in a basement under a parking structure of a hospital. alone, by myself for 5 hours i will not see another human being. i will take calls from nurses and doctors and assist them with their computing needs, and that will be a refreshing break from this solitude.

i love the cafeteria here. the food may not be the best in the world, and that’s not to say its the worst or even bad. what makes it special is that i get a discount so its cheap and i can get freshly cooked real whole foods. not processed products put together to be food. i eat vegetables and rice and meats. stuff cabbages and things of the such. i even get fruit for dessert. its much better eating than frozen fast food heat ups. and i feel better because of it.

im watching my weight as i was on a binge for a long while there. at one point i weighed in at 196, and that was probably before thanksgiving 2008.

i just got a call from a user. i enjoy helping users 99% of the time and frankly even the 1% i dont enjoy i cant say that i dislike it. i like communicating and engaging with different personalities. so many varied personalities, cultures, dialects, accents, emotions, etc. and ok i guess a factor may be that 90% of the calls are from females, as was the last 2 i just took. i put that voice on them and its fun. i use it to calm and slow them down. to bring down their volume and energy if they are too excited to relay the info i need to me

as i was saying, back in nov 2008 i kinda started eating like a fool and enjoying everything from pizza to ice cream to pop tarts. from 196lbs to around 230 over a few months time. ive been eating sensibly for about 2 weeks now and i weighed in at 222 today. which i am pretty happy about at this point. in fact, over my weekend which comes in the middle of the week, i didnt eat like an idiot diabetic with a death wish. i had pop tarts one night and i ate all 8 of them blueberry bastards and ofcourse, my face broke out and my weight went up a bit. freakin sugar boy.

may 13, 2009
ive been talking about religion slash atheism almost exclusively the last few weeks if not months. not saying good or bad, up or down but maybe too much of one thing is never good.

working slash employment is good. ive said before im institutionalized. my human body becomes a better functioning machine while working. and i dont mind the money at all.

i could talk and youtube about the NBA. im totally hooked on TNT and the whole thing. kobe vs lebron. los angeles vs ohio. the place where i live and love vs the place i grew up and am made of. freakin ohio again, all we heard was ohio ohio ohio during the election. do i sound like im complaining? i am sort of teasingly i guess.

and i should make videos on a regular basis. get in an established pattern and develop a schedule. to attain a “following” for what? readership? to spread my philosophy? to sustain a lifestyle financially? do i want to play the game? i do enjoy blogging or video logging the youtubians. i own i think even. twittering is booming now. would i “sell out” to an advertiser?

march 25, 2009
i have been recently reminded how beautiful and elegant and solemn catholicism is. the finest art in the world may be of that even. no wonder i wanted to be catholic in the seventh grade.  the morning prayer over the p.a. the style in which the religion is expressed. mass is meditative. i used to like going to mass. especially in that big church. the prayers are beautiful and i just realized my favorite comes from there.  my favorite pictures are of that. i went to rome for god’s sake!!! wow i just realized that im in love with the catholic religion. or maybe the “church.”  i stood in st peter’s. wow it just hit me  how long ive been studying or experiencing catholicism and how far i went to experience it. the farthest ive ever traveled was to rome which is the deepest you can go regarding catholicism. wow.

far different than how we did it in pittsburgh and alliance. black folks havin church. church music conventions was how i met people from different parts of the country. detroit  big city negroes my age.

the magic is in the ability to appreciate the depth and understanding  and sensitivity of both cultures.

march 22, 2009
WOW!! P.Z. Meyers speaks about Atheist Walking!!

