Riverfront Brawl: And There Should Be A Lot More Arrest Warrants Issued…

i might be taking this all too seriously. maybe people are seeing it as farce and not a true reflection of what’s real.

maybe im turning into my father as i remember his reactions to certain portrayals of black people that i thought were “cool” or just meaningless jokes

as a black man i don’t want to be associated with that type of behavior. so i may tend to give the optics more of a deeper meaning than others. i mean, the memes are the best!!!

XXXXX XXXXXX: J, you’re spot on. I told a friend of mine this morning about this. It appeared to me that by the time the big boat had docked, the initial fight was already over. This means that anybody who got off the boat and approach the pontoon was not defending anyone, but in fact would have been acting in retaliation. The first guys defending the guard were on the right side of the law. The ones who came later committed various crimes. That’s how the law is supposed to work in this situation.
Was an ass kicking for the Pontoon people deserved? Morally, maybe. Legally, it’s questionable.


XXXXX XXXXXX: But the optics for the white ppl jumping him for merely doing his job is fine?? The Black ppl should hv just stood by and let it happen?

it went way way beyond “just stood by and let it happen.” it was retaliation and that is criminal. not saying right or wrong, criminal.

and yes the white folk behavior was criminal also.

XXXXX XXXXXX: everyone knew it was criminal, but to assign OPTICS is ridiculous, and a viewpoint that is rooted in stereotypes. The time has loooooong passed where Black people should care what some white ppl think about us based on our actions. Some of them are going to think whatever they think regardless of actions, etc…

it’s not what white people think, it’s about what I THINK. and the type of behavior I WANT to be associated with regardless of the observer. who cares what white people think???

XXXXX XXXXXX: It was lawful for the first group of people to come to his defense. From what I saw, at that point the yt assailants went back on to their pontoon boat. Then the riverboat docked, and I saw 3-4 brothers then disembark and they approached the smaller pontoon boat. At THIS point, it’s no longer a self defense because the yt guys had already stopped fighting and retreated. The next blow thrown appeared to be from one of the brothas who got off the riverboat. That’s assault and battery. The courts, if they do their job right, ain’t gonna give either side a pass.
XXXXX XXXXXX: YOU’RE the one who brought up optics though.

XXXXX XXXXXX: there were side fights that broke out that could also be seen as self-defense. I’m not counting on AL courts to do anything fairly. This could have all been avoided if they had simply moved the vessel as asked. But once that yt guy ran up on the dock worker, then everyone else men and women, piled on him, all bets were off. NOW, having said that the guy with the chair will probably see the most time. Ppl need to realize the “ when they go low, we go high” is not always appropriate nor is it always going to work.

XXXXX XXXXXX: Nooooooooooooooooo ma’am. Side fights? A defense means doing just enough to stop the first assailants from fighting back. I am not proud to admit it, but I have personally been on the wrong end of one of these situations myself, and got caught up with the law. Any actions taken past STOPPING the fight is not a defense.

XXXXX XXXXXX: we will all see how this plays out.

XXXXX XXXXXX: so I was just on IG and ran across a vid of a side fight. A group of Black men walked up that dock, a couple white men approached. Wassups were traded, white guy threw a punch, a Black guy in a black/white stripped shirt served him. Next clip: white guy with two black eyes, and plugs in his nose😄😄 talks about yep that 65 yr old can sure throw punches.



its going to be interesting who they arrest and or prosecute in this Riverfront Brawl thing. i dont care if the white guys were all grand dragons of the KKK or spawns of Satan himself, the law says you just can’t jump, attack and beat on folks like that. regardless.

in this climate of white guilt and treating black people with kid gloves at some point some one is going to have to stand up and hold black people accountable. never minding feelings of past transgressions.

its already unspoken, but if no charges are brought against several black participants in this Riverfront Brawl it would be like condoning this behavior. it’s ok as long as they are racists anyone can beat on them

XXXXX XXXXXX: you TRIPPING DUDE That ass whooping was frustration built up for centuries in our land and the saying goes don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.
Fucc all THAT MAN because THAT’S EXACTLY the behavior that made AMERICA GREAT.!!! It’s the AMERICAN way and God bless America. CHURCH

NOPE!!!! what does THE LAW say?!

and you know who may win big in all this? Donald Trump! if i was white, and i saw this and the black participants were not charged and possibly even celebrated…

XXXXX XXXXXX: Jeffery, black people have ALWAYS been held accountable, held at gunpoint, held responsible, put in holding cells, held hostage… you name it. Dude, where have you been living for the past 61 years? Oh, and it doesn’t matter what the law says. It’s often interpreted and applied differently for black people.

accountable for present day actions. I never said they never were. in fact black people need to hold black people accountable!! bad behavior is bad behavior.

