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DAILYS: September 30, 2004

september 30, 2004

september 30, 2004


september 27, 2004

september 27, 2004
let us pray for our new rookie qb

Posted by STEELERFUNK1 on 9/25/2004, 9:04 am, in reply to
“Won’t be played today”

i wished very much for him to have a good start,
as he carries the hopes for our future

if he would have been succesful on his first attempt,
that would have been real gooood and we would have been filled with worldy joy…

but that was not the path chosen for us

instead this opportunity was missed,
and our future was intercepted by the evils on his second attempt

why the road of life is rocky, we do not know.
it is not for us to know the why for the stuggles in life.
we must just believe and have faith it is part of a devine plan,
maybe to keep him and us humble to a more powerful presence in our lives

for as we recovered from this humbling experience
and watched our future lead us to scores against the evils,
it was this joy we got after disappointment that may
have been more rewarding than the instant joy we hoped for.

we must have belief that these tests of our faith
are to benefit us as we make our way to the ultimate

for it is that makes our victory over the evils so precious

it is this that spawns the deepest joy our future
will feel when he lifts his first lombardi trophy


september 22, 2004


after kim manning’s jam factory
knitting factory – los angeles, ca
september 21, 2004


september 22, 2004

kim manning: “wow we got a fight”
Posted by jeffery on 9/22/2004, 4:52 am

it was like in blazing saddles

the fight spilled into our room from another

started with 3 or 4 and ended with prolly 20-30 young black males
swinging and throwing anything they could

you can see me move to grab my camera,
and when i did i pulled the power cable out
so it stopped filming. the room was full of fighting
and i missed most of it by the time i got my camera back on

ms manning and the band kepted playin

norwood seemed to enjoy it


does the threat add to the excitement?
(not posted) PFUNK1 on 9/22/2004, 1:15 pm, in reply to “kim manning:”

ive been goin to parties for over 20 years, and it seems
the idea of gunplay or fighting is ALWAYS in the air.

it doesnt seem to stop people from coming to the clubs,
and in a weird way it seems to add to the excitement

from high school on up i been in parties that emptied
cause of gunfire or fighting and then restarted sometimes
only to empty again. it seems even the girls “enjoy”
this thrill. please note ive never witnessed any serious
injuries though ive been there when someone has been shot.

last night was no different. young black males throwing
a few punches and chairs doesnt bother me. i can almost
admit i got off on it. i was alarmed and on gaurd,
but not scared. the alarm came from the possibilty of
bullets flying, but soon as it was all over i got a
sense of thrill from it. them niggas was swinging too-
tables, chairs they was swinging everything. it lasted
maybe 30 seconds? but damn….

when i go to a black club i dont go packin or actin
hard, but i am in the mindset that something WILL jump off.
and usually that “something jumpin off” to me is like
“natural.” especially for young, aggressive males where
there are females involved.

in a weird way to be able to understand that i can “appreciate”
the experience and get off on it. maybe get off on
surviving it? i dont know. i aint hard or no gangsta nor want to be.
but there is something stimulating about havin my juices gettin going like that.

there is a kind of party that aint a party unless someone gets their ass kicked…

september 20, 2004

where in the bible does god actually say he loves us…
Posted by ATHEISTICFUNK1 on 9/20/2004, 7:30 pm,
in reply to “I fear not the lord thy god”

“he so loved the world…”

did god ever actually tell us he loved us?

“if he didn’t then why did he create all this…”

but did he ever say it…

“why would he die on the cross if …”

so no he never actually said it? its implied?

“wait. ill get back to you on that. im gonna look it up
cause i know he said it somewhere…”

did god ever actually approve the new covenant?
the one that jesus promised us on the cross-
that via his death we are forgiven and thru him is the only way to god and heaven?-
did god ever stamp his approval of this deal which is based on human sacrifice?
(the sacrificial lamb of god)

the christian god
the only mainstream religion to have god actually become flesh

(and they killed him LOL)

one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

so in your religion your god became a man
and man killed him and thru this act is man’s way to god?

september 18, 2004

It ain’t what you know, it’s what you feel –
don’t worry about being right, just be for real!

— Parliament: “Ride On”

september 16, 2004

“Making its only West Coast appearance at the Skirball, Einstein is the most comprehensive presentation ever mounted on the life and theories of the greatest scientist of the twentieth century.”

