When Was America Ever “Great?”

when we ended the global institution of slavery that had existed for thousands of years?

nothing is pure anything, all have “good” and “bad” parts. I think it depends on what you were trained to focus on. we as humans tend to see what we want to see. and believing what everybody else believes makes an individuals life much easier

it’s all subjective. greatest, great. for me there can be no greater place. so in my eyes does that makes it great or the greatest?

great doesn’t mean perfect

it may be difficult to accept but even with all the atrocities mentioned, this country could still be “great.” does the good outweigh the bad? I think we here in America (and the Western Civilization) are so spoiled we would not know.

can a country be the greatest, yet not great? like when a losing team is the best in their division and makes the playoffs? maybe that’s “best” and not great. word play, I know. and I get the intent of the original post. but I think it may be more complicated than that.

I respect your opinion. But I wholeheartedly disagree, on every point.

XXXXXXX XXXXX and your right to publicly do that in a forum like this may be American

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