XXXXX XXXXXX: Do you say all this ”because you’re black” or because maybe you wish you weren’t? I notice time and again how you are always against black people. Do you see something other that black when you look in the mirror?

i say all this (whatever “all this” is) speaking from my own experience. when i look in the mirror i see myself as black, but i know i dont fall in line with the traditional black belief system. im just voicing my observations. i never said anybody was right, wrong, or should do or be this or that. so what “All this” did i say?

this is just my opinion, is it not?

XXXXX XXXXXX: if you say so.

XXXXX XXXXXX: those are only rules and the rule makers are the FIRST breakers. Fucc all THAT law SHIT because it should be a lot of laws that help society but it’s the CORPORATION that runs the government. Silly rabbit

it’s like you’re not black if you claim to never have been a victim of racism

or to phrase it it differently if you can’t remember a significant racial event in your life

that is NOT saying racism does not exist. i repeat racism exists, but its not the widespread monster a lot of people have been taught to believe it is.

XXXXX XXXXXX: Jeffery it is. Really, it still is. They just try to be more subtle and high tech. All those hate groups that came out with trump are quiet now, publicly. But they’re still there. And their members are right here among us. Not even to mention those who aren’t members, but share their sentiments. It’s here Jeff and there’s a lot of it.


XXXXX XXXXXX: I was so proud of the way those brothers stood up for their brother (just as the white ones were doing). Those white dudes knew all those black people were right there, but they figured they could get away with beating up that man because no one would come to help him. They’re so used to hearing about black-on-black crime and all those other stats, they never dreamed there would be an onslaught, let alone from men who probably didn’t even know the dock worker. Even the cops, who usually go in first on the black folks, didn’t. White folks learned a couple valuable lessons that day, (1) Never underestimate whether blacks will defend blacks and (2) YES, many of us can swim.

“proud?” it’s like we are living on two different planets. or two different eras of time

i see this kind of behavior across the board regardless of race. humans have a natural empathy and for the most part do well by each other. black people love making it a racial thing.

XXXXX XXXXXX:Jeffery, yes PROUD of how they came through for him, instead of standing back letting him get beaten worse.

breaking it up is one thing. but what they did was criminal. are you proud of that?

XXXXX XXXXXX: Jeffery. Don’t start none, won’t be none. The black men didn’t start it, but they finished it….strong. Yep, still proud.


for me its about now. my ancestors fought and died and won the institutionalized racism war. i am not going back to fight that batte all over again because my experience does not reflect the prevailing narrative of widespread racism. in fact i see the opposite so much that its crippling black folks. too many handouts, affirmative actions, looking the other way, etc etc. racial tension is a new media genre

XXXXX XXXXXX:Jeffery, ohhh Jeff. You really think that war was WON? You can’t be serious.

yes i do. as much won as it ever can be. i think its profitable to keep the “struggle” and idea alive. and black people hang on to it as an excuse. use it as a tool or weapon at times. the “ism” it’s no longer about race, it’s about class. and quite frankly i am not mad at that at all

again, i have no direct experience that racism is widespread to the point it’s holding anybody back. that’s MY experience and that’s what i will ALWAYS base my ideologies on. not what someone told me, not what i see on TV.

XXXXX XXXXXX: Jeffery, that said, you are myopic and unable, or maybe just unwilling, to fully acknowledge that perhaps you may be wrong at worst, or unfair at best. I’ve had experiences, quite a few.

i can say the exact thing about you! without the experiences of course. so now it comes down to evidence and not hearsay or emotional appeal. or stories from a half century ago.

