Nothing Above Me

20150611_113619i feel mortal today. mentally clumsy and unable to leap tall buildings with a single bound. when i go thru these types of episodes i imagine that this is what the overwhelming majority of the rest of the world feels like basically all the time. the keywords: “feels like.”

sure i may or may not be “immortal” and just a “talking hairless monkey” like other homo sapiens, but the key is what i feel like. belief is a powerful thing in that just as your faith in God strengthens and supports you, my deep belief in myself and my capability empowers me just the same. maybe my belief more so as i place nothing above me and i bow to nothing i’ve witnessed in this universe. i am indebted to no higher power and my behavior is not directly tied to an arbitrary judgement to determine my eternal happiness or well being.

this thinking gives me the foundation to achieve a freedom that most humans could never possibly attain. a freedom that just doesnt happen but needs to be achieved via effort and focus.

my future and the things that happen to me are not dependent on an unseen conscious being. the mere fact i’m not bound by an idea of a force that protects me from an evil is a massive freedom.

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