Evolution Means All Of Us Don’t Make It

is there such a thing as thinking too liberally? i mean that in a sense we loose a sense of identity, distinction and uniqueness? if everything is everything then everything is nothing.

in a macro sense11425078_10153446917677125_3204700132205224936_n we are all in this together and in the macro macro sense we are all one. but where do we draw the line that distinguishes us and things from each other? how do we make progress without differentiating? we can’t all be the same nor should we allow our “sameness” to be the basis of us getting along. we should just simply get along regardless of our opinions and we don’t have to like or even accept each other. segregation may even be the “best” solution in some cases and who or what is to say that it isn’t?

getting along, acceptance, loving everything and everybody, empathy, anti racism, anti discrimination blah blah blah is only a policy. this and new age spiritualism does not get anything done, its an operating mode.

sometimes i think we focus so much on the operating mode and the underlying policy and not actually doing and executing that which we feel needs to be done. example being we are so focused on racism where if we were focused on getting people jobs and education and a means to exist happily racism even segregation wouldn’t matter. so what be racist all you want, your racism DOES NOT affect me or slow me from getting mine. so in ways, racism is not the point- being successful and happy is…

people of all colors and kinds are being left behind and this may be a natural part of the process in the evolution of the species. evolution does not have a determined specified goal of what will be successful and therefore that is what we will evolve to, but all of us and everybody “making it” is not a realistic part of the equation. its a matter of survival and with our higher consciousness we are able to dissect and emotionalize this process and even guide it to a certain point. BUT the bottom line is survival and everybody cannot and will not do that. some will be left behind as life and mankind head towards the whatever.

we are becoming a technology based species and those who do not or who cannot utilize these tools will at the least be at a disadvantage. in my line of work ive seen people retire because they couldn’t or did’t want to handle all the work being done on the computer. life is progressing and it is an internal family generational thing to ensure the offspring have the tools and knowledge to keep up. school and college only go so far in the development of human beings. its up to the parents and the village to remain cutting edge and when this breaks down you have whole communities left behind.

and then survival by any means necessary becomes the norm and this is not only by violence and criminal activity but by playing any blame game available to them.

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