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DAILYS: May 17, 2001

may 17, 2001
my mood seems to be effected by changes in the weather. drops in my mood seem to coincide with less sunny overcast, gray days like we are having now. maybe my mood is effected by a drop in my energy (spirit and/or physical) and that is connected to the energy of sunny days as opposed to the slower, colder, gray days. maybe i have allergies which are triggered by days like this and my body reacts and this lowers my energy, thereby lowering my mood. low energy days where i vibrate at a much lower rate…

may 14, 2001

a random good morning chat…

PFUNK1:  the gift
A*GIRL*:  mr truly awesome mitchell
PFUNK1:  the gift is always so refreshing
A*GIRL*:  and mr truly awesome is always so inspiring
PFUNK1:  we exist well together
A*GIRL*:  very cosmic, beyond what we see
PFUNK1:  beyond what we see, but not beyond what we feel
A*GIRL*:  cause intuition is what we feel
PFUNK1:  and to us it is real as what we see
A*GIRL*:  if not more so real than what we see
PFUNK1:  deeper and sweeter is what we feel
A*GIRL*:  allowing us the freedom to be
PFUNK1:  and the freedom to be is a most beautiful thing
A*GIRL*:  the ultimate thing
A*GIRL*:  brother funk…time to get going…peace and love
PFUNK1:  love and piece
PFUNK1:  enjoy the day
A*GIRL*:  gracias

who wants to hear the truth all the time?


may 10, 2001
i saw fabio driving a mercedes benz yesterday on van nuys bld. he was making a left onto the freeway and i was in the left lane so i got a clear, but very quick view. it was cool cause it happened very fast but i recognized him and reacted as i passed by. i was under a overpass with my roof down so my “whoooooooooooa!!” was very loud…i had my camera, time and a clear lane behind me to put it in reverse and ask to take his pic, but i passed…now if it was gwenyth or debra messing i would have went back immediatley…

may 7, 2001   
friday may 4th
 woke up and “person a” told me prince was doing a surprise show that night. so me and my boy hit ticketmaster online and by phone but nothing. tix went on sale at 10am, agent told me at 10:06 it was sold out. (later i found only 44 tix were available). so i thru my bike on the car and went to venice beach. i was slightly saddened. told my boy talley we would talk later about the show…

rode bike up to santa monica pier, chilled there for awhile listening to yang chin. i gave her a dollar and i got her biz card. watched a my age brotha fishing. asked him did he ever catch anything and he said this was his first time. that it was something he always wanted to do with his sister but she died of cancer. had his family with him. so overlooking the ocean on the pier i checked my email and talley said he was gonna go up to the prince show and see if he can get a ticket. i called him and we decided to meet at the palladium and worse come to worse we would go to the temple bar.

lots and lots and lots of pretty girls at venice beach

saw a black bandana scarf on ground on ride up and it was still there on my way back so i picked it up and tied it to my handlebars.

riding back i hear a scream and i look up and it was vidya. she was with maggie, lesley and linda. i was very excited to see these Artisan girls so i chatted with them for a bit.

i walked bike back down venice beach boardwalk. dancing and singing to music. stopped in an eastern knick-knack shop and briefly chatted with a girl that i couldnt recognize the nationality of. that always intrigues me, i know most.

good talk with arhata guy who’s work i had seeen out there before. he has many of the same philosophical ideas of a new consciousness that i have. got some of his literature. “black dick” caught my eye as he discussed inter-racial relationships. same stuff i think

saw some work i really liked by gabe leonard of female and stuff. told him i liked his work and very briefly chatted with him. i like his work so much that i think when i get good and draw as long as he has my work will be very similiar to his.

asked another artist who’s work i had seen out there before if he ever heard of funkadelic. he said no but mentioned the album “america eats its young.” his work is very similiar to early funkadelic album covers…

heard some other music and stopped and danced awhile. i asked who was playing and they said it was spectre from brittain. they were true “brits” who very recently came to usa and were working at a booth selling surrongs for their american friends

after that i stopped by an old Artisan friends house in santa monica. hung out with her and talked and showed her some computer stuff for too long and decided i better get dressed there to meet talley at the prince show.

