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Subjective Experiences: December 24, 2006

12-24-06 family xmas dinner rashad residence – riverside, ca
12-23-06 funkadelic 2007 recording session radio recorders – hollywood, ca
12-14-06 on the one cafe bugaloo – hermosa beach, ca
12-09-06 weapon of choice arrowspace 11 loft – hollywood, ca
12-01-06 bounce to this video taping titmouse studios – hollywood, ca
11-30-06 lige curry dvd video taping glendale, ca
11-28-06 funkadelic 2007 recording session new king studios – hollywood, ca
11-26-06 TV steelers vs ravens harpers – northridge, ca
11-22-06 funkadelic 2007 recording session new king studios – hollywood, ca
11-17-06 mutaytor
stolen babies
henry fonda theater – hollywood, ca
11-11-06 pechanga resort & casino temecula, ca
10-29-06 steelers vs raiders macafee coliseum – oakland,ca
10-27-06 steeler hotel arrival marriot – fremont, ca
10-22-06 television: steelers vs falcons harper’s – northridge, ca
10-14-06 weapon of choice
the templebar – santa monica, ca
10-14-06 sweet charity (stage play) pantages theater- hollywood, ca
10-08-06 steelers vs chargers qualcomm stadium – san diego, ca
10-07-06 fishbone malibu inn – malibu, ca
10-06-06 419 rehearsal party the alley – studio city, ca
09-29-06 p-funk allstars house of blues, disneyworld – orlando, fl
09-28-06 p-funk allstars revolution – ft lauderdale, fl
09-22-06 circus circus amusement park las vegas, nv
09-21-06 trulio disgracias
killem gillem
lighthouse – hermosa beach, ca
09-16-06 yankee doodles northridge, ca
09-12-06 PFUNK1 video taping rose bowl – pasadena, ca
08-30-06 lige curry photo shoot esp guitars – van nuys,ca
08-27-06 joi
tre hardson
the templebar – santa monica, ca
08-20-06 trulio disgracias
zen sushi – silverlake, ca
08-19-06 fishbone
vault350 – long beach, ca
08-14-06 employment termination USACE – los angeles, ca
08-10-06 all you can eat buffet mayfair hotel – los angeles, ca
08-07-06 starr cullars band
maria cue
the gig – hollywood, ca
08-05-06 dewayne “blackbyrd” mcknight
video interview shoot
manhattan beach, ca
08-01-06 trulio disgracias bb kings – universal city
07-28-06 trulio disgracias sierra vista – tahoe city, ca
07-20-06 trulio disgracias
tequila mockingbird
zen sushi – silverlake, ca
07-18-06 woodyweedstraw zen sushi – silverlake, ca
07-12-06 dr madd vibe
trulio disgracias
warped tour –
dodger stadium los angeles
07-09-06 george’s bistro (3rd st prom.)
santa monica pier
santa monica, ca
06-28-06 redlands street fair redlands, ca
06-23-06 USACE enginner day picnic whittier narrows – el monte, ca
06-21-06 mel scott recording studio van nuys, ca
06-10-06 movie: the omen tinseltown – boardman, oh
06-09-06 chaney high graduation stambaugh auditorium – youngstown, oh
06-07-06 chaney high baccularette new bethel church – youngstown, oh
06-03-06 movie: the davinci code mann plant – van nuys, ca
06-02-06 spearmint rhino los angeles, ca
06-01-06 eric mcfadden trio 14 below – santa monica, ca
05-27-06 garage door repair party loma linda, ca
05-26-06 p-funk allstars
children of production
house of blues – disneyland, ca
05-25-06 trulio disgracias, children of production recording session new king studios – hollywood hills
05-24-06 p-funk allstars
children of production
house of blues – san diego, ca
05-23-06 p-funk allstars
children of production
house of blues – hollywood, ca
05-21-06 stateline turnaround buffalo bills – stateline, nv
05-13-06 fishbone summer meltdown – santa clarita, ca
05-01-06 immigrant boycott march downtown los angeles
04-13-06 thomas dolby
key club – hollywood, ca
04-10-06 familyhood experience
zen sushi – silverlake, ca
04-08-06 lied children’s museum las vegas, nv
04-06-06 weapon of choice
the chapter
the templebar – santa monica, ca
04-02-06 starr cullars band bb kings – universal city
03-25-06 spa resort casino palm springs, ca
03-24-06 fishbone
bow wow wow
galaxy theatre – santa ana, ca
03-19-06 p-funk allstars
children of production
bogarts – cincinnati, oh
03-18-06 p-funk allstars
children of production
lifestyles pavillion – columbus, oh
03-16-06 trulio disgracias
zen sushi – silverlake, ca
03-11-06 fishbone intl ska circus  – las vegas, nv
03-10-06 fishbone hotel congress – tucson, az
03-09-06 fishbone showcase theatre – corona, ca
03-07-06 the rolling stones the forum – inglewood, ca
03-02-06 trulio disgracias
pacific roots factory
zen sushi – silverlake, ca
02-28-06 eric mcfadden 14 below – santa monica, ca
02-25-06 joi the templebar – santa monica, ca
02-05-06 TV: superbowl
aspen lounge – detroit, mi
02-03-06 starr cullars band bb kings – hollywood
01-31-06 f#*k rehearsals on the rox – hollywood, ca
01-23-06 skeptics forum: hugh ross sierra madre, ca
01-20-06 namm anaheim, ca
01-17-06 nuphound nation rehearsal north hollywood, ca
01-14-06 bill walton sirrus radio telecast san diego, ca
01-14-06 george clinton
washington high jazz band
los angeles, ca
01-13-06 lige curry instore vishions – san diego, ca
01-07-06 trulio disgracias three of clubs – hollywood, ca
01-06-05 p-funk allstars players, ball empire ballroom – las vegas, nv
01-05-06 trulio disgracias recording session hollywood hills, ca


