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DAILYS: November 20, 1999


november 20, 1999
the ability to gain undestanding from the information of previous
experience and use that understanding to develop improved strategy-
first i would notice certain changes in my mood and energy,
things that would not normally irritate me, would-
and then like right after, i would be sick…hmmmm-
so now when i feel even a little bit of that weird feeling,
i know i need to slow down and rest, in fact i stop completely…
i allow my body to have as much energy possible to “fight” whatever it is…
the beauty of this is that though im still off work sick,
im out the 2 days before i am “really really” sick-
my body eliminates the issue before it becomes a problem…
and it’s kinda pleasant actually…tv, eat alot, heat on high, music, internet…

november 14, 1999
they say that there is a gland in your body that produces a certain
chemical when you’re in love. this chemical gives the body that “in
love” sensation (the best feeling in the universe). im sure we’ve all
felt that “love” of a person, but imagine having that love for life…
imagine being “in love” with life…imagine having such an understanding
of life that there is beauty and wonderment in everything you see…
an understanding that brings a trust, a confidence and then a belief in life…

imagine riding thru laurel canyon after hanging out and helping a friend
move into her first apartment…imagine it in the trendiest city in the most
powerful country on earth…a friend you work with doing a job in a career
in an industry that you absolutely love…with the hottest company of
its kind in history…

imagine that good tired feeling after working a hard productive day…
imagine thinking to yourself how much you love life…imagine joking with
yourself “let me go home and see what else good has happened to me today-”
imagine getting home and there is a letter from the los angeles county
district attorney’s office telling you to retrieve a message…imagine that
message elimates a 2 year outstanding issue and the closest thing to
stress & frustartion in your life…imagine it corrected a mistake (that was not your
fault) made by a system so inefficient and backed up that you told one of
its workers that they should be scared for there lives…

imagine being late for the steeler game, im out!!!!!!

november 12, 1999
“any pain or discomfort is a sign that there is something wrong”
i remembered my quote when my digestive system woke me up
at 3a last night and told me that the overcooked (burned) salisbury
steak and tater tots i had eaten earlier were “wrong”…stomach was
cramping, hot & sweaty and i knew whatever it was had to exit
my body in one of two ways…so i sat in the bathroom and i was
relieved it didnt take the northern route out…feeling better i noticed
how freezing cold my bedroom was now, a few minutes earlier when
my digestive system was doing its thing it was a hotbox…

i also noticed the very very very bright planet venus to the east and
i thought to myself how could anyone see something that bright and
magnificient and not have a strong desire to know exactly what it is-
to go through life content with not knowing answers to certain questions…

sfo steeler weekend

i borrowed a digital camera and have taken close to 800 pics with it…
i would take 20 sumn pics just on the way to work-
the owner took it back yesterday…yes, i have anxiety / withdrawls
and yes i will get my own VERY soon..the afga ephoto 780c digital camera ($199)

ive been also telling everybody to register their name and their kids name dot-com…
(…reserve that space in history forever, with the deregulation
of domain name registration, it will be big…

what? you just wanna get married, have babies and die?
don’t you wanna know why?

jeffery scott mitchell

november 1, 1999
october 30, 1999

october 25, 1999
monday night football opened up with gwyneth paltrow in kordell’s steeler jesey
gwyneth paltrow opened monday night football wearing kordell’s steeler jesey
al michaels (announcer) said he tak to her and she said she really owns one
i so love my football team…

i would have made you immortalwilliam shakespeare, shakespeare in love

october 23, 1999
time is finite, the “distance” in time and space between two events is fixed
the experience of that time varies according to individual size and speed
(the experience of time is relative, not the “time” itself)
there has to be something faster than lighttime travel?
*open up a wormhole
* accelerate one end past the speed of  light
–it will have a slower “experience” of time
–(einstein theory proves this)
* travel through the wormhole from the opening in present
through the opening that experienced time slower-
it will be earlier there since time went slower
from pbs nova
i don’t believe it possible based on present information
i have never been to a more “positve” dance club in my life…
the westend (santa monica) is mostly 20 sum’n white kids who
party and get funky with the 70’s band  the funky hippees…
fun, positive, spirit/vibe throughout the room…
me and my people are ususally close to the stage so i like
to turn around, face the crowd and vibe the place…
everybody was sweaty and just groovin positive-
it felt very, very, very good…
and ofcouse, of the 3 people in the crowd mentioned on the mic,
2 was me and the lead guitar introduced hisself to me during break-
(surprised me cause the first time i wasnt really doing anything)
and yes, the girlies in the house looked good (our girls looked the best)-
its fun to watch all the young horny male pups watch me and my
girls do our thang…you can see the “wow” on their face…

round and round the floor, she danced
and i’d love to get away with her(not just)knee deep, funkadelic


october 21, 1999
happy birthday jackie…
i was groovin’ last night and it was moving me
so i e-mailed the p-funk mailing list;
Subj: name that deliberately obscure lyric…
“sometimes a man smiles…”

lyrics rolled in all day like people were singing…

i been listening to this song for years and
i always knew i would like the actual words,
but damn…
printed & posted the following in my cube

have you ever felt the presence of a brain
we have all seen him standing, 
amidst the surprised-sometimes a man smiles 
at what I, often wonder,
you can tell he’s a thinker 
by the far away look in his eyes
the far away look in his eyes

a penny for his thoughts can make him richer
his eyes can see what other eyes could not