left there and went straight to hollywood palladium with bike on back of car. very cool ride down santa monica blvd and sunset blvds roof off. feeling goooooood…

get to palladium, turn corner and ask first scalper i see i ask how much. i pull to the side and he says $125 and i say i need 2 at 100 each as soon as my buddy gets here. literally as soon as i say that and am pulling off my buddy talley pulls up. i tell the scalper we will  be back. we ride up the street and talley pulls into an open space so i can pull beside him. it was an available parking space!! this was amazing in itself cause street parking is very tough. so he gets in my car and we ride back down the block to the scalper and do some bargaining and give him $205 for two tickets.

i have the bike on my car so i have to park in a lot anywayz so talley scoring that space was coool even though parking cost me $20. so 15 minutes after getting to palladium i met my buddy, scored tickets, parked and was standing in line. i love that.

there were so many people there i thought they oversold and there would be a riot. the line went all the way around the block and it was mostly fine finestunningly sexy girls. i have never seen so many in my life. the girl we got in line behind was trippin on us and later actually pointed one out one of the “over done too much” girls out to us. there were just that many and she was cool. she had comedy so later that nite i gave her my web biz card…

we had hours to stand in line and my energy was sky high. and i was with crazy ass clyde so there was no fear. i clowned royal and i felt good. so talley wants to hit a liquor store and i want a hamburger so we asked the cool girl to hold our place in line. i hit togos across the street.

so now i just had one of my favorite pastrami ruebens and  im clowning when i go on a info finding mission promising to return with whats up. i get to the event staff guy right when they opened up so he says if you have a ticket go on up to the gate. i did. standing in line there i bump into someone and i turn to see it was an another Artisan girl. we did the scream. and she looked good!!! she let her hair grow a little longer and she had this kinda gwenyth paltrow blonde look going. and i mean she looked good!! she was stunningly cute to me.

anywayz i get inside and chillin when i see another Artisan girl emily. i went up to her and asked was she the girl i saw in a commercial and she laughed and gave me a hug. she used to work at reception and would draw these colorful signs for people. i have on that says “we funk” on the back of the laptop im using right now in fact. it may have been a year since i saw her so when she said “yeah jeffery mitchell” and that she remembered me made me jump across the room…

the show was off the hook. 3 hour show (around 10pm to 1am) oldies and newies i was partying with these girls and a brotha i recognized from a tv sitcom. and we was super silly sweaty funky funnin– i danced so hard and so much i got cramps in my stomach. i left there comletely drenced in sweat. (at one point i had taken my shirt off (had t-shirt on) and wrapped it around my head like a blindfold while i was dancing so i couldnt see. just music and sounds of people around me)

i meet up with talley after the show and while he’s shopping for prince shirts we see a guy buying a guitar. we find out he was in band “body & soul” that plays at the temple bar.

saturday may 5 i wake up around 9, eat a can of soup and go back to bed. slept most of the day. then on my way to pick up my sister to go to an annual banquet, i get an e-mail form the cool girl we met in line at prince. im reading it on my cell rollin roof off on the 134 fwy and she says she was a rocket scientist. literally. at jpl for the galileo project. yes people, a black female rocket scientist…

i have on my only suit, no tie and i feel pretty good. the band was good.

the speaker was good also. she was jamaican and had all the right ideas about reducing the work week and the restlesses of human beings and she had good presence and speaking skills. she was just strung out on the god thing. everything was jesus. i gave her my web card and told her i thought she was good. i said im a non-believer but what she says is what i say. i told her that i hoped she could peep my site.

they had drawings for door prizes and i knew i was going to be one of the ones asked to pick a ticket. i was sitting that close. so when i did i was clowning by looking in the bowl and moving tickets acting like i was searching for my number. (then when i did it for real i was sure to over gestrure the turnng of my head as not to look).

