I Think I’m Still Hungry To Fly Higher

It seems and is probably obvious that the more experienced and “in shape” you are, the easier “it” is. Whatever “it” is. And this includes navigating and handling the business of life in general.

Case in point: I don’t feel like I’m operating at 100%. Maybe I’m just not laser focused on anything grinding it out full throttle to get anything done. I feel sluggish and slothyish at times. I feel I should be doing much more. But in my daily summary of things going on and to do I’m on top of things. More than just caught-up my shit is in order and things are very much handled. I’m thinking it’s increased capability (physical and mental stamina) acquired during the years of processing and eliminating previous “issues” and things that needed to be done. So I’m bigger better stronger AND life has gotten easier. Just because I enjoyed it that doesn’t mean I didn’t work hard at it. I put in effort and remained focused. The last 10 years I have really stepped up my game. And in true philosophical p-funk fashion I was sure to get my fun(k) in too. Anyways, it seems now what once took 90% work effort to attain takes 50%.

I believe the social term I am often tagged is “lucky.” I understand what is meant by that but I don’t totally agree with it. I do and will always acknowledge that the luckiest day of my life was when it was determined who my parents were gonna be. Not that they gave or did everything for me, more that I was born into a situation that provided me many opportunities (but not so many to spoil me rotten- (because I am spoiled just not rotten)). And my parents were very good at showing me how to exploit those opportunities. They exposed me to a lot, and the one I think critical is that we traveled. I not only got to see other cities I got to see how to travel and navigate these cities at an early age (i love that I have an urge to be global). It  was impressed upon me the importance of education and how to behave in social situations, etc.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Life gets easier as one ascends Maslow’s Hierarchy (to self-actualization or whatever). One should grow into being more capable and more understanding with experience. Along the journey one should accumulate skills and tools to be used sometimes decades in the future. I love where and who I am now. I try to remain mindful of everything around me. It takes a village to keep jeffery happy. A global village.

I think I’m still very hungry to fly higher. Hard to compare me to the me of 20-30 years ago though. I may be less hungry now as I don’t have to focus so much on just “surviving” and have accomplished a bunch. I don’t know. I do know I don’t want to waste my opportunity with and within this consciousness. What does “waste” even mean in this case? Probably not the correct word but I know what I mean. I’m gonna do as always exactly what it is I’m gonna do. In hindsight I look back over my life and just about all of my decisions led me to where I am now. Which should not be surprising in any case, but the idea that this is where I always wanted to be kind of makes it special….

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