We Must Go Beyond God

20150530_185055I feel I have a personal responsibility to fully exercise this gift of consciousness and to live and think above all perceived barriers and limits. i feel this way because this gift of consciousness was “given” to me in an environment that is design to help me succeed. I see that nature in the Sun-Earth ecosystem fosters and nurtures us as an ally. This place within the space we exist is actively rooting for us to develop and go beyond any limits to our imagination to find that which will help life to survive long term.

So with this gift of consciousness, which (presently) puts us “above” all other living things, comes a responsibility to maintain and protect that precious initial spark that became life as we know it. And I’m not just talking about saving a whale or hugging a tree, I’m talking about developing the science and understanding for life to continue for millions and millions of years. To go beyond and evolve life into that undetermined “thing” that raises not only our being but all life around us that we are totally dependent on.

We cannot do this believing that there is a God who has a plan for us, or that we will die and go to a better place. To attain this kind of knowledge we must literally go above the limit many religions and doctrines have set that prevents us from gaining such knowledge. We must boldly and aggressively seek understanding that religious institutions throughout our history have taught belongs only to God. Our children must be born and educated without such limits to free their imaginations and creativity.

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