Me & The Mail Room

IMAG2175Many many times I’ve been told “no one else has ever asked that” “no one else has ever did that” “no one else has ever etc etc” so when the people in the mail room here told me that no one has ever asked for e-mail tracking of UPS packages and that in her 5 years of working there she had never even heard of such a thing it not only didn’t phase me it energized me into action. I got the number to UPS┬átechnical support and they said call them back with someone from the mail room logged in to the system. Now i knew i had to be gentle in even suggesting such a thing so when the girl stepped up and volunteered to call tech support I was not only excited i was touched. This ain’t a silicon valley start-up I’m talking about here these people have been doing certain things a certain way for decades. I mean no one in this huge post of duty in all these years ever even asked for email tracking of UPS and would actually have a label printed, then stuck on the shipping form, photocopied, physically routed and then stored in a bin! It took 4 minutes for the tech guy to walk them through the steps to do this as she took notes and shared with her coworkers how to do it. Being the one to initiate this completely made my day and of course the tracking emails will make my job much easier and if other people in the office start using it theirs will be easier too! Like a little kid I ran and told my boss and oh yeah this is going on my resume.

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