march 9, 2009

The percentage of Americans claiming no religion, which jumped from 8.2 in 1990 to 14.2 in 2001, has now increased to 15 percent. Given the estimated growth of the American adult population since the last census from 207 million to 228 million, that reflects an additional 4.7 million “Nones.” Northern New England has now taken over from the Pacific Northwest as the least religious section of the country, with Vermont, at 34 percent “Nones,” leading all other states by a full 9 points. “Many people thought our 2001 finding was an anomaly,” Keysar said. We now know it wasn’t. The ‘Nones’ are the only group to have grown in every state of the Union.”
American Religious Identification Survey 2008

i am definitely caught up in the news cycle once again. the stimulus package coverage is tantalizing. notice whenever obama talks he has his head turned either right or left.  he never dead-on looks into the camera. in the debates not too many of them dead on looked until they wanted to stress that final point or deepest sentiment. but my beloved sarah palin looked dead-on into the camera the very first time she could and that made me scream. and thats why i love her.

this is a past venting: im just not use to being managed that way. i catch myself thinking that im 40 times smarter than this person instructing me so primitively. remedial management protocol may be my issue. i feel that in that same situation i would be able to coordinate effectively without using  old fashioned outdated management techniques. certain key phrases bug me to “i got my people.” that one got me today, and i actually commented “your people?” i was under the impression that i was to get instruction from the person i had been working with, who probably spoiled me cause he has a style of leadership that i harmonized with.poorly coordinated managing also bugs me. i dont like a lot of people telling me what to do. i seem to prefer clear instruction. and  i definitely dont need the shit especially at this payrate. i was ready to leave and believe me i will walk out no problem and accept the consequences.its also hard for me to sit there like the person instructing me is telling me something i need to know when it is not. i may be impatient or irritable at times, as i know i can be and handle anything there is.
thank you for letting me release. its time to go back now and i will have a new attitude. its hard for me to appear enthusiastic about doing something that i feel is not impressive or beneath me.

another thing i wonder about is it seems our economy is based on economic growth. there is only so much an economy can grow. it also seems that debt is encouraged. they are asking people to go out and get a loan and start a business, buy a house or a car. one of the major points of this recession recovery is to free up the credit markets so that people can get this debt, and its encouraged!  is our economy based on debt and or spending?

im not trying to come down on somebody turning their time of mourning, but some questions should be answered at such a difficult time. a pastor in illinious was shot dead during a church service inside the church, a house of god. he deflected a bullet with his bible but was still shot and killed while his congregation looked on.

the people of the church said in the aftermath they began to pray. my question is, pray for what? god allowed this to happen and according to most believers has a plan for all of us. so what could the people be praying for or about? an all powerful god signed off on the events so what possibly could the people pray about?

we or the media would never confront someone with this kind of hard question during a time like this. im a hardcore believer that people should be able to articulate and defend their philosophy at any time, but to hit somebody up after a tragic event like this is bad karma. simple empathy tells me that. people can believe whatever they want and for the most part believers in religion and god should not “bother” me, and mostly they dont. then why is it that i have such a strong desire to challenge their beliefs? i mean i know its incorrect as the day is long but does it effect me? other than the irritation of hearing something i “know” is complete lunacy being touted as truth and reality. do their lives and actions effect me? why should i care what they believe? no matter how insane sounding i think it is.

is it that i have a true desire to see mankind succeed and or be a better place? i definitely feel that faith, religion and the blindly following  bible is not making us a better species. i truly do feel when we get over the god thing we will be a tremendous enlightened people and the world and everything in it will be better off.

from an e-mail i sent today: booze and loneliness, sounds like a tv movie. you got me thinking about loneliness. i havent been lonely in years. i cant remember what its like even. i may enjoy being by myself more than with anybody i can think of. hmmmmm, thinking it, that all
changes when you “fall in love” and that’s kind of fucked up. fucked up that i would be “happier” being with somebody than when im alone. i guess that’s why that in love feeling is soooo fucking good.i got my internet communications and very close friends who live 1000’s of miles away that i talk to all the time and i like it that way. oh yeah i forgot, my son lives with me now so there is always some one close. but even before he moved in i loved my solitude. also ive always had family relatively close; mother, sister and father involved in my life.  friends? do i have friends? i have acquaintances. really cool close acquaintances. friends of the family and relatives are always available to me. i probably take all this for granted also.and that may be it, that i take what i have for granted and dont realize how important it is. shit, sometimes i see it as a burden. sometimes i see it as a result of my positive personality. sometimes i feel im taking advantage of a natural human need for companionship. there are times when i engage with someone knowing it means way more to them than it does to me, and this could be just platonic friendship connections. when i do this im very careful not to do something that would “hurt” them, even accidently.i know a lot of people who have a hard time with loneliness. its a major issue with them. some people are very open about it and for some reason that “need” stimulates me. im not sure how or why, maybe cause opposites attract. i dont know. maybe cause those kind of people are more open and communicative about their feelings,
and i know i get off on those deep deep deep intimate conversations. and once engaged in communicating with someone like that, im always aware to protect their feelings and respect the relationship. this builds trust which is a necessary component in the exchange.