September 14, 2004-May 29, 2005
$12 General, $10 Group Rate, $8 Seniors and Students
(Includes admission to the exhibition Visions and Values)

september 15, 2004
i like the fact that im writing again. i like riding the train. there was maybe a 30 sum’n brother on the train today trippin. now trippin bad or good for fun or for real i dont really know. but it was stimulating to be in the presence of that kinda energy. an energy i believe i may “display” in my free spinning ways sometimes. what i think i got is the feeling that this creature for what ever reason operating outside the set of un- discussed guidelines. unwritten rules of public conduct. and when you see a creature so blantently show disregard for the rules and an uncontrolled nature it makes you also think this creature has the capability to break more serious rules or laws. or that he is not controlled by these unwritten laws. he was animated and outspoken to his self laughing and he didnt look homeless as he was close shaven and in decently clean shorts and stuff i think. but the best part was feeling he knew what he was doing. or his reasoning behind it. i knew he knew that no one was gonna say anything to him for what he was doing. he walked the length of the car one time with something on his finger knowing the effect it would have on the people who saw it. it was playful but there was an effect. 

i know i must give off that kinda feeling to people sometimes because of my size and the things i do. and i imagine the effect. i do not intend fear, but i do want my strength recognized. respect maybe, not fear. its hard to educate a scared animal. receiving that respect quickly means certain physical negotiations are already settled. the physical dispositions of interacting conscious animals is negotiated. eye contact and gesture. once this is finished the animals settle into communication. dialogue. eye contact, tone of voice, facial expressions, all with words. and consciousness. words are nothing, its our understanding of those words that makes us god. gods. 

where was i? oh, once i “get” them i begin to interject into them what i want them to feel. and what i want them to feel is basically nothing more than how i feel. is that right? consciously can you do anything more than letting another animal know how you feel? does it all come down to that? no matter what we say, or what question we ask does it all come down to how one human feels about another human? maybe i mean using non verbal communication. i dont know. im brainstorming. im just happy to be writing again and it feels good to type. it feels good to get something down and the cool part is im typing sideways kinda using a new technique. its comfy and its really trippy when i let myself go and hit the keys without looking or thinking. im not a typist and never took typing but have been typing so long that…nevermind.

what i want to say is that it seems even when im spewing senseless random thought i am never completely wrong. even when i push my imagination i find some kind of deeper truth. i kinda sometimes dont mind being wrong im right so much. it really feels good to write also. i know ive said this before and ill prolly say it again as im known to repeat myself and dwell in a good feeling. is it my fault? anyways i dont have to justify why im writing here cause this is mine and mine alone as intended but i did feel the urge to make that bold statement about my senseless spewed random thought. 

wow i just randomly read in my book page 201 where i had the original spewing random thought idea. march 30, 2004. it followed a commentary on atheism.

i mean this is the best part. like mr clinton says aint nothing good unless you can play with it or sumn like that he says and to be able to ramble this way ok i quit.

september 14, 2004
i dont feel sad, but i do feel flat. not bad, but like even. not quite a “wallow in my own misery” mood, but i am “enjoying” wading in this heaviness. it settles me enough to write. and write with an edge i do believe. it gives me a seriousness i can play with. and see life from a not all happy perspective. i definitely try to put this weird for me emotional energy to good use. to get benefit. thats the goal. to always benefit. to gain from loss. i love life so much. i constantly re-read my book. i never get tired of reading my words. im very happy with my book. 

the big deal i feel about my book is that nobody read my book before i printed and published it. that means the style, content, editing, wording is all me and does not strictly conform to any standard guidelines. i did it my way the way i wanted it. it is information packed. when i pick it up it feels solid in my hand and im so intimate with it i can navigate the information in it very easily. i dont need an index, cause i know how everything is categorized. i built this book. i was going thru all my old notes on this thing and i saw what i started from and how i got to where it is now. i even have the first cover layout. i sent a copy to george clinton, the only freebie ive given away. i may even make my mother buy it. not make her, but ask if she would purchase it so i could get sales credit. anyways, i sent mr clinton a copy not because i think he is the jesus of FUNK or nothing. i did it cause i (we) do acknowledge him as the center of the parliament funkadelic thang. and i do distinguish between P-FUNK, which i believe is PURE FUNK, and p-funk which i believe as parliament/funkadelic. i dont worship the preacher nor the choir. but i did wanna pay homage and give a special sacrifice to the FUNK. and this is my way. almost even if he doesnt get the book it doesnt matter. i am human and i gain from the spirit of the ritual. i pay homge. 


thats my baby. im happy with it in that it conveys enough of my theory and ideas. a good chunk of my understanding is documented in the universe now, and maybe forever. because even the few copies ive distributed and sold gets the possibility of it being out there out there. next stop library of congress, i hope. the may have guidelines and i may have to revise a few things before the accept it and such. but what i have to say is now physically documented in a form and with a structure i am happy with. 

this is like the 2nd day ive sat and written. i did 1500 words yesterday. where was i?

im looking at the picture on the back of my book and im wearing my homemade capri pants!! LOL sweats i cutoff to make more comfortable that just happened to be capri length that i just happened to put on the day after i got back from new york or cleveland or some where when i went to the beach to chill. on my wrist are old concert arm bands. LOL just goes to show you where my priorities are.  it aint in clothing, apparel or outward appearance. LOL whew i kill me…

anyways im eating tv dinner lasanga that i got from ralphs for $2 ea on sale i bought like 20 of ’em and they good dont get me wrong cause on the weekends i eat like i want to ya know. so during the week it aint so bad to curb my eating. 

im happy with the name of my book too i remember when i came up with it. i remember writing it down in the car while driving i have a clipboard equipped with paper in both rooms of my house and my car for just such purposes. 


