Star Wars Ramble

20151217_183801First off, this is a family Disney movie. Very very family oriented but with enough edge that it’s not completely sappy. There was no sex, cussing or even kissing- though folks was getting blown-up and killed continuously in such a non-personal way it was like back-drop.

One cool thing was the respect to nostalgia the movie had. Familiar characters and ships and devices that made the well educated Star Wars audience gasp and cheer. I saw the movie as a part of our company party and it seemed we got the “2 star” seats left over from the Disney crowd. It was VERY cool watching a pre-release with the majority of people being not only industry, but  folk who are invested and have intimate knowledge of the movie AND the trailers! LOL It was like watching the President give the State Of The Union speech and watching the reactions of the senators and representatives. The cheers, claps and chuckles were so perfectly placed and delivered you knew these people knew their stuff.

One of the things that struck me about this move was the message of super duper diversity and “girl empowerment.” Now we can talk about the race mixing and you can call me a throwback to the 50s but even being in a mixed relationship myself it still hits me as strange when I see it so overtly  promoted. I mean I obviously got nothing against it but I do understand that there may be valid cultural reasons other people do have issues. My thing is the unapologetic promotion of it. Super duper liberal already the only that wasn’t represented in proportion to the mainstream was equality and gay rights. Disney ain’t messing with that, though I thought I caught a flash splash of a reference.

Also the evil empire is represented as white Caucasian Hitler army style. I was like this is a direct copy of Nazi Germany or however you call it.

The production was tip top quality. Swanky xmas party at a beautiful Marriot ballroom a stones throw from the beautiful modern L.A. Live and Hollywood premiere like  Regal Theaters all lit up in grand Star Wars fashion. That kind of buzz is something I really really get off on. I am very comfortable in these situations- food, booze, music, a have some fun atmosphere. I looked around in contrast to the people I was with and thought, this is what I do. This is my kinda thang! LOL Even the shuttle bus ride to the venue had me all wide eyed. Thinking of past memories I have of downtown L.A. going back over a decade and feeling so proud of being here and where I came from in Ohio.

The audio and video and 3D quality was the best I have ever experienced- hands down. Even with the 3D glasses over my prescription glasses it was a glorious experience. The fight scenes and lasers and explosions and the ships in space had me riveted for the whole thing. With my $9 popcorn that could have fed a small country which I took most of home even after sharing. But hell, it was $2 more than a small! I love America!!

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