WHAT IS THE POWER????????????

not mere power but magnetism (like Napoleon)
and magnetism is more intelligent than force

magnetism is more 
intelligent than force
presence of a brain, parliament 1974

september 18, 1999
a lot of people find it almost impossible to love themselves most & best,
i find it impossible not to…

august 14, 199
racial breakdown of the 4 places i went to yesterday,
blacks (including myself) made up;
work: roughly 10 out of 150
lunch: 2 of 50
happy hour at a bar: 1 of 50
house party: 1 of 40

interesting my last daily, almost 3 months ago, mentions race…

Main Entry: rac·ism
Date: 1936
1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities
and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

i believe that there are major differences between the races and
these differences are a factor, but not a “primary determinant” of capability…
anytime you can recognize differences between any two things,
you can quantify and then compare those differences…
comparing these differences, one will be better suited for certain things than the other

i worship diversity, it is what made life successfull. hitler had it backwards…
the way to the “master race” is not to breed within one particular race,
but to combine the strengths from all the different races…

may 30, 1999
HAPPY BIRTHDAY jeffery!!! my son has bass in his voice now-
the older you get, the “easier” life gets, the faster time goes by…
of the 84 contestants in the “miss universe pageant,” it seemed the
biggest racial group was black and the overwhelmingly majority were
women of color (asian, african, hispanic)…in fact, of the 10 girls
selected in the first cut, there we no blondes or blue eyes…

while drifting around downtown vegas’s fremont street experience
i was looking thru some NFL keychains. then this dude comes up
and says to the girls he was with “thats the one i want, pittsburgh.”
ofcourse, i let it be known that the steelers are my team-
blah blah blah- when one of the girls asks where i was from-
it seems the girls where from youngstown (where i grew up)
and still live there…i had on no steeler stuff and they were the only
sustained converstion i had while drifting…coincidence?

me: “sneeze”
friend: “bless you”
me: “what is blessing me?”
friend: “god. i would bless you, but it wouldnt do any good”classic example of the “i need a savior” syndrome
(when  the “power” is actually within ourselves)

april 28, 1999
the chinese chicken salad at salads galore (wilshire blvd) is so-so…
what was good was the number of skirts in the joint…they also had a
a tv showing graphical stock market data (AOL was up 7 1/4). i sat
in the corner right under the tv so i had a full view of the room and the
street outside the window…what caught my eye was that the skirts were
aggressively short and they weren’t all white skinny 20-something legs…
(not that i got anything against them, but i see them all day at work)
it was a very pleasant variety of colors, sizes, styles and ages…me & jp
rode up wilshire roof-off  bumpin’ parliament while she twirled the
drumstick i keep in my car that i got from a funkadelic concert…she
mentioned that i ran and grabbed “the power seat” (and i did) so the
only view she had while we ate was of me and a wall mosaic…
free refills on drinks-
april 27, 1999
the complimentry bread at the cheesecake factory (old town pasadena) was
disappointing, the sourdough and the brown bread with the crumbs on it….
but the chicken tenders appetizer was VERY GOOD!! its chicken filets breaded
and dipped in hot (semi-spicy) buffalo wing sauce…tender, flaky, slamming!!
the place has very good people watching too (people watching was better than
the comp bread)- even with a table not next to the window overlooking fair-oaks
you could see the whole corner and details of peoples faces thru the huge windows…
big ups to the houston rockets for putting their foot 20 points up the lakers ass…
i had 5 whole dollars on it (its the bragging rights that count)
april 25, 1999
the complimentry (my favorite kind) bread at the santa monica fish company
is so fresh that the dough is still gooey, it is really sourdoughy too-
i had the sicilian pasta (linguini, calamari, shrimp, mussells, tomato sauce)-
it was good, especially the calamari, but the bread may have been the best ever…
my department went there for lunch and i mentioned that of the 9 people
at the table i was the only one without a cell phone…after that someone
mentioned that i was also the most relaxed person there…

there was not a single death last year on a scheduled U.S. airline flight-
0 out of 615 million air travelers-