february 23, 2009
the academy awards are simply beautiful. the energy of t his show to me is the best ive seen in years. for sum reason i have issue with beyonce and i dont really know why but she is really really fantastic. bill maher hit on the god thing. this bollywood thingy is killing em. the rhythm of it all. even john legend was fantastic. stunning visually, gorgeous blues colors and music. just plain wow.  queen latifah just sang behind the memorial piece and wow. watching this show is like enjoying art. that kind of pleasure. the way the audience is lit and seated. everybody can see everybody and everybody looks good and sharp and relaxed but serious. some presenters were nervous, that was good. the stars themselves were nervous.

im not sure what im doing with the whole thing. am i spoofing the production and marketing industries that i oh so love?  by the creation of it?  to duplicate something i “condemn.”  the commercialization. maybe im “against” commercialization, but not the technology of it all. the commercial style of it all. selling out? a means of income? maintain a life style off it? is that not the goal even in economically hard times? it is some of my best work style wise and i already see where its not good and will be better. i love building it. being creative. to be creative and have a satisfying outlet for the creativity. to be able to sustain a living doing what you love best wow wouldnt that be good.

february 10, 2009
i love sully! the flt 1549 pilot’s demeanor and explanations of what happened during the plane crash were not over dramatized or sensationalized. he told it like it was, “i did my job.” “we did our jobs.” asked did he pray he said he knew there were enough people in the back praying that he didnt. he not only didnt credit god or a miracle, but he accepted the reality that technology and his ability were good enough to save the plane and the people’s lives. the pilot and crew are on larry king live right now and not one of them thank god nor have any of them since the accident. this is soooo refreshing.

a man taking credit for not only his ability, but mankind’s ability. not making this a battle against evil forces where humankind needs assistance to sustain himself. recognizing our abilities

a passanger made a song in tribute to the crew and ofcourse the words include prayer and heaven. people and media keep wanting to make this a miracle. but the crew and pilot of the plane have not. they accept and acknowledge without bragging or swagger that they accomplished what needed to be done to save themselves. the singer mentions her faith in god, oh boy. thank you god oh boy. “send another prayer to heaven” oh boy. faith? what does your faith say about god letting the plane crash in the first place? what does your faith say about the fate of the birds? or why god sent the birds there in the first place? i know its tv and human interest and that humans rely on god and religion to understand and are inspired by this. i understand most people will respond positively to this girls song about god.

but i think in writing this i got to what turns me on most about all this. seeing a man accepting the credit for his own abilities and not crediting a higher source. standing proudly and soundly behind his own ability and accomplishment, without coming off like he is cocky or bragging. not many people could do that without coming off as arrogant. i can see how some people would see him as having ego issues, but that really excited me. to see some one stand confidently behind his own ability.

february 5, 2009

february 2, 2009

the Pittsburgh Steelers are World Champions! that may have been the best and greatest superbowl ever. my quarterback, who i ihave questioned for sometime really really stepped up. he played better than i have seen him play in 2 years. the play calling even early in the game was the best ive seen from pittsburgh in a long time also. they really opened up the offense early with solid quaqlity plays with ben rolling out and throwing downfield. and he was throwing bullet spirals! he even tried to run for a touchdown which impressed me cause im always screaming for him to run more.  the santanio holmes catch to win it was maybe the prettiest play in superbowl history. harrison’s 100 yd interception for a touchdown may be the greatest play in superbowl history.