fuck rehearsals
“if you see kaye” rehearsals is lonnie marshall, arik marshall and J.E. on drums. they started with what seemed to be an improved groove which was close kinda to being an “on the one” funk. this groove mutated to others and stuff until the big moment when arik started the lead guitar opening of “who in the fuck r u?” and that shit sounded good. i think lonnie was havin technical issues as this riff was played like 2 minutes before the drums and bass kicked in and when they did damn. this is a badass song to be played live. they pretty much hit all the changes and everything. this was the best i ever heard it played live.

e-sharp was groovin and gettin it with that sexy slinky body roll.

then norwood took the bass which freed mr lonnie marshall up to sing MC and he gestured to me to sing cosmic slop and i got a good kinda scared to do it tingle but he is so good singing and rappin as maybe a front man sum’n cause mr arik marshall seemed to be playing name that tune with mr fisher and it went sumn like this not in order: firecracker, slide, you and i, fopp, cosmic slop, flashlight, cool
bustin out of L7, etc.

on the rox is upstairs of the roxy on sunset where i met a cattywompus cat whose sister had good energy and definitely juiced the show by dancin and givin lots of energy back to the stage. crowd was light but motivated.

rolling stones
mick jagger is just bad. i was callin him “lengendary motherfucker” all night long. he is a diva. just the way he walks the stage is impressive to watch. then when he starts to do that dance its done with so much experience and confidence you can feel it. it made me think how cool for our species to invest in creating something like that. it was his talent and motivation that may have started his career, but it was the rest of the world that made him the star that he is. and that took years and years and years. that diva motherfucker.

the band had collisions and crashes just like p-funk. there were miscues at the start of songs that quickly came together after the musicains heard where everybody was. then once gathered, the band attempted to hit a groove or just finish the song.

the stage was simple but beautiful. big with big spaces. the horns and the backup singers were maybe 100 feet apart on either side of the stage. then towards the end of the show, the musicians sans the horns and singers gathered and played close to the drum kit. then that part of the stage rose up and started moving to the other end of the arena with MR JAGGER and them gettin a groove. it was good. that fucker traveled had to be the length of the court (we were at the FORUM) then lowered into part of another stage with lights and a crowd all around for a more cozy rock and roll feel.