The Question of God: 
C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud With Dr. Armand Nicholi

KCET, Wed Sep 15 09:00pm PDT
The Question of God: C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud With Dr. Armand Nicholi
KCET, Sun Sep 19 03:00pm PDT
KCET, Wed Sep 22 09:00pm PDT
KCET, Sun Sep 26 03:00pm PDT


september 13, 2004
how is it that the team that i love most, the pittsburgh steelers, play the most unfunky stadium music ive ever heard? its literally to the point i dont think they play any black artists! i do not recall hearing any music even remotely funky or anything by a black musical artist. im sure i must be wrong cause there is no way in this day and age and especially since young black players (who are prolly into rap) make up a large percentage of the team… but then again, pittsburgh didnt allow rap concerts until like 1994 or sum’n. i think i just happened to be at the very first one. anyhows, that just trips me out…

i want once again to get back to writing here, so im just gonna start rambling and hope i catch a groove. my life has been very good if not the best its ever been. i am in the best shape ive ever been in and a lot of very good things are happening in my life right now. and a lot of goooood people. even though the insecurities and fears of people can get on my nerves, there is nothing better than what another human being can bring. consciousness is the highest point in the universe that we know of. freedom from instinct. then freedom of consciousness. 

when life gets good i tend to absorb and not write. maybe i do this every summer and dont realize it. it sure is mystical to be closed in on a cold rainy dreary saturday morning hibernating and writing. its kinda like a depression. a managed depression using the emotional energy from my somberness as inspiration. when im out and active and the weather’s warm my energy will not only not let me sit physically still, but maybe even mentally i cant sit still long enough to write out a complete thought. but what i have been doing is jotting down notes and thoughts and experiences and ideas. 

this election is gonna be a good one. i plan to register and vote for the first time in my life this election. and its a shame that what motivated me to do that was something negative. im not so much motivated to vote “for” someone as i am to vote against george bush and the republican conservative, christian, war-mongering, death celebrating, fear based, non- rhythmic cant dance uncoordinated party currently in power. watching the republican convention i was forced to let out angst energy in screams at the way “those” people make me feel. 

i dont give a damn, PEOPLE ARE NOT THE SAME!! we are different and all my life ive been taught and told to like “those” people and ive tried and for the most part i do. well lets just say i dont hate them and have learned not to dislike them. i feel my only obligation is to respect them. i dont have to like them. i dont have to agree that they are just like me. i do not want to be like them and they do not want to be like me. and thats cool. if we were all the same, even if it was in agreement with me, it would be boring. humans are not built for zero conflict. 

and also please note I DID NOT DESIGNATE who “those” people were or are. i will say this, they are not necessarily white people. there are black ones also, though they are black in skin color only and not in culture. its the conservative thing. these people dont even know how to properly express emotion. they are fearful and inhibited. shit, even the band they had at the republican convention was weak watered negroes. though i may be a racist, cause i believe there are differences between people- good and bad- my beef is with right-wing conservative faith based militarized goverment. whatever that means…

i went clothes shoppin at walmart friday. it dont take long, i know what im gonna get. only the sizes change. and im down to a 38 now. all my clothes were too big so i had to go. i got some shirts too. im down to a mens large. i lost about 40lb i think over like 2 years maybe. it definitely went in steps, like down 20lbs to the 250s and then 6 months later down 20 more to the 230s. its definitely a lifestyle change. it feels as if healthy eating is a part of me now. the added energy and mobility and such. but dont get me wrong, i be havin my weekends where i can gain like 10lbs. ofcourse most of that is digested and passed by tuesday, but the point is the food parties are still on.

i think the biggest thing in loosing was no soda or sweetened fruit drinks. just water during the week, soda and stuff weekends only. also i got into a daily breakfast and lunch regiment. toast and a dollar salad at mcdonalds. then a tv dinner in the evening at home. it was tough at first, but well worth it for how good i look and feel.

i told my mother and sister maybe 2 years ago that if i lost weight and started to dress like i gave a damn about what people thought about of me i could have anything on this planet. i may be standing on the verge of proving that right now. if you are all dressed up nice people feel flattered kinda and respond differently. it hit me one day that i look and act as if i dont really care what people think. and for the most part i dont. but to “get” anything in this world you have got to play the game.  and the biggest part of the game is human and its social. its how much people like you and how well you get along with others.