the pittsburgh steelers have been a deep passion of mine for 37 years now, since 1972. all i could say before the game was “i love the pittsburgh steelers.” i was truly in love with my team and the moment and the years ive devoutly followed my beloved. all this energy and filled my body and brain. it was so good.

not being at the game or in the city was weird for me for a bit. and i really thought about this alot. this is like a religion to me so where i watched it and with whom is very important. and i came to a very cool conclusion to all this thinking. when my other deep passion parliament funkadelic played my hometown last may, which was another religious moment for me, i went to the show with nancy, who was my babysitter when i was young.  it was in her house and probably her tape that turned me on to p-funk to begin with. i went with her and my daughter.

of all the places i could have spent the game yesterday, i was in the place i most wanted to be. i was with my buddy jesse who i makes  probably the best bbq ribs ive ever had. so i made a request and we bbq’ed all day saturday in preparation. jesse also has a big screen and the setting is really cool and relaxed; music, people, internet and especially a place where i could do my thang. steeler fans in the house and one good nature cardinal fan to antagonize the moment made it perfect. had a special moment with trish who’ve ive known all her life practically cheering side by side at the top of our lungs in front of the tv during harrison’s td run. good food, good vibe, good people. and then i remember that brenda, who is jesse’s wife, is nancy’s sister and who was also my babysitter. thats how i know jesse. so two of the biggest moments ive had in the last little while i spent with people who ive known all my life! sisters who grew up with in ohio 40+ years ago.

also thinking it, for me these moments are best spent away from the nucleas family. being around my parents or sister, and especially my kids, changes the whole vibe. i have to play another role and have more and different responsibilities that for me complicate the vibe. when my kids are around, i cant stop thinking about them or what they are doing no matter what is going on. im distracted, either worrying, wondering or being proud. i am helplessly aware of every movement they make no matter what i do and i cant help but to react to everything that happens with them.

this was a really good superbowl game and event. really really good. even running around inglewood and all the black people there grocery shopping and stuff was exciting. i love black people.

ive begun filming what im calling a short feature film. not sure what it really is, but its dramatic and has a story and a plotline that should end in a twist. im doing this with the intention to hold the viewers attention and to take them somewhere away from reality. yeah, so i guess its fiction. im doing fiction!

im starring in it as a devout christian who is struggling with internal torment and his beliefs. the working title is “when god calls.” what ive done so far has me really impressed and its coming together beautifully. and i actually shot some footage in a church before the game yesterday! choir singing i was really feeling it and at a point it wasnt acting. this gave me the idea to not act as much anymore, but to actually use staged scenes that effect me or move me. sure the video is setup and prepared for, but from now on im gonna try to experience the moment for real.

im a rewarded by my passions. i have had an unwaivering deep faith in the pittsburgh steelers and parliament funkadelic for over 30 years each. i became a steeler fan in 1972, in the playoffs that season was arguably the most amazing play in nfl history; “franco harris’s “immaculate reception.” we didnt win a superbowl till 1974 and have since gone on to win more than any other team in the nfl.

i became a fan of p-funk in 1977 when i heard the song “mothership connection.” the hit for them then was “we want the funk” and to be honest with you i didnt even like that song as it definitely wasnt the best on the record. since then p-funk grew to be a major influence in music and released several major hits since. they continue to tour when most other bands from that era have faded away. i have also since been lucky enough to be very close to the organization and the music. the band and music that i use to dream about in high school study hall 30 years ago.

to make the “right choices” of what to follow. i always remember how “blessed” i am to have my life long passions continuing to go strong after all this time. its comforting. it gives me a confidence. these passions help to define who and what i am. when your young being associated with something cool, like the music you like and your sports team is important. now as an adult, when something happens to either of them other adults are there to point it out to me. they identify these things with me and i am VERY VERY proud for them to do that. i represent my passions with a life long deep respect.  i have a deep pride in them and if they were to have not succeed it would be different im sure, but since they have thrived i have thrived off of that. its like a faith that brings you a strength.

