ASL, Weapon Of Choice, The Toledo Show – Mar 9, 2001 – The Templebar, Santa Monica

Found one of my photos from 2001 of  Temple Bar and I run into Mr Norwood Fisher of Fishbone!!! 

this was a good night. had never been to the temple bar before so all the abstarcted- impressionist paintings of blackmen all over this white club in the heart of santa monica intrigued me. the place has a cozy, spiritual darkness to it and lounge furniture like couches to kick back in. the smell of incense also triggers a spiritual mood…

the first band asl was lead by peter gabriel’s ex-bassist, armond…i think. at first i couldnt get the bands music. it was like it was anti-music, i couldn’t feel a rhythm anywhere. then about the 3 or 4th song the complicated movement of the music hit me and it was good.

from daily 03-10-01 “the first band is so good and funky that when i met the lead singer after their set
i instinctively gave him a two-handed handshake. i felt his music and enjoyed his vibe so deep that my appreciation for his music was sent to him without me even thinking thru my handshake. i gently but firmly grabbed his hand and without thinking covered his and my right hand with my left. it was an instinctive eye to eye, smile and two handed shake that just came out of me without thinking. afterwads i enjoyed how real my spontaneous expression was”

weapon of choice is very very p-funky and p-funk based. in fact, my favorite guitarist dewayne “blackbyrd” mcknight played with them!!! i was very very surprised to see him and when i heard he was in the house i immediately and instinctively ran to salute him. and i mean ran and salute. i did a semi bow and as i walked back across the empty dancefloor in did a tai-chi type squat with arms fully extended towards him for everybody to see. weapon was good and they were the reason i went to the club but the other two bands were something that was unexpected so they peaked my interested. but like i said, lonnie and them was goooooooooooooooood.

the toledo show was very very good. his theme is of a 20’s style gangsta complete with the stacey adams shows and cigarettes. very very cool vibe. very very good music. (bought his cd). funky, nasty, energized, girl focused music and lyrics that have very good movement. very funky. i would definitely go see them again and again. he had sexy girl dancers come on stage to give a kinda dark sexy girl “i feel your pain” and still love you type thing. his music was girl focused and i dug that.

i personally greeted all the bands leaders with handshake, eye-to-eye smile and appreciation.

the p-funk vegas concert road crew was there- lamar and kareem as was king c from p-funk new years eve. and ofcourse the ever so crazy my man cm talley helped turn it up pre-show…

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