I’m Very Grateful That There Are People Like You In The World, But…

I’m very grateful that there are people like you in the world, but I’m also very happy that I am not one of them. -jefferyTV

I got very much a lot accomplished today. I feel really good about it too.

and I hope that the feeling is mutual…

i love gettin’ stuff done. when i quit drinking and went thru what i call “self actualization” where i was able to recognize my ability while my goals became more clear to me i got the idea of gettin’ it done- no excuses, no matter what it was.
i charted the free time i had available and eventually mastered maximizing all the time there was to accomplish my personal goals while still being a functional and social part of society. it came a pint where i was aware that every single second could be used to further me towards my “goals,” if you can call them goals as intentions is probably a better word.

i learned i had to separate myself and be much more independent and this freed not only my time up, but also removed energy and personalities who were holding me back so to speak. everybody aint ready to focus and go. sometimes seeing someone slice thru life like a hot knife thru butter can make people uncomfortable, down on themselves, outright jealous or more problematic hurt.

once i realized that everybody cant keep up with my momentum and what i wanted to do in life it became easy to wish them well and for me to move on. i learned to handle it like business, though it was definitely socially personal. but the alternative was me being unhappy and that does none of us any good.

i think in a “macro team” sense. overall we are all in this together, but that doesn’t mean we have to everything or even anything together. it goes beyond “do you and let me do me” in a sense. its deeper than “don’t hold me back” also. like allowing the uniqueness of the individual (me, in this case) grow into what it becomes. humans say be unique, but often they mean be unique just like the rest of us

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