The Impact Of My Words

One of the things I’ve learned during my time on this planet is that there is a constantly changing line that indicates what should and what not should be said at any given time.

I respect and or adhere to that line way way less than most of the people, but am fully aware of the consequences. in fact, i’m drawn to that line so much that i instinctively keep my conversation and thought process as close to that line as possible (if not going over or past it). i’ve never been a fan of small talk and feel if i am not pushing towards something or some thought i have never had before why am i alive?

i have learned to be less offensive operating this way and i haven’t been in trouble in a long time because of my mouth. time has taught me how to package and deliver my often edgy opinion, especially in the workplace. i’m not at my happiest when i’m holding back, never have been. but priorities being priority the employment which enables me to live the life i want to live is of the highest. so it has been easy to curb my candor and enthusiasm to make more money than i ever have in my life.

but every now and then i get excited, animated and feeling it full on at work and things will come out of my mouth. no profanity or anything directly offensive, that’s primitive and remedial. depth of thought elegantly aligned with truth carries a heavy impact. i am aware of that and the consequences of articulating such impact.

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