D.E.I. Absurdities ae Protected Under the Guise of Democracy

Black Mirror. Joan is Awful. very creative, witty and thoroughly entertaining. and the diversity, equality and inclusion folks should absolutely love the casting. even the wedding she crashed at the church was a mixed marriage.

Happy Birthday America! though I have no real experience in another, there can be no better country on this planet for me. and that’s not a complaint

once I learn to understand the system and how people function in it, the phrase “Land of Opportunity” became a part of my every waking moment. my every breathe

great doesn’t have to be perfect. as great is subjective anyways.

no it’s not fair. life isn’t fair. nothing is. fair is a man made idea. a concept. like Mike Tomlin said “I treat everybody fairly, but everybody doesn’t get treated the same”

and even though the current wave of D.E.I. stuff irks the hell out of me, I know it’s just a part of a democracy. factor in capitalism and media and there you have it. reactions to reactions is maybe all there ever was

it’s what we humans do. once I truly understood that and was able to separate from it, I became free.

this freedom was probably only made possible in my lifetime. my parents did not have the “freedom” or better yet opportunities I do

the fireworks have begun in beautiful southern california.


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