and why is it that believers in god can get away with not being challenged about the validity of their god? why arent they asked to prove existence or interaction or anything? its like you can say you believe in god and you wont be publicly challenged to prove or even state clearly what you believe in. but if you have faith in something non- god you will be challenged publicly and head-on about your beliefs. like does your god talk to you? what does he say? how do you know its him? do you have evidence your god exists? please explain your evidence. i think people should be “held accountable” kinda for their religious beliefs and its not enough to stand strongly and boldly (as george w bush does) and not fully explain the inter workings of you and your god. personal smersonal. it aint all that. open and honest public talk about god is all i want. fair and sensible discussion where both sides are held accountable for their reasoning and must bear a burden of proof. 

how can you say something exists and then say you have no way of proving it? uh oh. i got theories that do that. im gonna be careful here. but my theories are parts of a whole that is better explained. parts of my puzzle go unexplained as where the whole puzzle goes un-verified with the god thing. the same scrutiny that science uses should be used when talking god. stop and think about it people. 90% of the world believes in something they cant see! they have such a strong faith in something for which there is no direct evidence.

until i witness something greater than us,
i will believe that we are the highest points in the universe.
and it is our consciousness that creates these points

jeffery scott mitchell

i thought of that while chattin with the very same human beings and situations mentioned above. its with humans that i disagreed with that inspired this creativity. human consciousness is the greatest thing we know of. it created god. no it needs to realize that it is god. maybe human consciousness, or consciousness itself is god. but why do we need god? why do i compare or try to re-work the god story? we dont need god or a creator to solve the origin question. we just need an an origination. 

anyways it feels good to write and ponder. i been writing like this for about 2 hours. obama on paula zhan. like i said, this gonna be a big big election. and my father brought up the supreme court appointee thing. im so pro choice it makes my skin crawl to think someone else would make that decision for another person or even thinks that they can. barak obama is being primed to be the first black president. if he dont mess it up. but i think he knows whats at stake and can keep it cool until 2012 or 2008. (1,500 words) paula zahn looking good damn. she interviewin barack obama and i love paula but she aint that good but today she got her hair and smile right she looks good. i got it on tape too! i always liked paula from way back but her competition caught and passed her but paula got legs too!

september 5, 2004

The Question of God: C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud with Dr. Armand Nicholi

Check out the Web site!

All over the world, people are asking the same questions: Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? What does it mean to be happy? Is there such a thing as evil? Does God really exist? This September, through the brilliant minds and personal struggles of two of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century, PBS presents an emotional and intellectual journey into the meaning of life.

THE QUESTION OF GOD: C.S. LEWIS AND SIGMUND FREUD WITH DR. ARMAND NICHOLI, a two-part program airing on PBS Wednesdays, September 15-22, 2004, explores, in accessible and dramatic style, issues that preoccupy all thinking people today: What is happiness? How do we find meaning and purpose in our lives? How do we reconcile conflicting claims of love and sexuality? How do we cope with the problem of suffering and the inevitability of death? Based on a popular Harvard course taught by Dr. Armand M. Nicholi, author of the book The Question of God, the series illustrates the lives and insights of Sigmund Freud, a lifelong critic of religious belief, and C.S. Lewis, a celebrated Oxford don, literary critic and perhaps this century’s most influential and popular proponent of faith based on reason.

“It may be that Freud and Lewis represent conflicting parts of ourselves,” Dr. Nicholi notes. “Part of us yearns for a relationship with the source of all joy, hope and happiness, as described by Lewis, and yet, there is another part that raises its fist in defiance and says with Freud ‘I will not surrender.’ Whatever part we choose to express will determine our purpose, our identity, and our whole philosophy of life.”

Through dramatic storytelling and compelling visual recreations, as well as interviews with biographers and historians and lively discussion, Freud and Lewis are brought together in a great debate. “The series presents a unique dialogue between Freud, the atheist, and Lewis, the believer,” says Catherine Tatge, director of THE QUESTION OF GOD. “Through it we come to understand two very different ideas of human existence, and where each of us, as individuals, falls as believers and unbelievers.”

The important moments and emotional turning points in the lives of Freud and Lewis that gave rise to starkly different ideas fuel an intelligent and moving contemporary examination of the ultimate question of human existence: Does God really exist?

Part one of THE QUESTION OF GOD presents the early stories of C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud, two men with different ideas of human existence. In childhood, each embraced the religion of his family, but the early death of Lewis’ mother and the horrors he witnessed in World War I tested his faith. In middle age, Lewis found his once-passionate atheism troubling, and began searching for faith again. Freud, studying medicine in the age of Darwin, found he had no use for a creator. As he developed his theory of psychoanalysis, he came to see belief in God as just another human fantasy. To grapple with the questions raised by the lives and ideas of Freud and Lewis, Dr. Armand Nicholi leads a panel of seven men and women in a wide-ranging discussion of some of the fundamental questions. What influences us to embrace or reject religious belief? Is the scientific method, as Freud wrote, the only path to the truth? Does the human longing for God, as Lewis wrote, actually prove that God exists? Do miracles actually happen?

