Blame Whitey And Trust God Ain’t Working

20150501_144336No matter what you think or believe, if he is running around calling himself a thug, a dopeman and a killer, or if she is tagging herself as a hoe and answers to “bitch,” and they all call each other niggas- guess what?
How are you going to blame media portrayal?

The time is coming when “we” will separate ourselves from that aspect of the black community. It’s happening very slowly, but folks are speaking up

The issue is the black on black murder rate in Chicago and other places. And black (and other) people simply being left behind. Generations leading to people who are no longer part of the system

If the media portrayal is accurate or not, there is a very real issue within the black community that is unique.

Who? Why? How come? Is a whole other question

Blame whitey and trust God ain’t working

Black people need to fix this ourselves!

The only thing I could think of was to bring my children up the best way I know, or could. To be an example and stay on their assess. But I really don’t know the answer (yet).

It may be too late for a lot of people

yes i often think of that and the blaxplotation era even sidney portier and bill cosby got in on it, its hard to say when the “slide” started or when “we” willfully participated in it and thought how cool it was to be cool and slick like that and the next thing you know we go this thug mess we got now. as religious as black folks is i wonder how it became so mainstream this behavior

The reason is because black youth ran around for over a decade making records and or portraying an image of a thug, murderer and ruthless killer. Rappers set the dress code for this image, black youth emulated it and embraced the persona.
So now after over a decade of black gangsta thug and pants sagging white people are starting to believe it and you blame them?

Watch a video or BET and ask the question

What can be put into question is why this situation exists. And maybe even who is to “blame.” But neither the answer to either of those questions may lead to the solution. And who needs to take responsibility to correct it.

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