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WEFUNKWEST Plans Recording Jam Session (Jan 2011, never happened)

WEFUNKWEST in collaboration with Union City, Ca based R-Dub Productions will host a p-funk recording jam session photo-op filming bbq party during George Clinton and the P-funk Allstars upcoming Yoshi’s San Francisco gigs.

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Because I was Raised On The Funk

because for some of us who were raised on the funk when someone says the commodores or ewf is funk it degrades and dilutes what we believe (and know) funk is. its like saying “catholics and baptists are the same, what difference does it make?” might as well throw disco music in as funk too. …

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Are We Witnessing The Crash Landing Of The Mothership?

I think saying “its all up to George” may be a cop out. It’s never only up to one person when a group or organization is involved. Hell, even Steve Jobs got fired from his own company and the President of the USA can’t just do what he wants to do. So if the shows are …

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My Status Update To William “Bootsy” Collins Post

i’ll be there just like I was last year in LA when snoop and dr west got funky wit it and I helped you back on stage after you touched somebody (I remember the first time I saw you do that early 90s hollywood palladium I believe) and then meeting you in your dressing room …

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My Discovery of Parliament / Funkadelic and a Funk Pure

Probably summer 1977. As I remember it was in the dining room of my babysitters house. I was sitting at the table when I heard a sound I had never heard before. It was the keyboards of Mothership Connection. I immediately asked “who is that?” The response was thats “Parliament, its been out, it’s old” (it had been out maybe …

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T-OH! & PFUNK1 Post Demo Track

T-OH! is Anthony Sanders, a long time acquaintance and friend of PFUNK1 who were reunited recently after 20 years at the 2011 Long Beach Funk Festival. They knew each other growing up in Youngstown, Ohio (Sanders a big Slave fan) and met up years later in California. The two were roommates at one point in …

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Going Funkin’ Off On The FUNK

if funk came from anywhere it came from that- not james brown. james brown aint even funk- ITS FUNKY. now see i never heard this graham before, this is the missing piece!!! when i heard mr norwood fisher and them play “hair” at the long beach funkfest i had never heard it. wow and since …

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Head Nut-N-Charge: Norwood Fisher

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