Work Day 5 Of 7 Straight

work day 5 of 7 straight. swing shift is usually a much mellower beast, if it’s a beast at all. but what happens is “slower” days are less staffed so it’s not a total picnic. we provide coverage 24-7 365 days a year globally. and you better believe there is someone working somewhere on the planet at any given time.

anyways, i just had my 2nd (fulled all the way up) cup of UTZ Pub Mix. i was like funk it and gave in to the feeling of gluttony. usually even if i over indulge it’s with a slight feeling of shame or failure. not this time, i was like funk it i’ll just have to be fat. and don’t get me wrong i enjoy the consumption if i’m feeling shame/ failure or not. hell the shame may make it better. the giving in and letting go also provides an extra rush during indulgence.

now if i had any sense of self i could go without eating the lunch i brought to work (which i probably will do as i am stuffed right now). my new technique is to eat a bigger to big breakfast or meal early in the day before i get my 10K steps in. very often if i do that i can get thru the rest of the day without craving a larger meal. and i like mr scale’s responses to this eating routine.

yeah, funk it. mini jelly beans, skittles and cherry airheads candy going down right now. damn i almost choked to death. that’s how deep i’m into funk it gobbling down this candy right now. notice i didn’t LOL this. nor have i stopped eating the candy. i’m all in!!

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