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Blackbyrd McKnight


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Are We Witnessing The Crash Landing Of The Mothership?

I think saying “its all up to George” may be a cop out. It’s never only up to one person when a group or organization is involved. Hell, even Steve Jobs got fired from his own company and the President of the USA can’t just do what he wants to do. So if the shows are …

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My Discovery of Parliament / Funkadelic and a Funk Pure

Probably summer 1977. As I remember it was in the dining room of my babysitters house. I was sitting at the table when I heard a sound I had never heard before. It was the keyboards of Mothership Connection. I immediately asked “who is that?” The response was thats “Parliament, its been out, it’s old” (it had been out maybe …

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T-OH! & PFUNK1 Post Demo Track

T-OH! is Anthony Sanders, a long time acquaintance and friend of PFUNK1 who were reunited recently after 20 years at the 2011 Long Beach Funk Festival. They knew each other growing up in Youngstown, Ohio (Sanders a big Slave fan) and met up years later in California. The two were roommates at one point in …

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Going Funkin’ Off On The FUNK

if funk came from anywhere it came from that- not james brown. james brown aint even funk- ITS FUNKY. now see i never heard this graham before, this is the missing piece!!! when i heard mr norwood fisher and them play “hair” at the long beach funkfest i had never heard it. wow and since …

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Dr Cornell West, George Clinton, Craig Ferguson, Tavis Smiley & Just Another Day In Hollywood

 The process is mechanical as hell and they know it, but it seems Craig Ferguson’s thing is to “push the envelope” and they did. Warm up comedian used real and all the cuss words (multiple MF’s which pumped me up!) and told some really raunchy but good jokes. (Show was 18 an over).  They prep, search and seat …

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Hanging Out With Mr Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton

I’m not often starstruck anymore  (sorta) though I still get very excited. I was probably literally glowing when I met then Senator Barack Obama. But having the opportunity to hang out and work with my childhood heroes (the people who make the music I love so much) presents a whole other thing. It’s cool until it gets weird for …

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(m)Y-Town Ohio Loves Them Some P-funk (2002)

  Signs of P-funk in my hometown Youngstown (Ohio funks da’best) circa 2002. This was on the eastside, I grew up on the southside.  Sometimes I wonder why it’s in me so deep and I realize I was raised on it. There is a reason why the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame is in …

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