Me And Feeling Good

FB_IMG_1414732213902Yeah, I’m feeling really good. It’s like I’m back to being deeply in love with life “again.” It’s an euphoria I’ve had before.And it’s not loving life and who I am and what I can do but “in love” with it like it was a girl friend
I can feel the energy shooting thru my body literally. Like adrenaline.

I was just out driving around in the rain for like an hour listening to my music and me singing it when i got your message and I pulled over and parked just to reply and enjoy the rain.
It made me think about why am i in this way and I thought I’m basically doing all the things I’ve ever dreamed of in life.

And I’m free to express my happiness and enthusiasm openly again. I can let my light and energy shine and radiate. Everybody doesn’t seem to be to keen on expressing any kind of extreme emotion, even happiness. I’m not comforable being exhuberant about life around some people.

Yes, I went over all the factors involved thats why I came to that conclusion. Right down to singing the music I’ve loved so deeply for so long at Funky Fridays.
I’m exploding with energy and enthisiasm

I “need” an outlet for that zealous energy. Facebook gives me that outlet. I use to write dailys on my webpage and I have years of expressive writing. I’ve always “needed” that. Everybody is on Facebook from my family childhhod everywhere. And if you notice I am actually not talking to anybody but everybody.

When I write like that I dont expect response, so I’ll have a conversation with myself!! LOL People inbox me or tell me when they see me stuff that lets me know I’m being heard and thats perfect and in ways it doesn’t matter. It’s the feeling I get writing and expressing that gets me off.
And then re-reading it and re feeling it again. Then going thru life and creating and doing more to go higher and higher.

I’ve wanted someone to share that with but very few can “understand” it so I started writing to the universe publicly, the ups and the downs. I am in love with my experience.

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