right before the next pick by someone else i turned to my sister and said they gonna pick my number. and they did. actually they picked one of the 3, my sisters ticket. i snapped around when i heard the number and said “i told you!” and then very cockily funkily strutted to the front to get my gift.

the band was good and i danced with my mother until sweaty. no matter how much mother torments me i did think dancing with her like that was cool. the floor was mostly empty so we got lots of attention too.

so i leave there and head for a cinco party an Artisan guy is having. i was sweaty and just wanted to stop by and see a few of the girls. the first girl i see and to greet me was my most favorite physical specimen and probably the main reason i stopped by. i just wanted to see and squeezed and kiss her cheek. she gave me a running great big hug and that made my night.

i went in to the party to see a lot of the other girls i use to work with and love so much. lots of hugs and kisses and screams of “jeffery!!” and i did “the scream” a couple times too.  it was so good seeing them. in fact, this one guy i kept bumping into as i mingled would imitate my scream when he saw me. god i love those girls. and i love it when they say my name.

sunday may 6 i leave there go home and sleep most of sunday again when my sisters phone call wakes me up. she is over my cousin debbies house and debbie cooked. i said id be right over. smothered pork chops, greens, homemade macaroni an cheese (my families style), rice, and i went to get some chicken cause there was only 4 chops.

i goes to get chicken and im still not 100% awake even after a ride to pasadena so i get the chicken, put it in the car and it falls on the ground. i hollered a cuss word, picked up the chicken, put it and my keys in the car and then locked the door. i then figure out a way to get ahold of AAA cause i have no cash, no phone, no AAA card. they get there pretty fast and its bam bam, im on my way.

foood was good and i was dying for a homecooked meal. so im feeling extremely good when i pick up a voice mail from my most favorite physical’s buddy who i gave my cell number to at the cinco party. he out of the blue calls me about kings-avalanche (game 6 of stanley cup playoffs) tickets at the staples center. i could have made but i was toooo worn out.

so i go home and i actually look for a job!!! i update and make my resume powerful and actually send it out!!! this is something that for some reason i could not bring myself to do. for the longest time. but after doing the prince show with my bank account so low i knew it was time.

its about 10pm or so and im dilligently working on gaining employment, when i get an instant message from the girl i loved the best. hadnt chatted with her for awhile so it was a pleasant surprise. the big thing this night is that we ended up actually talking on the phone! our relationship is primarily online due to special circumstances, but we faithfully stay in touch. we rarely talk on the phone and when we do it is very special to me. we had a nice healthy conversation before i got in to bed and it was a very very good way to end my weekend.

i printed an email from an ex-coworker ffl buddy about his and my views on philosophy & religion and jump into bed. i read it and its very good and i make a few notes. he had a few good points and ive asked him if i can post it. damn good bedtime reading and i drift to sleep…

monday may 7 i wake up around 8 and actually update my resume on monster and hotjobs. i have job searching momentum and it is good to feel like im finally over this block. i communicate with friends, family ex-cowrkers, recruiters, ex-employers and all is right on this beautiful monday morning. i work for about 4 or 5 hours then im off to the los angeles county museum of art. i take the very scenic route via sunset blvd cause i have to stop by the key club to buy a ticket for thursday’s show. on my way i get an e-mail on my cell from my Artisan buddy and he wants to do lunch this week. i say coool cause we like to do foster’s; burgers, fries & shakes. i hadnt heard from him in a long time so that was a really cool surprise. i figure ill do lunch with him on thursday and then hang out at venice beach till the show that night.

i get to lacma and check out a “purism” exhibit and its good. i recognized the style was copied by a logo that i saw and liked so much i photographed sometime ago. i browse the gallery and do a bit of quick sketches to remember the essences of what i saw…purism is cool.

