Innanuttshell Reekordingz CEO: Norwood Fisher

My morning wakeup call was from Innanuttshell Reekordingz CEO Norwood Fisher to catch up and Trulio Disgraciasly prepare for summer. Seems Mr Clarence “Blowfly” Reid is in need of a quick internet presence. On it, stay tooned.

Also mentioned was somekind of Warwick something with Mr Fisher, William “Bootsy” Collins, Dewayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight and T.M. Stevens in Germany. Fisher informed me he has the longest running endorsement with Warwick or sum’n like that. 

More notes:  The cover for the new Trulio Disgracias is set and solidified as it waits for the universe to open up the opportunity for this collection to be released; Fishbone is in the studio cuttin’ stuff for the new record, 4 or so songs have been worked on; Back Of The Hand Allstars performances need to be recorded for posterity and to catch them improved gems that go down on Thursdays in Santa Monica; discussed Nuttsactor 5 Multimedia / Innanuttshell Reekordingz business and possible distribution of inventory.

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