New Agey Spiritualisms Are Not Solutions, They Are Policies And Practices

Love, God, Pray, Harmony, Hugs, Togetherness and other rainbow “New Agey” spiritualisms are not solutions, they are policies and practices. None of these things actually gets anything accomplished. To actually get anything done takes a discipline, focus, planning, strategy and a determination- the motivation of which can come from the above mentioned.20150502_215226

To get something done you can’t pray on it or love it or even hope for it, you have to do it and get it done.

And this takes a focus and discipline which goes against New Agey principal. Strategy has edges and focus means that you can’t save the whole world and hug everybody it means get done what you came here to do.

It means excluding things and saying “no,” it means making hard decisions and factoring out what is not needed based on its value towards the goal, not according to sentiment or compassion.

A healthy balance must be achieved.

I dabbled in the new age thing and I get how powerful love, meditation and prayer can be. Spiritualism does exist and there may even be some type of higher power that we will get to, attain or achieve. I’ve felt church and spirit all thru my body. And it made me feel good, damn good.

But I found what made me feel better was accomplishing things when I came out of my meditations. This empowered me more than any prayer has. To understand my capability as a physical, thinking human functioning with a purpose in part driven by my “spirituality.”

It’s real and it all happens with us and by us.

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