So What, Be A Racist…

So what, be a racist. Do you pay and treat me fairly? Is the business you run successful? Have you ever disrespected me personally? Have you ever publicly disrespected the team?

Why give this man or any man the power to upset you so deeply? So what he may not like or be comfortable around black people. It ain’t like you ain’t heard the very same talk in reverse in your family. And white people please don’t think that a lot of black people don’t feel that same way towards you. Ain’t all cultures guilty of “stay with your own” and or “don’t marry one of them?”

But oh, it’s not racism if it comes from the minority? One group can have the exact same feelings but one is racist and the other is not cause one is the dominant culture?20140318_162913

Me personally am beyond the who’s a racist thing cause it really doesn’t bother me. I don’t see wasting my energy and time playing that game. So what you don’t like me cause I’m black, I know plenty of people who do and I don’t think “ignoring” cases of racism leads to racism spreading. And to tell the truth trying to stamp it out with such vigor may help to spread it. Acknowledge and move on.

If a known racist offers a better deal on a product I need I have no problem buying from him. And I’m not saying that just for effect it really doesn’t bother me (I buy from Christians all the time lol). There are however some things I won’t support with my dollars (gangsta rap for one) but the racism and prejudice and the “they don’t like black people thing” personally does not bother or move me. That fight seems so outdated there are more pressing matters that trigger my emotion.

How do I fight racism? Number one I don’t cause to fight it just gives it more attention. It shouldn’t be a fight.

What I’m going to do is get more computer training and make myself more marketable in the IT industry. Get a better job, pay my taxes an
d bills, improve my credit, watch out for my family, not litter, present myself in public and carry myself at a level that I respect. Not have a criminal record or even tickets. Keep myself healthy and fit. Keep abreast of current events and what’s going on in the world. Keep up to date with science. Speak articulately and clearly. Eat healthy foods. Be happy and assured so that everyone that comes within this little light of mine will feel these very things. 

That’s how I boycott and picket and for me that’s the ultimate stand I can make. 

Be who I am and feel that I am successful.

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