Mortal Sinning Can Be Deadly

I am too much loving being at work right now. No, really. It’s time away from continuously sleeping and eating in the sanctuary. The much needed break that makes getting back to it so pleasurable.

The catch with mortal sins like sloth, gluttony, lust etc is that you can over do it. They aren’t called deadly for nothing. You can go too far down that rabbit hole to a point of no return- physically and mentally. And that’s part of what makes these activities so good to the flesh. Oh the joys of carnal reward. I need to get out and socialize more. LOL It’s getting to be literally too freakin’ good being alone in my apartment. I sit there thinking what could I possibly do that is better than doing this. I have the resources to do pretty much anything out there. I’ve built that space to be so much of all that I need it makes me giggle and dance.

Don’t get me wrong, I love people. I may not like them so much at times, but as I’ve said before even that I enjoy. What makes a sanctuary a sanctuary is that there is something to sanctuary from. To be alone alone alone would be unbearable. Maybe alone isn’t the word. Isolated, away from or “To myself” may be a better description. Because I never feel alone. Virtual connectivity via social media and the such communication is always there. To have carved out and created such a space for myself. That is one of the most important things in my life. A large enough space to be me. Not just physical space. I’ve mentioned this before about freedom and space. (I realized I will repeat stuff and as I do I find where it fits in the bigger picture or how this or that is also a result of this or that).

Recurring themes in my writing help to show me what I value. The subjects I feel most relevant at any given whimsical time. When I gather all these writings to use in my book, patterns will emerge. These patterns will help me to see a bigger picture. thinking this bigger picture will tie into the grand ultimate idea of the book. I want this book to have a semi-sharp “point,” a hard punch without cutting. A mildly structured concept. My explanation of it all as I see it. Sum’n like that…

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