then i  go and sit in the commons with my laptop and write the bulk of this daily. i only have 2 hours on the parking meter so i head back. i stop and get a new tail light bulb cause i had no left rear brake light. i replace it the lot and head on home. i get home and bake some turkey drumsticks and couscous for dinner. while its cooking i figure ill go and post what i wrote today at lacma and thats what im doing right now. so its 9pm and my food is ready and so is this daily i do believe. and im hungry. i know im not spose to eat this late but hell, ive done worse things…

may 6, 2001
could someone please tell me why i want to go to heaven again? i forgot


everything you do effects everything that is
earthlink commercial

may 2, 2001

yesterday i got an early warning of personal financial crisis. i didnt have enough free on any credit card to replace my stolen car cd player. not even $100 free on any credit card. yep…they are maxed. you may ask “why are you trying to buy car audio if you are broke?” and “why didnt you know you were maxed?” these both are very good questions.

i think it comes down to confidence and lack of fear or worry. kinda like a feeling of invinsibility, i truly aint worried about it. for whatever reason, fear and worry have become feelings used to motivate humans. fear will make you try to act right, worry makes you much more conservative and cautious and these could be good things. but i have none. i know that things will work out for me.

” My faith and beliefs
are placed
 in the
understanding of life
and the universe.”

i truly believe my alignment with the system that is life & universe works towards my success. its no secret i want to look under the dress of the universe and expose her fondest secret- i want to know the reason for us. and she has done nothing to thrwart my intentions. in fact, the universe sends me positive energy from places unexpected. this teases and tingles me.

money in my checking account will run out next week or so and i will be totally broke. i sent out 20 sum’n resumes yesterday (first time in a long time) and i had to force myself to do that. what am i thinking? dont i know how serious the situation is? yes i do.

i got a call last night from ticketmaster about my hollywood bowl sade ticket, credit card declined and it didnt go thru. so now i gotta round up $100 to pay that. but, you may ask “if you are running out of money are sade tickets so important?” and thats a fear and worry question.

thats why the museum i chose to go to today is a free one. thats fear and worry, so i guess i do have some. i must conserve my resources. and i hope to buy lotto tickets today, thats deep belief.

cause my faith is just that strong.

may 1, 2001
ok, time to get serious about finding a job, maybe. i may go ahead and win the lottery instead. i dont need to win big, the ca lotto minimum will do just fine…

talk about traveling i would go on a world wide discovery tour that marco polo would envy. i would experience every major culture & religion first hand. i would consume data & information like no one before me…

april 30, 2001
coincidence defned. i wrote this on the afternoon of 4-27: “after that another song i digs that i dont know name or who (female, “i dont do if im lonely…i just want you to hold me” chorus) came on so i was vibing the city walk good… ”

i liked this song the first time i heard it on the radio. they didnt say who performed it, but i knew by my natural ability to recognize things of quality that this was going to be popular. i didnt even sweat finding out who it was cause i knew i would hear it again. and i did, again & again. i heard this song so many times and the radio never said who made it that i would laugh when the song went off with no artist info…

anywayz, later after i wrote the city walk review me and an acquaitance, “person a” were chatting and she told me to turn to VH1 to peep a song her daughter turned her on to. it was “my” song and i didnt even get excited about it. im use to “coincidences” like this. i have acknowledged that i am in alignment- with something. “person a” had not read my review.

then i thought about it. me and “person a” have a strong common musical sense. there were whole weekends when me and “person a” would just vibe and listen to music. we seemed to connect over female artists; alanis, sarah mcglachan, tracy chapman, everything but the girl, sinnead occonnor, sade, etc. white girl & vibey kinda music. there was a definite vibe and a common music we had though we never officially stated it. this common music covered many types, but had a common spirit and movement…

this common music is something that her daughter has definitely heard. kids riding in cars listening to parent’s music can pickup on the kinda music that their parents like. and i thinks thats why “person a’s” daughter told her of the song. though me and “person a” are NOT ROMANTICLY INVOLVED and havent been for a VERY VERY long time, im sure the musical influence is remembered. and “my song” was definitely one of those songs where if you knew me, you would say “jeffery would like this” and i think thats why “person a” made it a point to tell me.

there was a time when “coincidences” like this would excite me. stuff like this happens to me regularly at the level of lifestyle that i have been vibrating at. i am in alignment and agreement with the way things are. i enjoy and worship the system of life that i live in. i understand it and it works for me. i can anticipate things in a way that a lot of people would see as almost being magic.