at the annual inland empire black nurses association’s scholarsip banquet
(which my mother the nurse of 30 years  makes us go to annually) the only
song deicated the entire evening was not to a nurse, it was to a teacher-
it just so happened the lead singer of the jazz band was once one of my sister’s students-
“semi-formal” means wear a suitcoat…i was the only male in attendance without one…
april 20, 1999
my bedroom clock radio is set to a classical station that i listen
to while drifting off to sleep. so im drifting off sunday night listening to
hearts of space, a show that plays this spacey (spiritual to me) music…
i digs this stuff so im checking the website when i run across the funk
channel on this damn station has completely
turned me out!!! im a ho for this show!!…i have never heard a show this
funky before…they groove old obscure parliament/funkadelic along with
all the funk classics…i played this station all day at work (and now at
home i hooked my soundcard to my stereo) and it just keeps funking me!!
ive heard stuff i aint heard in 15 years…this is funk, the real sheeet-.
im all funked up…and if i need a fix, i can click and score any funk they play
with no commercials…i absolutely love the internet-

april 18, 1999
there is nothing like black folx having church!!! the intensity,
the energy, the music, the emotion…walked in to 4-5 hundred people
worshiping jesus in full joyous celebration. “worshiping” is not a strong
enough word to describe the intensity of what these people do for their
savior…totally praising jesus (“we are sheep in his hand”)

this service happens every wednesday at the “church of the harvest”
featuring the young, attractive, sharp dressing, dynamic speaker bishop
clarence e mcclendon…the electronic equipment was first rate: around 8
mics in the pulpit area- (including wireless handheld and pin-on) perfect
audio, clear clean sound with not an ounce of feedback the whole night…

two big screens with text graphics with the words to the songs (and live info
that someone had left their car lights on, with license plate #); 2 roaming camera
men videoing the service (with communication mic & headsets) and one main
camera setup for the sermon and pulpit; bass, drums, percussion, keyboard,
piano, sax, about 10 singers; very well lit, very very professional…

sermon was that deliverence follows obeying the word of god or a man of god…
during his sermon he asked a question and i was the only one in my area i heard
to say the answer (i said it just a little loud purposely too)
“when did the king receive deliverence?” answer: when he obeyed…

i could see the good in the celebration, in the fellowship, how healthy it is to be
spiritual! the security that comes from faith and belief and to have a place to
express and release…most of these people don’t have a deep knowledge or
understanding of life…they don’t understand the sciences behind the
big bang, principles of creation, evolution, human psychology, sociology, etc-
and they need something to believe in…

spirituality is equally as hard for them to grasp- if you don’t understand the science
of life and how to live it, you will not be succesful at it and its hard to place faith
(spirituality) in something that appears to mistreat you…(one of the main “keys”
to the whole religion thing is the promise of  “deliverance” from this world to a
better place) faith in a creator who will protect and deliver is alot less complicated…

all the songs were blatent praise to jesus. it was something to see people
praising a dead man.  giving him total glory and praying for his forgiveness…
praying for him to save them…this was definitley idol worship. the only difference
is that 90% of the world believes in a version of this type of idol…
(its even on our money!!! “in god we trust”)

NOTE: as eloquent as i think i am, i  cannot describe the worship, devotion,
surrender…i cannot find the words to descibe what these people were doing…

all that wasted faith. i wish all that energy and faith would be in man and the earth.
half of the bible says “man is evil” and thats simply not true. man appears evil and
corrupt if your understanding is limited. there are reasons and circumstances that
make man (he is a reactive animal) do certain things, commit certain “crimes.” there
are “defective” beings and there always will be. but thats not the whole!!!! the core
of mankind is by no means corrupt or evil…ignorant and misunderstood maybe-

in fact, to get to “heaven on earth” all that faith must be transfered to belief in  man,
man must have a higher self esteem…we need to start putting that faith in ourselves
and our own consciousness and not in a dead man or a god in the sky…
when we do that….

ok, im excited…so to chill before bed i’ll exit with this…on the fox cartoon show
“family guy” they did a spoof where jesus turned water into funk…
the bibical episode of the simpson’s a few weeks ago will be a classic-

