Not A Single Drop Of Compassion

I feel like I don’t have one single drop of compassion in me right now. Not a kind of angry, just semi-deeply irritated by normal humans being human.

What usually tickles me about you mortals is working my last nerve right now. Feels like its been months since I’ve had any real vibrant social interaction and that’s not a complaint, more a possible reason for my current disposition towards humanity. As with most of my reactions, I’m sure this will lead me to deeper creative possibilities…

Haven’t been feeling like posting basically because I’m tired of interacting with mundane human beings so caught up on things that are so 4 years ago already. What difference does what you’re whining about now really make? Got no energy for you or that so I decided to drop off FB for a minute. But I was eating on this nasty ass Salisbury Steak TV dinner with it’s fake mashed potatoes and fake gravy and I ain’t stupid I know that ain’t meat but sweet blue eyed Jesus, Son of Mary in all Her grace this is so goddamn I had to forgo the social irritation or interacting and share this feeling…

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