i napstered some of nelly furtado’s other songs and they are very very good. napster has a block on “im like a bird” but i got it after i searched using different names. she is portuguese (or sum’n) and her music has quality and depth and i predict much success.

i was also very happily stunned by the quality of gwenyth paltrow’s voice. a cute, sexy, california born, steeler fan who can sing too? (damn)

let the music take your mind…
music is played for love
cruisin’ is made for love
i love it when we’re cruisin’ together

cruisin’, gwenyth paltrow and huey lewis
april 29, 2001   
nelly furtado

april 27, 2001
coincidence: 2 : the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection coincidences are a sign of alignment

april 27, 2001
i bought a bubble gun yesterday.  a gun that shoots bubbles. i wonder if people who dont know me realize how silly i actually am after reading dailys of such serious subject matter… i wonder if my writings paint a dismal, serious view of me.

somebody broke in my car and stole my cd player. i payed $50 for it at best buy and it was probably the cheapest thing in the car. after the shock and a quick damage assessment, i actually felt lucky. and its kinda cooool riding around with no music for awhile…

you were my keeper
  you were my anchor
  you were my family
  you were my saviour   
and therein lay the issue
and therein lay the problem
sympathetic character, alanis morrissette

april 24, 2001
there is a typo below that i am going to leave in. “god” should be “good” (do you know how many times i re-read and missed that? scary)

april 23, 2001

there are many kinds of abuse. i use to think that if you snorted cocaine once, that was drug abuse. that really is an experiment. the abuse happens with repeated use. (ab – use, abnormal – use….i just thought of that)

there was an experiment where a monkey was hooked up to a machine that would release a “pleasure” chemical (one produced naturally by the body) into the monkeys blood stream when it would push a button. it got to the point where the monkey would starve to death cause he wouldnt stop pushing the button long enough to eat. thats abuse.

how many and how much which determines abuse is very very subjective to individual and situation. it could be food, working out, sex, studying, religous devoution- anything. anything that is repeated so much that it hinders or harms (“hinders or harms” is extremely subjective and relative) is abuse.

some animals have a system designed to react to certain stimulation. there is one for pain and for pleasure. when a specific event occurs certain chemicals are released into the body (via bloodstream) by glands. these chemicals make the body feel different ways. there is a chemical producing the euphoria from love. and another that gives the body a satisfied feeling. what if you could control the release of these pleasure chemicals with proper thinking and undertanding?

its kinda the same chemical (a phenylmanthainine or sum’n) thats in chocolate. im thinking a variation of that same chemical is in the colas. why is pepsi and coca-cola so popular and addictive anyways? years from now the colas will be in court just like big tobacco cause they knew it was addictive

on phone with recruiter…line of thinking interupted. where was i?

anywayz, the human animal may therefore have a system hardwired inside it that can override conscious and “logical” thinking allowing the human to harm itself. to “abuse” something. soooo….where was i going with this?

was i gonna say that eventually a species will get to such an easy standard of living that abuse is inevitable?

that a human can have all his senses stimulated to the point of pleasure saturation by proper thinking and once again abuse is inevitable?

that if all your senses are stimulated positively and that every sense you have is pleasurable, isnt this heaven? if this can happen to a living human being, what more could heaven be? we would have to evolve new senses or consciousness for heaven to be any better than that which we can achieve on earth… (and would abuse of this be inevitable?)

i was with rick and his girl on venice beach and we was chillin max. i have never been so relaxed, sensitive and stimulated in my life. i felt completely good. not a desire or worry in the world. the sun, the air, the ocean (the girls). thats when i asked myself outloud “what more could heaven possibly be?” i would have to develop desires or have hardship fall upon me for life to feel any better.

i have been in a sustained euphoria for so long (months) that its tangible. i can feel it, control it, study it and best of all have i faith in it. it will be back tomorrow and it will only get better.

