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America Eats Its Young
Cosmic Slop
Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
Lets Take It To The Stage

America Eats Its Young

You Hit The Nail On The Head (G.Clinton, G. Shider)
If You Don't Like The Effects Don't Produce The Cause (G.Clinton, G.Shider)
Everybody Is Going To Make It This Time (G.Clinton, B.Worrell)
A Joyful Process (G.Clinton, B.Worrell)
We Hurt Too  (G. Clinton)
Loose Booty (G. Clinton, H.Beane)
Philmore (W. Collins)
I Call My Baby Pussycat (G.Clinton, E.Hazel, W.Nelson) Chelsea Music Pub Co Ltd
America Eats Its Young (G.Clinton, B.Worrell, H. Beane)
Biological Speculation (G.Clinton, E.Harris)
That Was My Girl (G.Clinton, S.Barnes)
Balance (G.Clinton, B.Worrell)
Miss Lucifers Love (C.Haskins, G. Clinton)
Wake Up (G.Clinton, B.Worrell, JW Jackson)

All titles published by Bridgeport Music, Inc except where noted.


We are all America; all part of the pain and suffering and the
agony of America; all feeding the agony and conflict of America -
whether we are for or against or indifferent and unconcemed;
whether we care or not.

We will all be concerned in the outcome of America even if we
don't feel concerned now. We all share the future.

America eats its young - maybe. But America is also our child, is
now how we all have made it; has become what we have wanted it to
be. America reflects to us what we have come to. The state of
America is our state. 

America eats its young. But we eat America, pollute it, abuse it,
rape it, take from it, destroy it. As we give so do we receive.
As we give to America and all her factions, so do we receive from
America and all her factions. Do we give love or do we give fear
and hate? America is racked with conflict; our conflict; the
conflict of rich and poor, have and have not, black and white,
male and female, order and chaos, hawk and dove, love and hate,
old and young, right and left. 

But it's our conflict, not America's, no matter what side of the
fence we are on. The question is: Does what we are doing from our
particular side have positive or negative effects? Is what we are
doing aimed at reconciliation of the conflict, or just getting
our way at the other side's expense? What about the "opposition"?
What do they feel? Or are we our own opposition, our own enemy? 

What is missing? What does America need most? What are her
children lacking? How can we banish evil? What can we give to our
enemies? Who is Satan? Christ help us: we are lost, lost in our
fury, lost in our blame, lost in our apathy, Call to us, call to

What can we give to our enemies?
Love? Love our enemies? Love Satan? Love Satan????? 

What is love? How can we put love into action. Christ help us:
it's not easy. How can we break the spiral that is breaking
America, is breaking us? 

Christ teaches; If we want satisfaction, the only way we can have
it is by giving it to people. 

Christ help us: it's not easy. 
Christ teaches: When we are able to love those around us whatever
they might do or be, without blame, and without in any way
separating what they are from what we are: then, and only then,
can we be sure that we are fulfilled within ourselves. The only
way is to love our enemies! 

Christ help us: it's not easy 
But it's the only way. 
What do you think, brothers and sisters? 

Keyboards and Melodica: Bernard Worrell
Percussion: Tyrone Lampkin. Zachary Frazier. Tiki Fulwood. Frank Waddy
Guitar: Harold Beane. Phelps Collins. Ed Hazel. Gary Shider
Bass: William Collins. Prakash Jolin, Cordell Mosson
Trumpet: Bruce Cassidy. Arnie Chycoski, Ronnie Greenway,
 Clayton Gunnels Al Stanwyck
Alto Sax: Randy Wallace
Tenor Sax: Robert McCullough
Steel Guitar: Ollie Strong
Juice Harp: James Wesley Jackson
Violin: Alhert Pratz. Bill Richards. Victoria Polley. Joe Sera
Viola: Stanley Solomon, Walter Babiuk
Cello: Peter Schenkman, Ronald Laurie
Vocals: Harold Beane, Diane Brooks,Phelps Collins,William Collins,
 Clayton Gunnels,Ronnie Greenway,Prakash John,Stevc Kennedy,Ed Hazel,
 Gary Shider,Frank Waddy,Randy Wallace. Bernard Worrell.

Arrangers: George Clinton and Bernard Worrell
String and Steel Guitar Arrangements by David Van De Pitte on: 
 If You Don't Like The Effect,America Eats lts Young,Biological Speculation,
 Everybody is Going To Make lt This Time and We Hurt Too.
String and Horn Arrangements by Bernard Worrell on A Joyful Proeess,Wake Up
 and Miss Lucifer's Love.