As Freud and Lewis entered middle age, their divergent beliefs about the existence of God were fixed. But tragedy would test each man’s convictions. For Freud, it was the terror of the Third Reich and the death of a beloved daughter. For Lewis, the brief happiness of new romance in his fifties turned to ashes with the untimely death of his wife, igniting the greatest spiritual crisis of his life. In the end, each man confronted his own death with his beliefs intact. In the second part, Dr. Armand Nicholi and his panel continue their debate, exploring the implications of choosing a spiritual or secular worldview on the primary questions of life – of love, morality, suffering and death: From where do we get our concept of right and wrong – from the creator or from human experience? How do we square the existence of an omnipotent, all-loving God with the evidence of evil and suffering in the world? How do these starkly different worldviews help us resolve the riddle of death?


august 24, 2004
the reason richard pryor aint see no niggas in africa when he went there years ago is cause there aint no niggas in africa. niggas are americans of african decent,  or blacks. i tend to think of “blacks” as being africans who have evolved within the caucasian west. i dont see previous or modern africans as blacks, as they are less diluted and can still claim to be african.

the reason for this writing is cause i was watching the 100m semi-final sprint in the olympics in which a couple of niggas won the race so easily that they were able to clown before they crossed the finish line. the race is a very quick-paced 10 sec experience. to see them boys take it to a level where they could out perform some of the worlds best and then put some nigga in it at end made me shout. i noticed it right off and i said “look at them niggas clownin.” for an instant it seemed out of place. maybe cause i never seen anybody do this before. but even before the boys slowed down from the race i was proud of them niggas and proud to a nigga. 

my issue comes when the commentator remarks that what they did was disrespectful. he used words like dignity and integrity and the such. i understood where he was coming from though i didnt agree. i REALLY didnt agree. and though i was home alone i vocally expressed my sentiment. i mean, this is how we do it. like bootsy say: “dont tell me to be cool, you can be cool when its your turn.” i was angered by the commentators opinion and thinking that until he can beat these boys he needs to just  shut up! but i know that he has a right to his opinion and i respect that, and i have a right to mine so i am expressing it. and even though his audience is much much much larger than mine, i know i still must write this. 

that is the style of niggas. like p-funk music says “i wanna take you to a place where its cool to show off.” because of our evolution, niggas have skills beyond that of maybe everyone else on the planet. athletic ability, rhythm and groove, style, coordination, and a just plain coolness. this all comes from our african evolution which gave us probably the most athletic ability and physical capability of any race on the planet. during our “integration” into western culture via slavery (white people killed everybody else, the only reason we are here is cause we were valuable property) we attained intellectual, philosophical and other gifts from western civilization. we mixed this with our african instincts and physical ability into new breeds of humans. niggas being one of them.

african americans are not niggas. though they are blacks. niggas are blacks. niggers can be black or white or any race. africans are not blacks and i believe africans should take pride in the fact that they are african and less westernized. they should hold on to their african roots. 

before the 100m final race the same commentator made a remark about how it seemed the boys were scolded by a coach for there antics and that hopefully they are over their embarrassment. that made me cuss outloud at the tv. who is he to say what proper behavior is? who is anybody? these boys are the best in the world at what they do and i believe it is that kind of behavior that got then there. it may be in us to be openly proud of our ability. to celebrate when we have done somethiu 

august 15, 2004

Universe: The Infinite Frontier
PBS 19 Aug 14 08:00am
Series/Other, 30 Mins.
“The Fate of the Universe”, Episode #118.
Cosmological research; dark matter.
Future Airings:
Universe: The Infinite Frontier, KOCE Aug 14 08:30am
Universe: The Infinite Frontier, KOCE Aug 14 09:00am
Universe: The Infinite Frontier, KOCE Aug 14 09:30am 

PBS 17 Aug 15 01:00pm
Limited Series/Documentary, 60 Mins.
“The Evolutionary Arms Race”, Episode #104.
Interaction between species as an evolutionary force.
Original Airdate: September 26, 2001.
Future Airings:
Evolution, KLCS Aug 15 02:00pm
Evolution, KLCS Aug 15 03:00pm
Evolution, KLCS Aug 15 04:00pm 

PBS 17 Aug 15 06:00pm
Series/Other, 60 Mins.
“Wild Horses of Mongolia With Julia Roberts”, Episode #1801.
Julia Roberts learns about wild horses from Mongolian nomads and their families.

