My 1st World “Problems”

Last night I listened to the Dogma Debate podcast because my boy Greydon Square was a guest and not to name drop but me and him go semi-way back. The man said many an insightful thing and he did it with a deep open and honesty to his experience that felt so genuine it all but validated his claims. 10628487_633096920139198_8258470520223826404_nAnyways he talked about being in Iraq and experiencing that and then coming to america and realizing just how amazingly good we have it even in our most worst areas.

He used the term “1st World Problems” and i immediately identified. I mean im grouchy and dont want to be bothered but made more $$ last week than i ever have in my life. I have quality ¬†opportunity for every one of my desires. I love where I live and pretty much do and accomplish what I want.

i got not a worry in the world. I got concerns now and I have whimsical human desires that peak and valley damn near daily. And I like that, I like that a lot that I have mild swings of my mood and disposition.



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