Original Album Cover Concept: George Clinton Ron Scribner
Original Cover Art: Paul Weldon
Original Album Co-ordination: Mia Krinsky
Original Productioii Supervision: Bob Scerbo

This Album is dedicated to all the Young of THE WORLD!

Join the loyal order of FUNKADELIA. 

Call your favorite Radio Station and Ask Them to Play FUNKADELIC MUSIC!

A Parliafunkadelicment Thang

Recorded At: 
Manta, R.C.A. and Toronto Sound Recording Studios in 
 Toronto Olympic Studios in  London, England
Artie Fields, Detroit, Master Kraft, Memphis

Producer: George Clinton for Wesrbound Records, Inc
Mastered from digital tapes transferred from original analogue master tapes
Post Production by The Digital Editing Suite

The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Nine Records, Inc
 and is licensed to Ace Records Ltd.
(P) 1973 Westbound Records, Inc           (C) 1973 Westbound Records, Inc

Westbound Records 48-50 Steele Road, London NW10 7As

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 to the address above                     Made in the United Kingdom

Cosmic Slop

Nappy Dugout (G.Clinton, G.Shider, C. Mossom) 4:33
You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure (G.Clinton, S.Barnes) 3:03
March To The Witch's Castle (G.Clinton) 5:59
Let's Make It Last (G.Clinton, E.Hazel) 4:08
Cosmic Slop (G.Clinton, B.Worrell) 5:17
No Compute (G.Clinton, G.Shider) 3:03
This Broken Heart (W.Franklin) 3:37
Trash A-Go-Go (G.Clinton) 2:25
Can't Stand The Strain (G.Clinton, E.Hazel) 3:27

For virtual decades of alembic time parasecs, I have gazed upon the so-called
highest life form on this planet with unbridled disgust? For the very source 
of life engergies of Earth have become the castrated target of anile 
bamboozlery from homo sapliens' rabid attempts to manipulate the omnipotent
Forces of Nature!

Their directionless efforts to achieve the metaphysical state of godliness, 
aeons premature to evolutionary destiny have, indeed, become an invitation
to species extinction.  No less alarming are the individual actions of this 
reactionary and wayward life form - exploiting each other for unworthy and 
selfish aims.  Specific inspissated ignoramuses of cankerous audacity...
engaged professionally and/or morally in the unique practice of PIMPAFICATION.
And in truth, this is a most damnable lifestyle to witness with mortal eyes!

TOTAL domination of capital, material and creature comforts is ruthlessly 
sought through the exploitation of many.

The squishy pubic balleys of female denizens...become slitted receptors of
instantaneous carnal fulfillment - for a price, controlled by a male legion of 
parastical, prevariated, GODLESS PAGANS who exact their lifestyles to a 
terrible cost to their hosts...

Gutless heathens with an unearthy lust for capital gain, dare to pimp off
various nectars and spices of narcotic death upon the virgin bodies of their 
youth, who face inevitable enslavement to those TRIFFID PUSHERS of escapist 

The napalm jelly and barbecue sandwich of war has become the ghoul/soul food of
those who profit from the eternal conflicts as suppliers of the grisly table
utensils of war machines, make the bloody feasts more 'polite'.  Their
capitalistic/egomaniac allies, the POLITICIANS, provide an unlimited supply of
gore-spattered dessert, as their anile, verbal glibberings of multi-faceted,
repetitive lies and oppressive ravings...confuse, paralyze and suck out the
minds of their prey, the masses...

Other immoralistic bumpkins seek out those of the opposite sex for shallow 
and/or selfish intentions. FINANCIAL SECURITY or an eternal supply of TRIM
are sought under the veiled disguise of 'I-love-you-ism'.  Such antics result
in hideous versions/replays of 'playing on the side', fist'n'cuffs, the 'empty
house trauma', monster alimony payments, unwed motherism, suicides, homicides
and/or unloved offspring.  For to pimp off LOVE is, verily, tampering with the
all-encompassing destructive opposite, HATE! And with hate come DEATH...

The colourless monster of RACISM is gleefully unchained by garrotted gibbons
and hirsute hooligans, whose abbreviated mentalities cripple their own minds 
as the racist spectators cripple their victims' bodies...

Premature ecological doom through the reactionary efforts of POLLUTING
ENTERPRISES of capitalistic pimpism foreshadow Earth's demise.  These cachetic
mumruffians of madness continue to hasten total biological Armageddon of the 
'benefit' of consumerism.  And WITHOUT SHAME - declare their eventual victims
as the bangling argle-bargles responsible for the ecological pimpster game that
they cheerfully continue...