Original Airdate: October 22, 2000.

august 14, 2004

at work august 10 i am told by cool co-workers that i am being noticed for a certain type of behavior and i need to chill and they were right. i knew they were right. i even questioned my self the same behavior previously. but still being human it affected me cause it meant a change in my behavior and habits.

this energy would have to be re-directed and output elsewhere. so i came home with the idea that i would use that energy for creative output and get back to writing. i would not express energy using the previous mentioned behavior but i would express it in tangible writing.

and i did. i came home and i researched and wrote and internet created. i was making an emotional shift and my mood was at a weird energy. within this weirded calmed mood i was able to write and research with a kind of a anger, sadness, joy, etc. it didnt feel bad though bad feelings where there. it didnt feel good though good feelings were there. i was balancing maybe.

here is what i wrote: 

20040810 an evolution of thought: the evolution of universes

maybe we evolved consciousness to overcome death. consciousness is a major enough thing to compete with death. there is a reason for consciousness. i dont think we are the first conscious beings. if evolution has experience then we have consciousness for a reason. evolution has happened before.

how do you find evidence of previous universes?
what would or could this evidence be?

they would be things that are beyond ancient. things that take eons of universes in time to develop. like dna? is dna and the complex things we see in the universe evidence of the evolution of universes?

i then did a yahoo search of “evolution of universes” that eventually led me to lee smolin. he seems to be seen as the originator of the idea of the evolution of universes. i bought his book life of the cosmos on ebay and am waiting for it to be shipped. i think its so cool that i found i could just e-mail someone with this kind of knowledge and scientific experience. i imagine comparing ideas and am excited by the challenge that i may not understand all of it. also conversation with men with deep experience can give me an idea of where my ideas and theory stand in relation to other prominent thinking.

the next couple days i used the time on the train ride to work to organize all the notes i had on multiple universes and surviving singularity. the evening of august 12 (the day of rick james los angeles funeral, i did not attend) i scanned all  these notes and was up till 11pm (thats a big wow for me) creating this multi-universe webpage.  i may have to admit that i created this page to “officially” document and timestamp my ideas and theory on multiple universes and the such. i probably did this in direct reaction to lee smolin’s work. not so much competition, but in an effort to to designate my ideas from others by showing that i thought of this or that before i read this or that. do ya follow me? for some reason it is very important to me and i always check and compare the dates of when i wrote down an idea against when i found a prominent figure had the same idea.   

anyways the next night of friday the 13th after pizza and watching the opening ceremonies of the olympics and working on the multi-universe webpage  and before i go to bed i write down this idea. i hand wrote it out almost in the dark.  i thought that if i was able to predict a super nova or some extremely huge rare event i would get instant credibility. (im assuming this happens in a hypothetical “perfect” communication and recognition system). i would be seen as having valid knowledge  beyond that of others. this knowledge would be seen and respected as “power.” it would be proof and kinda verify that my ideas are accurate or may have some merit. 

thats when i thought its the same as it was thousands of years ago with those who made predictions of nature and were proclaimed magic men or men with some kind of spiritual power. a person accurately predicting climatic phenomena of nature back then was feared and respected. and sometimes made a leader. once we understand the phenomena the predictor is not seen as a magic man anymore. (i once had the idea that the ultimate unknown of the time becomes god. the biggest unanswered question of the era becomes god.)

so i get up august 14 and one of the first things i come to on my tv is project universe: the fate of the universe. this show not only dealt with the subject of universe  but the idea of multiple universes is mentioned. 

to me this is evidence i am on the right track. this fuels my faith. when i truly believe i am doing what is right i have great motivation. having great motivation makes me a better stronger more capable human being. this is the power of faith.

i recorded the opening ceremony of the olympics and the project universes. i will use these in my studies and research which is what im doing now writing this actually. i also wrote something about time last night after reading a paper lee smolin wrote. animation of voyager flying thru saturns rings on the tv now. i love life.

july 16, 2004

In a message dated 7/15/2004 9:43:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Cary***** writes:

>Hello, how are you and the family doing? I pray that your doing great, and
>most importantly drawing closer to the Lord Jesus, making a total surrender to
>Him daily. If not, why not today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is far away,
>in fact not even promised. Let us respond to the Saviour’s invitation and
>command to “Take up our cross” and follow Him this day. “This is the day the Lord
>has made”- Made for what? For us to experience the fullness of His Great and
>Glorious Power in the transformation of our minds and lives today. Won’t you
>join me. Rev 14:7 “For the hour of His judgement is come”.
>P.S. See attachment, it is a wonderful lesson. Write me back and let me know
>what you think.1 John 3:2,3

Subj: Re: Lessons on Faith
Date: 7/16/2004 10:10:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: PFUNK1
To: Cary*****

faith works. faith is man made.
you dont need to have faith in any particular god, just a strong faith.
its the power of believing in something that transforms the individual,
no the something that is believed in. its the faith. or maybe
the thing you have strong life chamging faith in becomes god.
hmmmm… maybe im on to something here

the more i read, the more ridiculous the biblical stories sound.
the more i hear believers talk, the more im amazed at how so
many people can believe so deeply in something so riduculous.
its like lunacy if you ask me.

