What’s So Bad About Being “Self-First” And “Self-Centered?” (But Not “Selfish”)

IMAG0814You know I thought about it. And I “think about” other people the exact same amount I want other people thinking about me. And deeper still, I often wish people thought about themselves the way I think about myself. I wish people in general were more self centered. And NO I don’t mean selfish and stingy and not sharing or giving, more like the economic conservative idea of take care of yourself and don’t worry about how much someone thinks about you. I never wanted the responsibility of being “thought about”

I don’t think I’m stingy or selfish, but I am very proudly self centered. ( A person can be self-centered and still be willing and capable of helping others.) I definitely have goals and an agenda for myself. There are things I want to achieve and a certain amount of ego and self-first is needed for me to accomplish them. I know I’ve been this way all my life too. And I’ve been told I don’t think about nobody but myself. I don’t think that’s totally true, but compared to the norm I understand why people have said that about me.

Example: I used the word “I” 17 times in this post. And I wish other people had the capacity to speak about themselves in such a way. Its not a “Me Me Me” thing, but don’t be afraid to know and openly acknowledge yourself and your desires.

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