I Place Mankind Over Any Creator To Defy, Overcome And Determine Our Own Destiny

20150928_130622Would you rather define the meaning of life, or have it defined for you? For a lot of you the answer is a part of your faith ans beliefs.

Here alone at work my mind has the space to wander and I pondered that I, and or we, very well may have the power (via consciousness) to ultimately define the meaning, the result and the purpose of our existence. I even thought that with this gift of consciousness we may have the power to break away from any purpose that we may have been created for (defy and overcome any creator and determine our own destiny).

That means that even if there was a creator (not a god, as god implies submission) and this creator put us here for it’s purpose, we may still have the capability to defy that purpose and create our own destiny.

There is a great leap from “creator” to “god” and many never consider that a “creator” may NOT rule over it’s creation and could be “wrong” and imperfect unlike a “god.” And even so, why is it taken for granted that we could not override even god’s purpose for us?

Why is it taken for granted that we are less powerful than god?

Thats where I’m at, that’s how I think. I submit to nothing. For life to fully achieve actualization, mankind as the most conscious must not place any god or entity above life. Our creativity and understanding MUST span the full range of knowledge and we must believe we are capable of anything- and this means going above any god’s or creator’s plan for us and defining our own.

Why do we think we can’t figure out a better “plan” than what a god has for us? Why do we accept “god’s plan” as being the best thing for us?

That’s where I’m at. You want to talk about ego and how I see myself? I not only will challenge you and everybody, but face to face with your god I will stand and challenge it’s idea for me. Let me decide if I want to play by this so called creator’s rules.

I don’t wake up every morning thinking that I am a pawn in the biggest most important game there is. I cannot go willingly leaving the destiny of life in an unseen, untested source. I find it cowardly to assign god all that responsibility. Ignorant also as accepting an all powerful all knowing destiny controlling god prevents you from seeking the possibility of deeper understanding and knowledge and that’s the definition of ignorance- not knowing (and worse not trying to know).

Its cowardly not to accept the responsibility of our own destiny. Its demeaning to think that this life gives way to a better place and that earth and universe is temporary, secondary.

Thats where I’m at. I live like there is nothing above me.

I think this way and that freedom is euphorically liberating creativity wise.

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