This Is My Testimony

I love being the “best” regarding the things I do. Ok, it may even be deeper than “loving” it, it may be “living” it. I live being the best even if I ain’t…me-screened

It’s like we are taught not to have the gumption to want to be the best. “Do your best” yeah sure. But to BE the best, 1st place, the top dog…

You will NEVER hear me say my flesh is weak or that I’m imperfect. Nor am I a sinner as nothing defines “perfection” to me but me.

That kind of thinking is low self esteem on a macro scale.

I place nothing above me

I aspire a harmony with ALL THINGSĀ on an equal basis. I bow to no entity, though I respect all. I am a servant to nothing, but am a student of everything.

I do not and would not bow to any “Creator” or “God.” For it is ridiculous to me for any true God to require anything like that of it’s creation.

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