Old And Crotchety Maybe, But I’m Definitely Becoming less Tolerant

I might be getting old and crotchety, but I’m definitely becoming less tolerant- as in my focus is narrowing and it’s not a bad thing.20150819_010746

i’m not saddened that I can no longer say “i enjoy all music.” hell I ain’t saddened to say that i don’t enjoy all people anymore either! LOL Some of y’all get on my nerves and where maybe 5-10 years ago I could tolerate it, i’m at a point now where i avoid or ignore things outside my scope of interest. it’s not that i hate you or wish you harm, just do your thang over there as i wish you well.

I respect everything and everyone but i’ll be damned if i have to participate, celebrate, enjoy or even act like i like everything not to hurt someone’s feelings.

You ain’t got to like or be into my thang either, it’s cool. you can do your thang over there but remember we are all still in this together.

For instance i don’t want to go to everybody’s concerts or see any ole live band anymore. There is a certain way i want it and if i can’t have it that way I’m cool with sitting at home watching netflix, Hulu or one of my premium movie channels that Time Warner gave me after I threatened to leave them for AT&T U verse…

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