BE IT KNOW, THEREFORE, THAT I HAVE FERULED to verbally ostracize these
ostrobogulous oafs of occluded obliquity.  The frenzied insipience of 
PIMPIFICATION hath risen to the point of cosmicide.  Enough of this madness! 

For I, to carnate my macrological rhetoric upon this wicked edifice of Babylon,
truly care that the undeserving species of Man be snatched from self-
destruction. Therefore, BECOME AWARE OF YOURSELVES! Become aware of your action
('the ass thou pimpest shall be thine own')! 

Should there be some who would choose to ignore this maladroited message of doom,
I further proclaim it to be the right of the noble followers of FUNKADELIA to
counteract the inane, infantile antics of those pimpatory, sapless stooges and
exploitive ecdysiasts of evil. FUNKADELIA IS UPON THEE!

VERILY, those soulfulifically jaded swashbucklers of agitpropitic burnbabydom
-  FUNKADELIC - have descended from the Orginal Galaxy Ghetto to cleanse thy 
wayword souls THROUGH MUSIC worthy of the immortals themselves!

LISTEN, and ye shall believe - when it come to pass... that what shall penetrate 
thine ears shall truly be a gas! But, FAIL those of FUNKADELIC, and thou shalt
be cast away with the last vestiges of mental salvation.  For the TRUTH is the
WAY, and FUNKADELIC is, verily, TRUTH.

AWAKE NOT, and Earth remains as this solar system's space strumpet...sour milk
from the breast of MOTHER NATURE!

AWAKE NOT, and FUNKADELIC, with its soulful followers, upon a predestined time,
shall ascend to the heavens, and the wayward masses left behind will be further
reduced by their own pimp games into the lunatic fringe of extinction.
Unerringly, they will cease to exist, and after this forsaken firmament is 
pumped unto COSMIC SLOP...the rats and roaches will once again become the 
dominant Lords ofEarth!



Funkadelic is:
Bernard Worrell: Keyboards & Melodica, Strings on 'Broken Heart'
"Boogie" Masson: Bass Guitar 
Tyrone Lampkin: Percussion 
Gary Shider: Lead & Rhythm Guitar 
Ron Bykowski: Lead & Rhythm Guiitar 
Guest Funkadelic Maggot:Tiki Fulwood, Drums on 'Nappy Dugout'

Funkadelic Monstermanian Thanks to:
Engineers: Lee De Carlo, Manta Sound, Toronto 
Jerry, United Sound, Detroit 
Our Road Manager: Chris Tannis
Seven Rooster Poots for Bernie Mendelson 
Debbie Wright
Mercy for smelling the Dugout: Armen Boladian 
T.R. from T.M.I in Memphis

Westbound Records
21348 Telegraph Rd, Suite 200
Southfield, Michigan 48034
Made in the USA

All titles published by Bridgeport Music, Inc 
 except track 5 Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
        track 7 Tristan Music Ltd

Produced By George Clinton for Westbound Records, Inc
Recorded at United Sound, Detroit, Mich.
Manta Studio, R.C.A.

Original album concept design: George Clinton, Pedro Bell
Original art direction: Nell Terk
Original album art: Pedro Bell, Bruse Bell/Maggot Funkagraphix, Inc
Liner Notes: Sir Lleb, Maggot Minister of Funkadelia
Original album co-ordination: Mia Krinsky
Production supervision: Bob Scerbo

Package designed by Phillip Barker Design
Mastered from digital tapes transferred from original analogue master tapes
Post Production by Duncan Cowell at The Digital Editing Suite
The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Westbound Records and is 
 licensed to Ace Records Ltd.
(C) 1973 Westbound Records
(P) 1973 Westbound Records

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 address above

Made In The United Kingdom

Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On

RED HOT MAMA (B Worrell, G Clinton, E Hazel)
 Chelsea Music Pub Co Ltd
I'LL STAY (G Clinton, G Cook)
SEXY WAYS  (G Clinton, G Cook)