my day started with a phone call from BDH who i love very much and she was bright and happy and playful and i was so touched and energized by this that it gave me an energy i had to go and burn off. im buzzin around all day excited off that bright smile and then around 2pm im online and i see the ROLLING STONES are playing the FORUM. i was like hmmmmm. so i check for tix but its too late for ticketmaster cause the show is in a few hours so i call the box office and they say they have some come on down. it was rainy and it took me damn near 2 hours to get down the 405 doing what usually takes me 30 minutes. so it was icky and bad out and i know that effected the crowd turnout.

anyhows i call jesse and say man can i park at your crib and then walk to the FORUM and he says cool so i do and save $20 parking and get to see him, brenda and diamond cause i been so busy i see brenda more in ohio than i do in cali. so i park and its about dinner time so jesse is gonna make a run so i say shit you might as well drop me off! LOL he did as best he could as traffic was blocked and i get to the box office and there are scalpers and this one i gave attention too kept following me so i had to give him a “slow down” in that deep manly voice and i did it with a confidence that impressed myself.

so i get a $60 ticket which is behind the stage but i say fuck it cause ill be inside and ill see the STONES, which is something a person like me felt he had to do at least once.

so i get in and im at section 19 and my seat is in 16 but to get there i have to walk all the way around the arena as there is no walk through. so i do but i walk on the inside as it is early and the lights are still on and the crowd is light. so i walk past an aisle that doesnt have an usher. it was like the first aisle i past so i didnt think nothing of it till i looked across the FORUM and noticed ushers everywhere else. i did a 180 and shot down the row spotting the usher below helping someone. so im so impressed with myself as i think im gonna go sit in a seat till he’s finished and walks back up past me to his post and im in! sure enough it works and i walk down even closer. im like 4 rows off the floor off to the right but very close to the stage. i was like fuck it ill chill here until im kicked out. im feeling good and clowning and dancing and they was playing hip hop and dub reggae at a STONES concert between sets which i thought strange.

so where was i oh yeah im in this seat that i very obviously dont belong in but maybe for the first time i didnt let it slow me as i acted up and out and danced and vibed and was gonna get every drop out of this experience. so then new mexico calls and im on the phone actin out and i look back and its jack black behind me. i was like cool dont slow down keep feeling it as i had on my WEFUNKWEST t-shirt and lovin it.

so time goes on and its about showtime and all around me are beautiful mid to upper class white people and im like the only black person and the only one dancing and definitely the only one on beat. in the past being the only would have very slowed me but where im at now i turned to the hundreds of sittin white folks and floated and danced on the groove maintianing my rhythm and energy.

so i know im gonna get challeneged on this seat eventually and i do. this couple comes and is looking for seat 8 in my row. i was in seat 7 and then it was the rail that blocked a drop-off to a walkway. so they go back and forth a couple times and i explain to the husband who had seat 7 ticket in his hand that im a non-factor. and he said “yeah, you’re just hanging out.” i gave him that jeffery smile. come to find out there is no seat 8!!! i picked the most luckiest row, of all the rows. i guess if there is no seat 8 and your wife doesnt have a seat next to you you might as well leave and let the big black boy who got smiled at by BDH earlier this day have your 4 rows from the floor ROLLING STONES seat.

i was vibing all kinds of girls in the crowd. they kept the lights up enough so you could see around the arena (i love this) and vibe folks as they party. there was this tall, slender, delicate japanese lady who was very refined in her movement and disposition. she seemed to maintain a steady groove, but it was no where near the beat or time. as the concert went on, she got more loose and i imagined how few times she has been this openly expressive in her life. where i express beyond this magnitude daily even at work.

there where numerous white females so happy and excited to see the STONES dancing and excited and happy but very very very few on beat or even clapping at all. i looked across the thousands and like nobody was aggressively expressing the beat.

