Redefining Terms For Social Compatibility

You cant change the definition of words to make your beliefs and habits appear more appealing. You can20150615_004706t change the definition of “God” or “dance” to make what you do seem less like lunacy.

The definition of the word dance includes “move rhythmically to music.” By DEFINITION if you are not doing that, what you are doing is not dancing, so call it something else.Walking while music is on is walking. Exercising while music is on is exercising. Moving while music is on is just moving, UNLESS ITS IN RHYTHM to the music, then its dancing -BY DEFINITION!!

the moves don’t matter, the rhythm does. i cant think of any move or dance that is unpleasant when its on beat!! and ive seen some wicked “moves” its the rhythm that im talking about!!! and not even on beat, with a steady rhythm and not moving like a disturb wounded animal. there are motions that are meant to not be pleasant and trigger a response of danger or pain. all living creatures that move have these reactions. im use to going places where EVERYBODY is on beat and moving in groove. groove is our only guide not spasmatic contortions while music is playing. or imitation of an injured animal movements. or even more so movements of a distorted or injured human brain

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