FUNKATOURISM: Carlon responded positive when i pumped for P-FUNK shows in South America and Africa. i done funked on 4 continents i want to get in at least 6 before “retirement” (note the quotes). then i said “hell, Antarctica too!” and Mr. Clinton said “funk with the penguins.”

when the adrenaline fades the tired from the work week and weekend funkin’ emerges. that time is now. mr scale said 213.6 today which is a good, very. feels like i haven’t driven my vehicle in a long time. but it was just 6 days ago i drove to work and then to the Greek Theatre for P-FUNK show 1 of 3. the zoom zoom catches up to everyone eventually. if attained and handled correctly it is a very pleasurable tired. dreamy even as the details of the recent adventure surface. you say “damn, i SHOULD be tired” with a proud smile to yourself. the 646 pics and videos are confirmation. you did the damn thing. again. as usual. but it always feels brand new every time. maybe because each adventure goes higher in one way or another. i don’t know. all i know is that this very probably won’t be the most productive day i’ve had at this job. fantasizing about off-duty. yesterday i was all but fully energized and still flying off of it. today i feel like i could crawl under my desk and go to sleep. but i’m not sleepy. hell i’m probably not even physically tired. in ways it feels like a kind of high when i wade in it with the proper balance. i bet the the carbs from the pretzels are contributing. being day dreamy at work should not feel this damn good. i’m gonna sit in it for awhile, then take my break and get active. a vigorous walk to get the blood going. 2 hours 6 minutes into the workday…

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