didn’t help, still excited…
april 11, 1999
was that an earthuake at about 2:30a last night????
LA’s farmer’s market is a pure tourist trap with many many differnt kinds of food
and produce…for the 1/2 hr wait and large crowd the food at du-par’s resturant
in the market was just so-so…the crowd there was the biggest group of pale white
folx i’ve seen this side of arcadia…me and ej decided they were made up of LA’s
more conservative set…members of the LACMA get 2 comp tix to “van gogh’s
van goghs” show at the museum, ej is a member and she was cool enuff to take me-
and in my opinion, the best art work i saw today was not by a guy named vincent…
though my roof leaks, i like driving in the rain….heat on, music, new wiper blades…
april 10, 1999
had the window seat at rack shack (old town pasadena), people watched
and read the LA weekly while i chowed down on pork rib tips, spicy fries
(very spicy & very good), mac & cheese, complimentry corn bread muffins
(complimentry bread is always my favorite) and root beer instead of diet coke…
music was good as always…from there i strolled down to the 35er and played
ntn’s computer trivia game (and drank diet coke) against other folx in the bar
(and country actually). took 1st, 1st, 3rd and 5th place in the bar in my 4 plays…
only one astronomy question the whole night (question was about the “morning
star,” which is venus, which is the bright object in the sky now) cause even on
jepoardy i get all the astronomy questions right…lotsa movie & tv questions and
hardly no science stuff, hence the 3rd & 5th place finishes…

april 9, 1999
almost 10 yrs ago after me and my wife seperated and i had quit drnking
and lost like 70 pounds, i went on what was maybe my frst “date.” i will
always remember her cause she called me “sexually selfish” (and ya damn
right i was!! the 26 yr old me had it goin’ on physically but had about 15%
of the insight and confidence i have now) anyways, me and her went to the
comedy store on sunset in hollywood and eddie griffin performed. i had
never heard of him but he was funny as hell and when his show ended they
played a quick piece of parliament’s “funkentelechy” … i got all excited-.

eddie is starring in my company’s new release “foolish” so i went to check
it out at the century north hollywood. the theatre was kinda icky and the
seats were too small and though the crowd was 98% black, they didn’t
talk that much through the movie (except this kid who went “damn”
eveytime a naked lady was shown, about 10 times) . anyhow, the first
sound of the movie is parliament’s “aqua boogie” (yeah, i got excited) in a
scene with foolish and fifty dollah in da’ride bumpin’ & discussing the funk…
foolish (eddie) also made a lot of funkadelic quotes in the movie…
add all that up with numerous walk-on-stage appereances at p-funk
concerts and i would say mr griffin is definitely a funkateer…
they also played parliament’s “fantasy is reality” in the movie…
hmmmm, i wonder what wendy is doing now that i’m a bit older & wiser-
she was a cutie…

i promise to funk, the whole funk, nothing but the funk!
(in funk we trust)

april 8, 1999
its amazing the impact a $2.99 investment in windshield wipers blades
makes after 5 years…my last session of  LA mission college’s community
extension class “the bible as literature and history” was last night…
the class cost $34 and started with 6 people, i missed the last 2 weeks
and for this last meeting it was just me and the instructor- a man who has
dedicated most of his free time to studying the bible and written thesis’ on
the topic…and though he never came out and said it you could see and feel
how deeply he believed in the bible and jesus christ as lord and savior…

during this class we covered the gospels, read and defined parables
and observed writing styles…i noticed that though jesus frequently answered
a question with a question, his teachings (between the “god is gonna kill
you if you don’t believe” preachings) encouraged understanding of others
and humility and are a very good way to live…also during this class i was
sure not to let my beliefs get in the way of learning something new or
when i was asked to read passages aloud…
april 7, 1999
easter in vegas; hit the hotel at 9:30p, chinese food then sleep by 11pm….
sleep and CNN’s “crisis in korsovo” (from which i was reminded that
it was a serb in sarejevo (bosnia) who killed an archduke that started WWI,
which brought about the treaty that created yugoslavia, which was like
trying to mesh hells angels, bloods, crips and neo-nazis into one nation)
till 12:30p saturday when me and mommy hit the mirage buffet…
then back to the hotel where mommy went to her slot machines and i
to “new jack city” on cable and a couple of chapters of stephen hawkings
“a brief history of  time”…on the road by 7a sunday, home by 1:30pm…

april 1, 1999
the jewish holiday “passover” celebrates the fact that the angel of death
(the 10th and final plague) “passed over” certain houses and spared the
lives of  the followers of god…

“God intended to kill the first-born of  both man and beast”

this finally convinced the pharoah to free these people and they left so fast
they didnt even have time to bake bread for the trip…but after they left the
pharoah sent his army after them. eventually the people got trapped between
the army and the sea…that’s when moses parted the sea, the people got away,
the sea closed and the army got swepted away…
march 27 1999
my cousin called and woke me up last night  talking about my webpage
and how she used to read the dailys…a couple of days before some
ukranian girl had mentioned the same thing…so  here we go-
alot has happened in the past 377 days, but im not gonna look back-
at least not that far back…

the soul train music awards were on tv  last night…
the mic was so low that everybody had to bow to talk…
most of the talk was thanking god and praising  jesus –
last night as reference,  jesus is directly responsible for 90% of  black music-
the “entertainer of the year” was r.kelly and he thanked jesus too-
he has a song about “going half on a baby”


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