The Only Thing That Matters Is HOW YOU FEEL!!

20160504_061819There is something very problematic about the ultra liberal to liberal stance, propaganda and agenda. The intentions may be noble but the movement towards them can be just as oppressive as the things they rail against. It’s basically “live and let live” until your living doesn’t agree with mine. true “tolerance” means you accept the people who don’t agree with or like you or your philosophy. It’s not preaching being diverse as long as that diversity is not in conflict with yours. I don’t have to like you and I don’t have to accept your ways or your lifestyle. I’m not responsible for you being “offended” OR the reactions you may have to my ways or the words I use, that’s on you. Go back to your commune, smoke some weed and think that’s having a “meeting.” LOL One love my ass. Love may conquer all but it ain’t never paid nobodys rent without it being a handout.

Bootstraps not begging. Got nothing to pull yourself up by then it may be your evolutionary time not to be here. Darwin out homey.

Just keep praying and waiting for it to come. Type “amen” to every one of them memes so money will come to you. God watches Facebook, he is everywhere says your bible. Prayer works and when it doesn’t we don’t count that. And besides, it makes us feel better and that’s the bottom line to everything. HOW WE FEEL trumps reality every time!

A dead man on a stick protects you. Love is the answer. We are all the same.

There is no doubt we are in this together. What ever we will be, we will be. Whatever happens to us over the next 300,000 years will happen and the universe will keep going as it always has. The reality may be that the existence of life is not critical and in the macro sense it may not matter. What are we here for? We don’t know and that means I dont and YOU dont either.

So what’s the point? So what if all life on earth vanishes and everything that we have created is deleted forever? All our gains in knowledge and understanding wiped away without a trace?

Sure that would be tragic, but tragic to whom or what?

I’m not saying not to fight or even oppress to accomplish your agenda. I’m saying realize that just because in your eyes its a good and noble thing for people, shoving it down other folks throats is a form of oppression and bullying. For me there are no rules so go get what you desire by any means necessary, but live with the consequences. Your so called liberal ideals to prevent global warming, protect lifestyles and pets are no more holy than what the Klan believes. Its ALL belief and faith!!!!!!

ALL IDEALS AND BELIEFS ARE EQUAL!!! None is more better than any other. Worship any of the traditional Gods from Jesus to Allah or praise Satan or look to the Sun for divine meaning ITS ALL THE SAME!!!!

LOL!!!!! Nothing really matters but HOW YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW!!!!

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