i think i just stumbled on the key to this. for life to “feel” any better. life can always be better, thats a given cause there is always room for improvement. but there comes a point when life feels soooooo gooood that you really dont want anymore right now. and that leads to being filled with deep pleasure and happiness doing the most simple thing. living at the edge of pleasure saturation. like being in love with life.

i think humans have a pleasure limit, i know i do and i respect it. i can feel the spirit energy inside me and it is powerful. as time goes on i can handle more and more. it feels too god to be wrong…

so is the abuse of “heaven on earth” inevitable? how do we create a mentally euphoric and painless world without abusing it with our physical bodies?

the knight of the night
gives way to the light
for with the sun comes the might
of a beautiful new knight

sir jeffery of funkentelechy
 (science will replace religion)


april 23, 2001
addendum. going through life you hit levels of euphoria that involve not only your present & current situation but anticipation of your future. part of your pleasure is knowing/believing/having faith in the future based on your success in past experiences.  you know what skills you have and that they continue to be successfull at every level and in different cultures.

a sustained euphoria partly from the anticipation of things that havent actually happened. based on events antcicipated, but not yet accomplished, by the individual. being satisfied and loosing desire to put forth effort cause you can clearly see how your goal can be accomplished and the true deep challenge is gone

this abuse is not inevitable

april 22, 2001

its gonna be one hell of a summer

april 21, 2001
i think i figured it out. i love female. i have deep passion for all types of female. tall, short, white, black, asain, hispanic, middle eastern, it dont matter. i do not discriminate at all. i am moved by passing glances and smiles go right thru me.

what i figured out is that the majority of female i see are white. an overwhelming majority in fact. so to me it feels like i passion white female the best. when maybe its not the “best,” but the “most” because of the disportionate numbers of them that i see and interact with. a lot of places i go there are no black females, and i mean zero. white female is everywhere (literally) and see so many of them that at the end of the day most of the female images in my head are of white girls. so it may sound (and feel) like in my writings that i have a deep thang for white girls only and this aint the case.

but this doesnt explain that thang i got for russian female or the girls from the former soviet republics…what is that all about anyways?

april 20, 2001
the way i see it, this day was unavoidable. sooner or later i was gonna have to write a birthday daily on april 20, so let me start off with history and disclaimers…

i met her in a “black over 30” aol chatroom in august of 1995. i had been laid-off in july, was going to 2 schools (dean’s list ofcourse) and my father was visiting form ohio and staying at my apartment. jackie was slowly & gently weaning me off her as to ease the pain of my heart. im not sure who im’ed who first, but our intial conversation went so well i got the digits and was told i should call in the morning, so i did. she answered the phone sounding half sleep, said she couldnt talk cause she had “somebody up under me,” but was impressed that i followed through.

after two weeks of the best communication i may have ever had with a human being i felt i needed to see her. call me shallow, but no matter how i feel about anything, the physical part and appearance plays a major role. i was starting to like this one and had to see her before i got too deep in like…

so i drove to her house to meet her. after hours of talking on the phone all i could do is turn my back and smile intensely as i waited for the door to open. and then it did. the first thing i saw was a foot. now, i know i shouldnt judge a book by its cover or a person by a foot, but i did and i was right. this was a very very very ethnic foot. this foot belonged to someone of recent and close african ancestery. i knew what the leg and body attached to this foot would look like, and i was right.

while the initial shock, excitement and the “meeting a new person” feelings subsided, she fed me the biggest homemade breakfast i ever had in my life. i was fat and happy (months later i was to learn “fat & happy” is one of her ploys) and we just chilled and vibed (im not gonna mention her forcing me to kiss her or the pg-rated peep show after her shower i got) and i enjoyed spending time with her even though i knew a romantic connection wasnt gonna happen.

so after a few hours of chillin at her crib (loved the house’s backyard) we decide to take a ride to my crib. the next morning we get up and joy ride from the moutains of  azusa to the beaches of santa monica and bascially hang out all day. being the honest person that i am somewhere during that day i let my non-romantic intentions be known and i hoped we could just hang out. and we did until i took her home sunday.

