When It All Comes Down On You

Ok, here’s the thing. the other day during my lunch i happened to be outside a Shelia E concert and she played some P-FUNK. to put it very mildly, experiencing this got me a tad excited. later i wondered as i always do and sometimes this leads me to diagnose or look more closely into exactly what had happened. why would merely hearing music excite me so deeply? i mean i was halfway to the moon excited and it felt soooo good!

initial observation had me compare it to a religious person having an experience. like during pentecostal church worship and the reaction these believers have just hearing the word Jesus. faith, belief or whatever can stimulate your body into something super human. that part i “knew” and understood, the physical part the mind plays with the body. next i pondered why P-FUNK? that was easy because i chose to “believe” in it years ago and have decades of deep experience from that belief. i chose P-FUNK and exalted it to be that thing for me. like my love for them Steelers. oh the emotions that teams puts me through. and maybe that’s it- the emotional attachment to something that allows it to greatly affect your energy, mood and disposition. that’s consciousness!!! we can do that. we can chose what makes us super human. or have some flexibility in choosing. and that leads me to the jest of why i started writing this.

a semi-conclusion i came to was that its not so much that it was P-FUNK or even what it was. maybe the biggest thing is that i am open and capable of letting something, anything, trigger such a “positive” excited energy in me. my god that’s the big deal. it’s being able to get so naturally high off of life experience. do you know how good it feels when it all comes down on you? it basically broke down to being praise and celebration. downtown L.A. among the skyscrapers resonating big energy into a big space, wide open feeling deeply excited about everything all at once. and having the confidence, experience, and know how to maximize all that stimulation my mind was pumping into my body.

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