BERNARD (BERNIE) WORRELL: Spaced Viking; keyboards & vocals 
*CALVIN SIMON: Tenor vocals, congas & suave personality 
*CLARENCE 'FUZZY' HASKINS: an prototype werewolf; berserker octave vocals 
C 'BOOGIE' MOSSON: World's Only Black Leprechaun;bass & vocals 
EDDIE 'SMEDLEY SMORGANOFF' HAZEL: Maggoteer lead/solo guitar & vocals
GARY SHIDER: Rhythm/lead guitar, doowop vocals, sinister grin 
*GEORGE CLINTON: Supreme Maggot Minister of Funkadelia; vocals, maniac froth &
 spit. Behaviour illegal in several states 
R 'TIKI' FULWOOD: Percussion & vocals. Equipped with stereo armpits 
RON BRYKOWSKI: Rhythm/lead guitar; polyester soul-powered token white devil  
*'SHADY' GRADY THOMAS: Registered and licensed genie; vocals 
*RAY (STINGRAY) DAVIS: Subterranean bass vocals, supercool & stinky fingers 
 Gary Bronson: Drums
 Jimmy Calhoun: Bass
 Leon Patillo: Piano
 Tyrone Lampkin: Percussion
*The members of PARLIAMENT appear through the courtesy of CASABLANCA RECORDS.

Protect your loved one from GRAND FRAUD RAILROADISM!
Tell your local radio station to play FUNKADELIC MUSIC! So Be It!


FUNKADELIC Special Thanx: Charlie Bassoline, Ron Strasner, Jeff Franklin,
 A.T.I., Roadies: Bob & Sam, Sound Engineers: Lee (Manta), Ralph (Hollywood),
 Jeff (Crystal) and Jerry (United), G 'Sir Lance' Everett for graphics
 assistance (George Clinton portrait & logos)


AS IT IS WRITTEN HENCEFORTH...that on the Eighth Day, the Cosmic Strumpet
of MOTHER NATURE was spawned to envelope this Third Planet in FUNKACIDAL
VIBRATIONS. And She birthed Apostles Ra, Hendrix, Stone & CLINTON to preserve
all funkiness of man unto eternity...But! Frudulent forces of obnoxious
JIVATION grew; Sun Ra strobed back to Saturn to await his Next Reincarnation,
Jimi was forced back into basic atoms; Sly was co-opted into a jester monolith
and...only seedling GEORGE remained! As it came to be, he did indeed, begat
FUNKADELIC to restore Order Within The Universe. And nourished from the
pamgrierian mammaristic melonpaps of Mother Nature, the followers of FUNKADELIA
multiplied incessantly!

BUT, within the bowels of Earth, reactionary NIXON-OUS HEATHENS sought to
diminish their number and the Cosmic Strumpet grew afraid and called forth unto
the realm of FUNKADELIA to combat those elements of defunkatization! Beyond the
Rings of AMMAGAMMA-GOO-CHEE, I heard & did venture forth unto Her Pure &
Immaculate Presence! "I, Sir IIeb...humbly approach thee to vow my services to
annihilate the balmy bards who'd incense you! Aye, for your turbulent love
forest beckons fair exchange!" (Heartily, I lusted for the steamy lash of Her
tongue & the hot lash of SCIENCE-FRICTION THIGHS uponst me!) She spake in
reply, "As it is, Maggot shall this be! Go forth and slay those
who spit upon FUNKADELIA without delayance! Lest you tarry in your mission, the
GRIP OF THE FUNKAPUS shall evade thee forevermore!"
Nor did I hesitate to motivate! My succulent, relampaquitalized bronze pinnacle
would NOT BE DENIED VISITATION within that lecherous, lickspittable sanctum
sanctorum! Not evenst! I departed & made all haste to the Interstellar
Bodyshop. The speediest booglerizer, the PARLIAFUNKADELICMENT THANG...awaited
my presence, equipped with optional servantobots; two nastified, hyperbolic
druid wenches & several edible barbecuwhelks for squiffy inspiration.Fueled by
atomic nookie vapours, our supreme bogard was due on Earth in mere trifles of

WE JETTED down unto the treacherous habitats of Babylon in the name of
FUNKADELIA! Within the Isle of Blight, we were beset by mongrel hordes of 
kung-fu crab carries, karate-kitted kangeroosters and sapidless streakers! The
waxed carnals were dispersed in pieces, as their frenzied attacks proved
futile! Other targets attacked from within dank, ghetto corridors; various
supertrys, halfshafts, rambunctious niggaphites, slackmacks and clodfathers.
Without hesitation, we rent them asunder! Gathering momentum, we proceeded
betweenst the reputed Arches of Scrotum with the soul of incomprehensibical
might...pausing to squash bourgeoisie nefarious neegrows who sought to escape
doom in befouled, leather-topped, white-walled mopodillacs! And by the gods,
the P.F.T. berserker machine descended to even lower depths to battle with
blasphemous malodorfied legions of maggot-coloured honkiteers!
Guarding their reeking nest, the PIT OF PENTACON, the foam-flecked degenerates
filled the very air with watergate buggers and ensnarling webs of mysterian
tape reels! But, before our strength...their agnewsque attack vexed by their
own destruction! Numerous smolenites and blondshelled pogostick slurpers
gathered, and then exploded into a rodanistic frenzy to smote me, but the
infidels were unprepared for the bubbling, yellow-green death that I extracted
forth in a deadly stream from my body... to eradicate them! Aye, a finale!

