Monitoring My Retirement

I just checked my SSA retirement plan. the delayed benefit at 70 is still my target. and not only because it’s the maximum payout. I don’t think I’m disciplined enough to not have something I respect enough to get me out of bed everyday.

the amount I’m projected to get at 70 would cover my monthly expenses today. though I wouldn’t be able to eat or go anywhere. but a lot of that expense is fat that will eventually be trimmed

plus with my other investments 401Ks and the such. moving to a less expensive area in California and the etc, I think I’m looking pretty good

let alone God forbid I move back to Ohio.

plus I’ve traveled, had more than enough time for myself, and have done most of the stuff people want to do when they retire.

my number one issue may be finding or developing a career or hobby that fulfills me and keeps me busy. something I’ll get out of bed for

I got 9 years to work on this and I’m excited to do so

and I presently have a job I can do until I’m 80 working from home!

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