me and this girl have experienced more life between us than most families could ever hope for. we have/had a connection of communication that goes beyond man-made rules of social interaction between the sexes. what we were to each other was not defined. we had to invent and define a new kind of love to fully appreciate and experience what me and her had. most people dont and cant understand it and to tell the truth that kinda makes it better.

our connection is considered weird in the fact that we rarely talk on the phone, maybe 4 times so far this year. though we live 40 miles apart and have been in each other’s cities lots of times, i havent seen her in person since august ’99. we chat all day most days but when we dont i dont even think to miss it and i think that may be the most beautiful thing. there is no dependance, obligation or responsibility.

without disrespecting the years my sister put in to earn the title of “jeffery’s brother,” me and this one are like siblings. even the thought of her touching me is icky (notice i havent said her name). we conversate with no merci or any holds barred. no subject is off limits, 100% honesty is mandatory and if you are weak you better not log on.

she is the person i can be 10000% brutally honest with. honesty beyond honesty. i can be jeffery critical at its highest level. i compare her and myself to absolute perfection everyday and she handles it, most can’t. i haven’t reached “absolute perfection” yet, but the actions and thinking i compare myself and others to is one of perfectness. a long and deeply developed excellence (based on agreed things that have been proven successfull) compared to your life in detail constantly. i do it to myself almost instinctively and very very few people like that game played properly. but for whatever reason, she stays in the game the longest…

ok, the feeling has passed. chatting now she is decribing all  the wonderful gifts- blah blah blah, the outpouring…it just hit me that i didnt even consider getting her a gift LOL. i mean it wasnt even posed as a question or thought, the idea didnt exist till now! and i think that to be a most very beautiful thing…

what more could heaven possibly be?
  jeffery 301

april 18, 2001
 i have never been so relaxed, senstive and stimulated in my life. even rollin roof-off on the freeway was a symphony of sight and motion. as im car-dancing down the freeway this very pretty eyed girl in a suv with friends gives me a “yo, keep feeling it” holler. i look and smile. i get to venice and am overwhelmed by all the pretty female. all kinds and everywhere. it was literally euphoric. i was in a state of mind that every stimulation or sensory input was heightened. like mainlined to my brain. so im cruising the speedway and as i come to an intersection the pretty eyed girl crosswalks in front of me with her friends. we instantly made a solid eye to eye connection and recognized each other from our brief freeway interaction. she went “hey” and i smiled and threw my arms in the air. it was cool. soon as she passed our eyes locked and it was very cool. she had very very pretty eyes…

turning to go home a brother in a van offered me his parking space and i took it cause i wasn’t  sure if i wanted to stay but i was sure i didnt wanna pay $10 to park. so i walk venice beach absorbing and breathing in all the beautiful females and i check out the drum circle for about 30 minutes. the parking i had was one hour metered so i didnt stay long. i go home, cook, eat, couch and prepare to enter a sunday coma.

the phone rings and i look at it. “do i want to answer this?” i do. its rick and he tells me he is at victory and “sep-poll-veeed-da.” im like oh my god!! i forgot he was coming down this way. im running around the apartment cleaning toliet seats and wiping  stuff off cause i dont get many visitors and he was bringing his girlfriend so i know how clean it should be. anywayz, i do a decent job and it is good to see my buddy. but my brain is still going into coma mode. i cannot do any sustained thinking. i cannot figure anything out and i enjoyed this. we needed to get him a hotel and i wasnt even sure how to get to universal city. i couldnt even find a hotel on the internet. i was a vege and i liked it.

anywayz, the first place we stumble on is the universal city sheraton and he gets a decent price which includes the studios tour the next day which they both havent done, it was perfect. i am still very open to stimulation so im standing in the lobby of this beautiful hotel wondering to myself what did i do in my life to get use to being in fine hotels like this one. i mean 2 hours ago i was sunday couched out and now im over- looking los angeles from a 20th story balcony eating room service with my buddy. what did i do in my life so that events and days like this are routine to me?


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