ALAS! My mission accomplished, FUNKADELIA would remain preserved! Verily, I
expected mucho filthy-McNastian jollies from the Queen Strumpet of my heart,
but more paganistic jivation awaited me! En-route, I was almost waylaid by a
quad of dayglo, scarlet slutties, who tempted the mechanics of my sex machine!
But forthright, as they clustered about me with beglittered bellymuffs to
suckulate my vital juices - I activated my hydraulic, stratoplat bunion mashers
& stomped the lusty harlots into pissy droplets! I would be detoured not, from
my deserved re-ward!

REAPPPEARED, I DID BEFORE erectile mobus factor was engaged and 
phallic-stroker in ironic readiness! The Cosmic Strumpet of FUNKADELIA gazed
uponst my sweaty bod with arduous satisfaction! My very atoms churned with the
beginnings of nuclear prefission? She: "Behold, warrior - the Kingdom of the
GODZILLATRON CUSH shal be yours" Nastily, you are STANDING ON THE VERGE OF
GETTING IT ON! Partake!" And it came to pass that I did embrace & ravish Her
Being...but in my unbridled ecstasy, I could - HANDLE IT NOT! Banishment to the
SEWERS OF ORBITRON was my fate indeed, for unlike the Followers of
FUNKADELIC...I would wait in limbo for precious eons to become;



Concept/Design: George Clinton & Pedro Bell
Original Art Direction: Neil Terk
Original Album Art: Pedro Bell, Bruse Bell/ Maggot Funkagraphix, Inc
Production Supervision: Bob Scerbo 
Liner Notes: Sir IIeb of Funkadelia
FUNKADELIC Portraits: Photography/Ira Marcus, Art/Bell Brothers
 & G Lance Everett


RECORDED AT: Manta Sound, Toronto; Hollywood Crystal Sound, Los Angeles;
and United Sound, Detroit.


Packaged designed by Philip Barker Design Mastered from digital tapes 
transferred from original analogue master tapes Post Production by Duncan
Cowell at the Digital Editing Suite

The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Westbound Records and is
 licensed to Ace Records Ltd

(P) 1974 Westbound Records
(C) 1974 Westbound Records

21348 Telegraph Rd, Suite 200
Southfield Michigan 48034

For details of the price catalogue send an S.A.E. or 2 I.R.C.
 to the address above

Made in The USA


Lets Take It To The Stage

Good To Your Earhole (4:30) 
 (G.Clinton, G.Cook, C.Haskins)
Better By The Pound (2:40) 
 (G.Clinton, G.Cook)
Be My Beach (2:35) 
 (G.Clinton, W.Collins, B.Worrell)
No Head, No Backstage Pass 
 (2:36) (G.Clinton, R.Sykowski)
Let's Take It To The Stage (3:32) 
 (G.Clinton, W.Collins, G.Shider)
Get Off Your Ass And Jam (2:00) 
 (Funkadelic, Parliament)
I Owe You Something Good (5:43) 
Stuff And Things (2:11) 
 (G.Clinton, G.Cook)
The Song Is Familar (3:05) 
 (G.Clinton, W.Collins, B.Worrell)
Atmosphere (7:05) 
 (G.Clinton, G.Shider, B.Worrell)
Let's Take It To The Stage

...and it came to pass, that the concept of FUNKATIZATION was declared a
Univeral Law by Mother Nature, and therefore - exepmt from control by the
Forces of Good, and those of Evil. Full and forceful uponst man it was, 
Eternal Funk was nastily maintained to endure the skillions of Time. The
Gods scoped the situation and proclaimed, "All is Cool". But! All was not
Cool throughout the cosmos.  The dynamics of ORDER & EQUILIBRIUM was being
waylaid by new manners of triffidistic jivation fermenting on pagan planet 
Earth. A former turned bogardistic, and the star-spangled Kong of Babylon 
was unleashed to bully tidbit morsels of faraway lands.  And one dawn's light
brought the greedy presence forth, to confront another, the Commie Crudzilla.