read your words. your BEGGING THE QUESTION. you dont provide any
tangible evidence or anything, you are just BEGGING for people
to believe as you do. its kinda unbecoming if ya ask me. and
since im talking, you sound like you are in some kinda cult.
it cant be healthy to be involved and so completely subservient
to anything like you are. i could not follow or dedicate myself
to anything other than my own understanding like that.

i hope you have a good morning and a great day. im having a good
one so far here in wonderful los angeles. i aint mad or hatin
on ya for nothing, but i gotta let you know you sound crazy
to me talking like that. its complete luncay to me.

but hey, as long as it works for you. and it doesnt bother me if
you want to pray for me to find god, cause i know those prayers
actually are fot you to help YOU strengthen and justify YOUR faith.

most of all we funk!!

july 11, 2004

xmas party alanis


oh god i so love me
jeffery scott mitchell

june 14, 2004

Court dismisses Pledge case. Atheist father cannot sue over use of ‘Under God’
Monday, June 14, 2004 Posted: 11:33 AM EDT (1533 GMT)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court at least temporarily preserved the phrase “one nation, under God,” in the Pledge of Allegiance, ruling Monday that a California atheist could not challenge the patriotic oath while sidestepping the broader question of separation of church and state.

The decision leaves untouched the practice in which millions of schoolchildren around the country begin the day by reciting the pledge.

The court said the atheist could not sue to ban the pledge from his daughter’s school and others because he did not have legal authority to speak for her. (March arguments)

The father, Michael Newdow, is in a protracted custody fight with the girl’s mother. He does not have sufficient custody of the child to qualify as her legal representative, eight members of the court said.

Justice Antonin Scalia removed himself from participation in the case, presumably because of remarks he had made that seemed to telegraph his view that the pledge is constitutional.

“When hard questions of domestic relations are sure to affect the outcome, the prudent course is for the federal court to stay its hand rather than reach out to resolve a weighty question of federal constitutional law,” Justice John Paul Stevens wrote for the court.

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist agreed with the outcome of the case, but still wrote separately to say that the Pledge as recited by schoolchildren does not violate the Constitution. Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Clarence Thomas agreed with him.

The high court’s lengthy opinion overturns a ruling two years ago that the teacher-led pledge was unconstitutional in public schools. That appeals court decision set off a national uproar and would have stripped the reference to God from the version of the pledge said by about 9.6 million schoolchildren in California and other western states.

The case involved Newdow’s grade school daughter, who like most elementary school children, hears the Pledge of Allegiance recited daily.

The First Amendment guarantees that government will not “establish” religion, wording that has come to mean a general ban on overt government sponsorship of religion in public schools and elsewhere.

The Supreme Court has already said that schoolchildren cannot be required to recite the oath that begins, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.”

The court has also repeatedly barred school-sponsored prayer from classrooms, playing fields and school ceremonies.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the language of the First Amendment and the Supreme Court’s precedents make clear that tax-supported schools cannot lend their imprimatur to a declaration of fealty of “one nation under God.”

The Bush administration, the girl’s school and Newdow all asked the Supreme Court to get involved in the case.

The administration had asked the high court to rule against Newdow, either on the legal question of his ability to sue or on the constitutional issue. The administration argued that the reference to God in the pledge is more about ceremony and history than about religion.

The reference is an “official acknowledgment of our nation’s religious heritage,” similar to the “In God We Trust” stamped on coins and bills, Solicitor General Theodore Olson argued to the court.

It is far-fetched to say such references pose a real danger of imposing state-sponsored religion, Olson said.

Newdow claims a judge recently gave him joint custody of the girl, whose name is not part of the legal papers filed with the Supreme Court.

The child’s mother, Sandra Banning, told the court she has no objection to the pledge. The full extent of the problems with the case was not apparent until she filed papers at the high court, Stevens wrote Monday.

Newdow holds medical and legal degrees, and says he is an ordained minister. He argued his own case at the court in March.

The case began when Newdow sued Congress, President Bush and others to eliminate the words “under God.” He asked for no damages.

The phrase “under God” was not part of the original pledge adopted by Congress as a patriotic tribute in 1942, at the height of World War II. Congress inserted the phrase more than a decade later, in 1954, when the world had moved from hot war to cold.

Supporters of the new wording said it would set the United States apart from godless communism.

The case is Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow, 02-1624.

may 29, 2004
i remember. way back in 1986. 18 years ago today. i went to bed drunk (as usual) so when terri woke me up at 3am i was in bad shape. she said she thought her water broke, but all i wanted to do was think false alarm and go back to sleep. she called the doctor and he said go back to bed and come to the hospital in the morning, i was lovin that. 

next morning i’m more awakened and we are more ready. terri put on her “new” blue maternity pants and we gathered up all our prepared stuff and  were off to catch the bus to the hospital. yeah, i said a pregnant woman whose water broke hours ago was gonna catch a city bus to the hospital. so we’re at the bus stop and terri is wondering about her pants being wet in the back or sum’n. so i look and the whole back of her new pants are drenched in pregnant water or whatever. so we go back to the house to change and then take a cab to the hospital.