also my other passion, atheism, is starting to bud into something big. to be able to celebrate and enjoy my passions is something that is very special to me.

january 31, 2009
where i spend the superbowl is important. more important probably more than everytime else other than my birthday. let alone of the pittsurgh steelers are there. so this is special. wasnt sure what i wanted to do. got an invite to go to sna francisco and it excited me, but was too costly in time, effort and money. the way this one is gonna turn out seems to be coming together. can really think of a better place other than being there or home alone than being here. literally almost. bbqin, big screen, music, black people.




january 21, 2009
5:45am i power up the television and its on msnbc, td jakes and other black folk are on morning joe. im 1 minute into their conversation and it turns to obama’s mentioning of the “non-believers.” this is exactly “all i ask for.” (lol, im noticing i have  a lot of “alls.”) conversation, dialogue and inclusion.

sure obama is headed to the national prayer service. sure we are a christian nation. thats why i feel its futile to try to change or eliminate religion. one thing is for sure the faithful are some strong willed folks and you cant make them do nothing. but i feel that if we are denied inclusion along side religion by the religious, that is a different thing…

ok i gotta go….

january 20, 2009
a cnn commentator (i think it was hillary rosen) just commented that it was nice to have a president who has rhythm again!  oh this is a good time to be alive for me. it seems the universe is reflecting back  energy and actions that synchronize with my passions and that gives me deep pleasures.

january 20, 2009the pittsburgh steelers are going to the superbowl!

watching the inauguration i was moved by president obama’s acknowledging of non-believers along side the major religions. 2 days ago that was all that i asked for, even though there was way too much god in the ceremony. i wish we would pray, reverend and praise ourselves for the things we give god credit for. if we would  only have one tenth of the respect we have for and in god for ourselves  and humanity… ok, im not gonna preach. cnn reporter just said “god given promise” “god given rights,” these are not god given, humanity developed these through millions of years of evolution.
“We are a nation of Christians and Muslims,
Jews and Hindus — and non-believers.”

obama scolded us, he told americans that we need to get our act together. it was a call to action.

biden’s big ass bible made me laugh, it loosened my mood. the too much god in the ceremony was beginning to bug me. its primitive, it’s like embarrassing to me. people around the world laugh at america for its religiousness. let alone what future generations will look back and think.

i hope that as long as i make my stand and be noted as one who does not believe that this will be enough to console me. i also hope that these primitive beliefs

oh yeah, obama was nervous taking the oath!! that was the cutest thing!!! its is about time he lost his cool and slipped a bit. obama is cool, he got that swagger. jill biden is a cutie too.
im very, very happy to have heard obama acknowledge
non- believers in his inaugural address.
-jeffery scott mitchell

january 18, 2009
the Steelers are beating the ravens 13-0 with about 8 minutes left in the 2nd quarter in the afc championship game. mr rothlisberger is throwing the ball better than he has in 2 years. harrison just got hurt, but walked off. flacco just got sacked. i love the pittsburgh steelers! ravens punt.

i want to get a few things down in writing. i absolutely love all the hype over the obama inauguration.  u2, beyonce, stevie wonder, user, etc performed at the lincoln memorial this morning and it made me tear up more than once. listening to the music that

too much god in the inauguration ceremonies. “god bless you and god bless america” is the standard sign off. doesnt even seem like they mean it when they say it, they fire it off out of habit. newdow filed a suit in the supreme court to have the religious terminology removed and even though i knew it would be defeated the case still has to be made. at least to engage the conversation.

atheists should shoot for acknowledgement along side the other religions when politicians and other folks give “shout outs.” not to change people, not to convert or remove religion, but to be acknowledged along side of them. form this, i feel the youth and future generations will at least hear of an alternative belief system.

ok the game is on, ill be back


january 15, 2009

january 12, 2009

january 8, 2009
if you google the word atheist on the first page of what is returned you see a picture of me and carl sagan.  (google site)

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