And Kong did indeed, fervently eye Crudzilla's new prize (aminute, Far Eastern
Land) and spake, "Gimme some of that, Gibbs!" The Red Beast stirred with Fangs
bared, "Be off, yellow running dog, imperialistic scum!" Fazed not, Kong went
before the people of this land...armed with a false rap of salvation.  But, 
they...being extremely hip to the Game...answered with, "No good, Number 10 -

Kong, angered & pissed...sent forth armoured goons, accompained by outstanding
nasties as: Doctor Napalm, Professor Claymore and Reverend No-Grow.  Against
these odds, the black pagama mojo men arose from the people's hearts...and
countervamped with hellhonnik fury! As it was, victory was the ultimate, but 
bitter triumph for the little people who sent the mammoth Kong back homeward
reeling and smoking into worldwide breakface!

And verily as I rap unto you from the real side of life, there was a young
mortal named Ali, who was indeed the greatest - whupping heads between
signifying. But, it came to pass that the law of the land did declare that he
would be obligated to exterminate strangers in an unknown land. Ali refused to
participate in the wrongful bloodlusts, and he was punished and lost his boxing
title, from the serpentile representatives of so-called judiciary

With the passage of time, the was became no longer fun, and the games were
indeed, reduced to a lesser level.  Ali was without his crown of glory, but
knew what time it was - "LET'S TAKE IT TO THE STAGE!" He then proceeded to rend
asunder numerous lightweights, whiteweights, dumbweights and deadweights - and
recaptured his glory! Justice prevails!

And now, nebulous and neegroid nastificators lurk about within the realm of
FUNKADELIA! Yes -certain goldplated warmongers are indeed - paranoid about
their lesser brothers "Blowing Them Off The Stage!" Behindst the scenes,
turbulent conflicts hath-up over the issue of 'you-go-first'-isms. Yes, under
the very noses of their fans, these envious, blahflammative, dufus reactionary
buffoons bicker, blabber and stew over such frivilous issues.

Tempers hath flared at the bitter end of coin tosses and music equipment has
been known to be mysteriously sabotaged in vengeance...or concert time bogarded
away. Other acts have been committed and some are too dispicable for mortal

the world, FUNKADELIC prevails as the phallic berserker of HOPE. Yes! Battered
and blammed by broxinated vapors of cancerous, riff-raff knuckleheadology,
mopod molecule molesters, and spastic, phobic VUZ pegs of pulchritudinous
jealousy...FUNKADELIC continues to rout such nitrod charlatans with powerdrive
over-bites. FUNKADELIC do not bullshit the masses, because they are almighteous
and the baddest thang happening within this entire dimension plane! Death on

FUNKADELIC IS! As the mighteous live band in the known universe, let it be
known that FUNKADELIC will play before any "name-brand" yokels, and
verily-force-field them into scoured crawfish milk! "LET'S TAKE IT TO THE
STAGE!" FUNKADELIA shall triumph! LET'S TAKE IT TO THE STAGE, mollyfocks!

Excerpts from Sir IIeb's "State of Confusion" speech at 
 George Clinton University, Stinkfinger, Alabama

Billy Bass 
E. Hazel 
Ron Bykowski

Paul Warren 
Reggie McBride 
Mello Garcia 
Denise Hurd
Delores whats-her-name 
Gary Cooper 
Parliament (courtesy of Casablanca Records)

FUNKADELIC SPECIAL THANX: Armen Boladian, Cholly Bassoline, Ron Strasner,
 Nick  Byrne, Roadies:Bob and Screwy, Sound Engineers:Jim Callon (Hollywood
 Sound) Jim Uitti and Ken what's-his-name (United Sound)

This album is dedicated with fun and love to all our Boogie-Funk Competition.

Sinister Concept/Rambunctious Album Design: George Clinton & Pedro Bell 
Album's Anile Artistic Dabblings: Pedro (Pubic Pete) Bell 
Sub-Linear Noxious Liner Notations & Cryptic Gibberish: Sir IIeb of Funkadelia
Malodorous, Hellific Cortoon-Mopod Producer of all this Madness: George Clinton

Against all known laws of moral decency, this disk was recorded at these
 various bodily parts within Babylon: Hollywood Sound, Hollywood Cal. and
 United Sound, Detroit, Mich. 
Wholly Impertinent Sponsors: "JJ" Christ & William (Wild Willie) Lucifer

(P) 1975 Westbound Records
(C) 1975 Westbound Records


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