Race & Reparations Day On Facebook

I honestly don’t think i could or would accept any money given to me tagged as reparations. i just don’t see myself in that kind of light. in fact, i don’t want anything just given to me at all…

I will not accept being labeled a victim. the game ain’t easy or fair and quite frankly i would not want it any other way. play the cards you are dealt and make it work for you and or for the next generation of you. i don’t think i could or would even take any money given to me tagged as reparations.

No man, God or “ism” shall deter me. I do not waste energy in the idea that the such has a power over me. I am not a victim of anything or of any history. This frees me to operate openly and confidently and I believe this energy is reflected back to me and provides the narrative to why things happen the way they do to me in my life. And why I see life as I do…

I can’t wage war if I don’t see any battles.

It’s all about the “fighting.” It provides purpose and meaning. If you look for something to fight hard enough you will definitely find it. It’s easy nowadays just turn on CNN. they feed it to you daily and profit from it.

The ideal world many seek may never materialize. It’s possible it already has but many can’t see it and use the counter narrative as a tool or weapon for shortcomings.

I would never tell anyone to stop doing what they believe in, I feel we need all viewpoints. But I will question the logic in it

do nothing? I do mine to live as an example to my family and the people around me. Most notably the idea that I am not or will play victim to anything. I believe I have passed this on to my offspring and others around me. Take care of your own first and foremost. Keep your core circle educated and aware with the tools to succeed. It’s generational and some lineages will never get it. Everybody can’t be saved and maybe those who are “making it” denote where that line is drawn

yeah man nothing personal towards you. just getting in words my feelings on what’s going on. I am always open to hear ideas and arguments that counter what I say, as I will very easily adjust my understanding and belief. I think I’ve said this to you before the racial world I see projected in social media is not reflective of my life experience past or present. If there is something I’m missing I’m open to seeing it. again, nothing pointed directly at you

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