there were these young girls like 9-10 who were so into the show they sang every song and was pumping the devil-horns-p-funk sign at the stage in rhythm to the music. then later in the show i look back and one is so into it she is diva’n it up singing like she was in a video. that sooooo energized me. she did this one move on the beat and it thrilled me to see someone so young have a passion for this stuff i love so much.

but there was this asian female right behind me who was finding the beat. she was there with older white males who looked to have prestige and $ in a corporate business way. as the show went on she was my primary groove influence as i would dance with my back to the stage facing hundreds and with her in my peripheral vision on beat. me and her were gettin it without even making eye contact. she was on every groove i hit and even though it kinda felt like she was riding mine and “keeping up” at times, at times it didnt and we grooved.

at the end streamers dropped from the ceiling after like the 3rd encore and i ran to drape and twist myself all up in it. the asian girl i was getting with behind me helped to drape me in it too. also as we danced our hands accidently grazed each other a couple of times and i thought that to be a bit signifigant and cool. i had so much streaming shit that right now its all in my apt, in my car, on my car, in my parking garage and jesse said this morning he saw some in the parking space i used.

another cool thing i was very happy for and proud to be a part of was as soon as the lights went out you smelled weed. and good weed too. and i mean like immediately!! i screamed excitement. every so often between songs most of the lights would go down and thats when i would fire mine up. hard, quick hits then out. i admit i did it for the buzz of the drug, but also what comes from firing up a joint at a concert. breaking the rule or celebrating the herb and just being the one to fire it up in this probable VIP section felt like something cool. i was relaxed about it but nervous enough to make it exciting cause i had nothing blocking me from view from one side. as MR JAGGER and the band and the stage made its return trip to its original position, i fired one up uninhibitedly and just took one big look at me world fuck you hit. i put that out, held it in and the band just happened to go into a groove. and i just about got completely lost in it a bit for about 30 seconds as i exhaled.

children of production / p-funk allstars


Posted by jeffery on 3/21/2006, 11:08 am

its hip hop, and prolly very funky hip hop or even a funky pop,
but they aint FUNKlet alone anything related to a “P-FUNK”

im not saying they are not good or talented,
or that i didnt like them, they was coooool…

but that aint FUNK

STEVE BOYD is way too smooth in everything he does to bring what i consider FUNK

SATIVA holds her own and her stage presence is much better than in the past ive seen.
KENDRA i love her but at best she may be just a back-up singer-
and one hellified very funky backup singer with that voice


maybe thats what it is…

Posted by jeffery on 3/21/2006, 6:55 pm, in reply to “OLD LINE UP OR NEW ONE?”

and i identified with them and felt it as they played FUNK!!!

not hip hop, i dont think they had any rap in their set!

i, a 40 yr old who bought THE CLONES OF DR FUNKENSTEIN
when it came out and who has his whole life held in high value the words
of the song CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION, have a problem with
something which is a “flawless testimony to the attainment of the P-FUNK”
using a lyric about gettin your dick sucked.

that is not deeper than abortion, to me thats primitive

its almost blasphemous to me to hear something called
CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION talk so much about gettin paid on they cd

or some kind of love jones’ or mackin’

30 years ago we were already much deeper than that
so why are we going backwards?

the only thing i can say is that this hip hop generation is more in your face
which is good but being nasty just for the sake of being
vulgar is not the way i would exercise my creative freedoms

maybe what we get from the FUNK DNA in todays youth is hip hop
and thats the way they express and us old folks aint spose
to like it. shit, it wouldnt be the first time a person
from one generation didnt get with the followings vibe…

maybe this music aint for me to like, but for the millions
in the younger set who identify with it more…

thats cool too, my issue and im allowed to have one in this
country is that some shit aint FUNK and i want FUNK, not hip hop jazz pop called FUNK

shit, having said all that DOES NOT mean i dont like the new CD

hold up, wait a friggin minute!!!!!
i just looked on the back of the CD and they thank god first!!!
oh hell, no….


