DAILYS: December 25, 2007

036why did i find it a surprise when i realized that the most powerful thing ive seen in the universe is directly related to the hardest job known to man? the simplest realizations are the most beautiful and most complex sometimes. and thats genius. being able to explain complex things in simple terms is genius. i got off track, merry christmas. realizing that santa claus has nothing to with the birth of the savior was another simple realization i had a couple days ago. im sure ive thought about this before and even argued it. but it hit me really hard a couple days ago when i thought santa claus is blasphemy and idol worship. santa claus is atheistic in nature. a

the most powerful and strongest thing ive seen in this universe is a mother’s love. the hardest job or undertaking i know of is parenting by far. i believe a mother’s love for her offspring to be instinctive as ive seen it change the animal. before we had consciousness something very strong motivated us to undertake the burden and forgo the risk to ourselves to raise offspring. imagine an animal in the wild raising offspring when it still has natural predators. thats a dangerous heavy burden. something strong was needed to motivate an animal in its greatest task in life, so evolved mother’s love. possibly from that came emotion,  communication, speech, consciousness, etc

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