we get to huntington memorial hospital in pasadena, ca and we check in and get settled and my head is a bit cloggy and terri is doing well. she wasn’t freakin out or nothing, but she was alert and on it. we get to a room and they get her all hooked up and we’re hearin heartbeats and  watchin (smallish) contractions on the monitor and we are cool. i went across the street to vons to get some female stuff and munchies. they gave her an enema laxative and the result completely fonked up the room. ofcourse i commented. 

anyways she’s drugged and ready and i’m startin to come alive and so is my comedy when something seems wrong. the monitor thingy showed that the contractions were affecting your heartbeat or sum’n. we eventually found out that your umbilical cord was wrapped around your neck. they would have to go in and get you, routine c-section. i wouldn’t be allowed to go in to the delivery room. 

the first time i saw you was in the nursery viewing area. you were just laying there sleep. it seemed all the other babies were crying and fussing. and bald. and poorly colored. LOL you had lots of hair and smooth coloring and looked more “developed” than the rest of the babies. i stood there and looked and thought you were the most beautiful and best baby there. i thought look how he is just chillin asleep while all the others were screaming with issues. i thought that so cool and it made me very very proud.  

over the last 18 years jeff mitchell i’ve more than just watch you grow. nothing else in the universe affects me to the degree that you and kimberly do. i worry about absolutely nothing but you and her. everything else is easy. i could easily turn over and sleep knowing my rent ain’t paid and i probably wont get a job. but even the remote idea of me missing one of your tuition payments could keep me up all night. paying for your high school education is the most responsible thing i have ever done. i never missed a payment and i cant say that about anything else. i am very proud of this also.

also i am very proud of the young man you have become. the only person i know who is or can be “better” than me is you. (kimberly will probably be better than both of us, but right now this is as it stands). you have skills, understanding and a social disposition that took me 30 years to get. your charisma, outlook, humor and heart are all but perfect in my eyes. you are happy and honest (kimberly’s bugaboo) and those are my two favorites and maybe the hardest for a human to be.      

you have gone through things in life that i did not have to. things i may or may not have been able to protect you against in any case. you have experienced tragedy that makes or breaks human beings. and i mean that literally. and you are getting through them with a strength and a way that not only makes me proud, it impresses me.

i have looked in the eyes of men from all around the world. from the homeless to corporate executives to criminals. i’ve met none to which i can’t compete or don’t compare. i have all the human skills, tools and capabilities that they have. i get along well with all. intellectually, spiritually and physically. when i look in your eyes i see these same skills, minus the experience.  

with the natural life experiences that await you and the skills you already have, you have the capability of being a very, very great man. and again, i mean that literally. and i mean martin luther king great. and all this is if you want to be. i think that all that matters and the key is that you are happy.

so jeff mitchell if you continue to be honest and happy you will be a great man. this is my gift to you on your 18th birthday as you graduate high school, a definite coming of age. my gift to you is the assurance that you are a man and can compete with the men of the world. i hope that my gift gives you the confidence to look for some kind of greatness among men or inside your self. your life experiences will eventually show you that what i say here is right. i love you jeff mitchell. keep it funky. 

the story of tink tink man
we had just started feeding you solid food. diaper changes pre-solid food are almost fun. but once baby starts eating adult food he be havin adult diaper deposits. and i mean WHEW!! anyways one of the things i look back on now with pride was that i got to watch your mother with you. terri loved her some you. she worshipped everything you did. even your dirty diapers. 

i remember sitting at the kitchen counter on san marino ave apt 3 pasadena, ca. i was probably drinkin and your mother had you on the floor changing your solid food adult type diaper. this was one of our first experiences and it was fonky!!! the whole place was lit up. i almost gagged. 

your mother loved you so much that she got pleasure from the fonk of your diaper. LOL she started singing about it!! she was going “you stink stink man.” i was like yeah dude you do. she kept going “you stink stink man” as she changed you. the fonk was so overpowering i think it melted the first diaper so she had to get another one but she kept on singing. “whew you stink stink man.” “you my stink stink man” “my stink stink man” “my tink tink man” then eventually “my tink tink man all cleaned up now”


 may 5, 2004
my apprentice prediction was accurate but incorrect. in the  april 15, 2004 daily i state that kwame needs to “step up” and handle omarosa. i said he would do this and he would win. this was accurate. the reasoning “the donald” gave for not hiring kwame (and making him the winner) was cause he DIDNT handle omarosa. he to told him that she lied to him and it should have been handled and i wholeheartedly agreed. add the fact that bill had the the classic white male ceo thang down- running around constantly, micro-managing and become frantic at all the right times. kwame had a modern cool style of ceo’ing and didnt become frantic at all, maybe even when he should have.

what else. there were a bunch of thoughts i wanted to put down here but ofcourse i dont remember them now. but i will as the day goes on.



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