hey im not saying that i dont like the cd,
im just saying…

familyhood nextperience, four19


FISHBONE UNPLUGGED improved AS FAMILYHOOD NUTPERIENCE:   [Apr 11, 2006]On April 10, members of the current FISHBONE crew came together as THE FAMILYHOOD NEXPERIENCE at ZEN SUSHI in Silverlake, Ca. FOUR19 opened.  WEFUNKWEST captured audio and video of the show.  


i seen them do this back dec 2005 and i was impressed and intrigued with the music and actually dont believe i knew how do describe it then and i still dont now and ive heard it twice. and that could be the best thing there could be. listening to it now and its funky as fuck and FUNK but not damn. these boys is gettin it. these black boys is gettin it on a vibe that feels new to me right now. still feels new kinda. i say kinda cause im really unsure. just finished track 6 and we know whats next: SUFFERING.

i have been in love 5.5 times in my life and the reason for the .5 is very loosely outlined in the song SUFERING which i first heard while out on tour with them and recognized after i got home and listened to my recordings. it blew me away.

the song goes way past where me and 5.5’s relationship went but it still hit home in a very deep way. not good deep, or bad deep. just deep and i understood it as good or used it as good or played it as good and i used that energy which came from having my love condition teased to learn how and create enhanced video from the footage i got. bang bang, shoot me dead, i thought my baby loved me but i been misled is definitely an exaggeration to myself cause i may have not been misled but even if i was it is something to celebrate and thats the beauty of being where i am at now.

anyhows i gave MR ANGELO MOORE a quick synopsis of the above cause i was showing JULIANNA of FOUR19 pics and video i had of her when he walked up. later that night they played the song which is the next one in my rotation right now and i just now realized i dont get fully into the music or the moment if im i have a camera in my hand cause im distracted. im thinking i should be filming what im vibing to if im not and visa versa. i evetually said fuck it and put the camera down.

i celebrated SUFFERING by sending an e-mail to a co-worker of 5.5 who im sure will or has done the right thing…

Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 12:47 PM
Subject: bang bang, shoot me dead
i was telling you in the hallway yesterday, a couple weeks ago i had the privledge to go out on tour with FISHBONE. (everything you heard about ROCK’N’ROLL is true, i saw it for myself). i was able to film and record them and fell ever more deeply in love when i heard this song that i been working on the last couple of days.i shot, edited, compiled and did everything to produce this video-
(about a minute into the video the sound improves)LYRICS:understand that im a man who believes in the glory of love
(your a fool and a sucker)

true love is the light shining bright from the heavens, from heaven above
(you poor muthafucka)

i believe, i believe it is better to trust even when im wrong
(be careful there my brotha!)

i know that they say on the street she’s a cheat, and a theif and a liar
(and everybody knows it)
but she’s my light and my love and my only desire

bang bang, shoot me dead
i thought my baby loved me but i been misled

“there is no way in hell any heaven can be better than this”
-jeffery scott mitchell

p.s. feel free to forward and please do! LOL

i also was able to chat with JULIANNA of 419 and felt her energy and groove on stage even though she had a sprained ankle. i was shootin her and everytime she would wobble it would make my ankle hurt.

Posted by jeffery on 5/24/2006, 1:20 pm

get there at 8:30 and MS FOSTER is already singing possesion free philosophy

the show as a whole is kick ass wear you out
4+ hours

tales of kid funkadelic intro into maggot brain

you could hear vocals. i could hear KIM MANNING very clearly
the backgroud vocals were sang with energy,
you could not only hear them they lead and drove
the groove at times.

GARRY SHIDER was ####in up all night, and i mean the not good ####in up

there were a lot of miscues and what the hells but
they did not diminish the show. i figured they would
be much tighter and regimented this late in the tour
i figured they couldnt hear each other im just guessin cause its fun

EDDIE GRIFFIN turned it out. he took it higher once
i think during knee deep.

talked to DANNY BENDROSIAN after the show
good vibe, good spirit, fun

saw the WEFUNKWEST DVDS on the table

extra ticket was right on time as DARRYL MCCANE slide
thru right when i was out gettin some air. also
right while im smokin one right there
the energy and buzz of his presence was exciting
as he walked by and i kept smokin unashamedly in
the HOUSE OF BLUES walkway.