XXXXX XXXXXX: Anybody can say what they want about anybody. It’s America, right? The only difference is I’m willing to acknowledge other people’s experiences. I’m open to the fact they may be different that mine, without judging them or actually blaming them for those experiences (Except for those who may be responsible for what’s happened/happening to them).

i judge and blame because i have opinion and i have no issue with that. i prefer certain ways and means over others. but i know that its ONLY MY OPINION and people are different and free to be what or whoever they want. i would never tell anyone to stop doing something they believe in. i know what works for me according to my experiences. other folks got their own ways and ideas. i think i pretty much only talk about me!

XXXXX XXXXXX: Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell how is it not your experience if the same constructs can affect your life

can affect? if they have, I missed it. and that may be my deeper underlying point

if it’s so widespread, why haven’t I seen it? I’ve been places, done things. I’m out there loud while being black.

i go everywhere as obnoxious as i am. as black as i am. never had an issue?

this is why i think its a class thing and not race

there is definitely a something! but hell i aint trying to let everybody in the party either, and i may be racist. but for me it’s about class and how one operates and their demeanor.

XXXXX XXXXXX: WHITE HOUSE Biden calls white supremacy ‘most dangerous terrorist threat’ in speech at Howard “I’m saying this wherever go,” the president told the university’s graduating class.

LOL OF COURSE he will say that!!! THATS WHAT A LOT OF PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR!!! the democratic party been telling black folks they are victims for years!!!

XXXXX XXXXXX: CNN US Live TV Witness says racist language was used before assault at Montgomery dock, court document shows’

XXXXX XXXXXX: Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell so because it doesn’t happen to you, it doesn’t exist.

didnt say racism doesnt exist, it will ALWAYS exist (on both sides). its no where as big a problem as its being marketed and promoted. there is big money and votes in keeping the idea of widespread racism alive. racist definitely exists, but it aint in the top 20 issues facing black folks

Racial Tension is a media genre. One racist bad incident in a country of 300 million and its ALL over the news! you ever ask yourself, why?

and the media constantly feeds you racial tension. not only is it entertaining, its profitable! they know the trigger words to get you to click on that article!

“the most dangerous terrorist threat?” C”MON!!!!!

XXXXX XXXXXX: Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell back in the day those racists started a civil war, you can’t get more dangerous than that

back in the day 200 years ago. things have changed. things have changed drastically since 60 years ago,. but that’s not the narrative that triggers people

XXXXX XXXXXX: but it did happen in this country and the United States must take it seriously despite what you think.


XXXXX XXXXXX: Let’s Put Law Vs Moral Responsibility & Emotions 2 The Side 4 A Moment & Deal With What This is Really About…
Those White Men Knew What The Rules Were in The Law When They Docked Their Boats But For Whatever Reason (Could Be White Privilege Mentally) They Said F The Rules & Took Their Frustration Out On The Black Guy Who Was Only Bringing 2 Their Attention The Rules… They Jumped Him & Other White Men Jumped In… This is The Spark That Lit The Fire… Many Black Folks Have Sat By For Ages Watching A Specific Group Of People Get By With Doing The Worse Unimaginable Things 2 Us And Rarely Does The Justice Fall In Our Favor… Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell & Xavier Jefferson I Understand Ur Position According 2 The Law But The Bottom Line is A Lot Of Black Folks Are Fed Up These Entitled Passive & Upfront Aggressive Racist And The Apologists Who Make Excuses For The Behavior Of These Type Of White Men & Women Who Feel They Can Say Or Do What They Want With No Consequences… Once Again The White Man Who Refuse 2 Follow The Rules Sparked This Chain Events 2 Happen & If This Was The Other Way Around U Know Even If U Don’t Want Admit It If That Black Man Who They Jumped Was White All Kinds Of White Folks Would Have Jumped In 2 Beat Any Black Person In Sight Possibly 2 Death Because America Was Founded On Violence.

i acknowledge the deep racial transgressions of the past, i just don’t live in them. at some point, we all will move past them. maybe some of us have. maybe some of dont want to let go of them. again, that narrative does not match my 61 years of experience. so which one you think im gonna go with?

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