Love One Another For What?

20150608_000832On my way to work I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that said “Love One Another.” I thought to myself, what would that really accomplish? What does “loving one another” really get done? Getting things accomplished, fixed, changed, progress, etc may be the goal and that can be done if we love each other or not. More practical and tactical strategies are needed to “progress” in a global world consisting of thousands of cultures and billions of people. Then I thought there is a chance we have accomplished more things because of NOT loving each other!! LOL

When I was smoking weed daily I was deep into the whole hippy- new age- harmony- hugs and rainbows- depaak chopra- thing. But then I realized that whole “let’s get along” concept is just an operating mode. It actually is not a solution, action or strategy to get anything done!!
We don’t have to come together to get stuff done and things changed. And hey now that I think it may be even better if we DON’T kum-by-ya in sleep circles. It may be best if we address our social, economic, etc issues with opposing viewpoints, dispositions and emotions.

We are in this together and in the macro macro sense at multiple universe scales we are “a” one. But that may not mean that we are one. Sure it feels good to pursue the idea of solidarity, but possibly the only things we may need to be “one” in is communication and economic protocols. When it comes to the actual “get things done” practicals of exchanging with each other there we need to be one and on the same page.

We are past the “can we all get along” phase. It may not seem like it but we are already actually doing it. There will never be an “everybody is equal” or a “we are all a success” Utopia. Certain evils will always exist but should not detract from the parts we are getting right. And for the most part WE ARE GETTING IT RIGHT. We may not all love one another but basically we are getting along. A few acts of violence and the corresponding outrage are reminders of what “evil” is and can really be.

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