BLACKBYRD MCKNIGHT took it real higher once with some
just screaming shit. i think during never gonna tell it.
KIM MANNING’S presence on stage is signifigant because of her kind of movement.

hearing the backgroud vocals like that was very exciting to me last night

bounce to this was good, it went off into some kinda
speed funk shit i think. i noticed KENDRA FOSTER
out in front of the band center stage one without
MR CLINTON anywhere
im so infatuated with her i cant remember what happened

SATIVA bout to be start tryin to be a star. she got it
or at least seems to be more comfortable doing it.
and it is pleasing

MR BOYD on bass was funky. there where sildes and pops
and plucks and heavy bassy shit from him all night.

much different COP than i saw previously

the FUNK is much more there

CITRUS and BENDROSIAN both had solos that went next
level during COP. funky vibey riffs and shit.

i believe FUNK is in the DNA or however they say it for what i saw last night

never meant “inferior,” previously my thang was “not FUNK”
Posted by jeffery on 5/25/2006, 12:41 pm, in reply to “Re: CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION is FUNK”

there has been a definite tangible change since
i seent CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION in ohio earlier this year

i didnt want to use the phrase “much better” or
“improved,” but other people (band members) openly did regarding the bands progress

to me there is a very noticable difference

the show got that thang on it now

i think BEDROSIAN is doing the deep, heavy basslines
on the keys and it gives a nice FUNK feel to the set

dont remember hearing any hip-hoppish gangsta mackin lyrics
or the tone that kinda stuff beings either

subjectively and purely personally i would be proud that this group
is out representin a P-FUNK in the hip hop world-
speaking on the live performance

the P-FUNK ALLSTARS part of the show
Posted by jeffery on 5/25/2006, 1:06 pm

bascially solid
even without MR HAMPTON who is definitely missed,
the PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC part of the show is so solid
its boring to talk about other than MR SHIDER’S antics-
who i might add turns out soundcheck on the guitar
as they did an extended version of long live funkadelic

in fact sound check was all FUNKADELIC songs until
RICO LEWIS and BEDROSIAN picked up the beat with some
livelier shit…

even the GEORGE CLINTON part of the show is good with
sexy side and then what the band does to BOOTY instrumentally
and how he gets the crowd to sing. its a lot of show
and music. its like gigantic.

nobody plays the solos like MR HAMPTON and i am trained
to hear it the way he plays it. last night i may have gotten
by that or sumn cause BLACKBYRD went the #### off
during maggot brain. shit. it IS NOT like HAMPTON does it,
and once i realized he aint tryin to duplicate that
his style and power and energy was damn near overwhelming.
i watched from the last row of the upper balcony and
they gave that mutha####er a traditional standing ovation.
he damn near forcibly took us to that place with his style and delivery.

no funkentelechy, no cosmic slop but hey-
so much more other

LIGE’S new shit is loud and deep!!!!!! lous as ####!!
you can hear and feel all the wiggles and shit
he does on this live version of bounce to this
which i confirmed does go into some kinda “SPEED FUNK”
(thats my original, dont steal it)

RICO LEWIS seems to be on the drums more,
and the energy can be felt.


an all but perfect p-funk show…

Posted by PFUNK1.COM on 5/27/2006, 1:09 pm

everything on hit

a show so solid its almost unfunky

LIGE’S new speakers and gigantic bass sound
seem to have changed the whole tone of the show-
for the FUNK bassy better in my opionion.

BLACKBYRD MCKNIGHT is on a whole higher new something
i cant find the words right now. he did the knee deep solo
“his own style” and it was wow
and it seemed he did maggot brain in a more traditional
MIKE HAMPTON style than the last shows and killed it that way too. and i mean killed-
hard to find the words to describe the intensity

it was also notable to me that KENDRA FOSTER did the
best bounce to this i may have ever seen her do.
it may be me back being infatuated again but her
stage presence seemed more…just more.

even GARRY SHIDER was all but anticless and sang and vocalized LOL

i missed what KIM MANNING brings her not being there

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