Oct 16

Never Missing A Beat

Damn I be getting it! NEVER MISSING A BEAT!! now you see why I get so frustrated when I go see funk and don’t find rhythm like this?

My idea of the Motor Booty Affair is gettin’ some and EVERYBODY is hittin’ rhythms like this. I will always keep this dream alive!
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Dig how I snap my neck double time on the beat. Every part of my body is in time on time.
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The idea is to be surrounded by humans in a visually pleasing groove yet on their own individual rhythm. To experience this kind of stimulation would be a heaven to me

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Aug 23

Pharrell’s “New Black”

Pharrell Williams

“The New Black doesn’t blame other races for our issues,” said Pharrell, one of the world’s most successful musicians, to Oprah, billionaire queen of the world. “The New Black dreams and realises that it’s not pigmentation: it’s a mentality and it’s either going to work for you or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re going to be on.”

“This is the new black. Oprah Winfrey: That’s the new black. She’s a black billionaire. President Obama: He is a black American president. Regardless of what you think about him, this is his second term. That’s the new black. LeBron James: the first black man ever shot on a Vogue cover, a black man. Me: a guy that’s written a song at 40! Nominated for an Oscar, four GRAMMY awards — at 40! That’s the new black!”


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Aug 20

Those That Are Being Left Behind

People walking around with their hands in the air simulating surrender. What if it comes out Mr Brown was attacking and rushing the officer after sucker punching him and trying to take his gun? Unfortunately,  at this point these people and anyone else who has printed “surrender” t-shirts will not believe or accept anything other than Mr Brown surrendered. 
20140709_075731I think no matter how deep the sympathy for this community and its circumstances, people- black or white aint going for defending a thug. thats simply going too far. if it comes out mr brown provoked this attack i imagine the wound it will leave on this community. but it wont be as deep as when the time comes that black people, what i call the new black, begins to openly separate itself from those blacks who have seem to be left behind (for a lack of a better word). the new black is very very very slowly beginning to voice disagreement with some of the philosophies, behavior and actions of certain black folk, which includes gang members, criminal, corrupt church leaders, etc.

i thought of this just the other day. the change will come when black folks begin “snitching” on the undesirable element of the black community. we need the help of law enforcement to clean out certain elements of black neighborhoods where thugs and criminals are sustained because black people in good standing (lack of better word) stay quiet. once we begin “cleaning out” our own communities respect and perceived racism- racism which is screamed by the negative elements in the black community as cover will subside.the new black is beyond racism, beyond slavery and the past. its not forgotten its just handled in a different way and isnt a debilitating mindset or burden.

yeah i love black folks but long ago i stopped defending them when i thought they were “wrong” or contradicted some thing i believe in. yeah i would commit the sin of criticizing my brothers in front of whitey. taking whiteys side when whitey was right and not defending the black man. yeah ive looked at black folk who expected me to lie for them just cause they were black like they were crazy and that they just insulted me. and oh yeah i was called uncle tom and uncle ruckus and still am. friends and family have unfriended me because of this stance.

Black people that stay within like minded black people have created their own reality. (many groups do this not just blacks) and they play the race card and believe so deeply in racism that they may never be able to assimilate into a white society.

In America we are raised on racism. not that we are all racists, but we are all racially aware one way or another. its just a part of life here.

And i must clarify that the new black will separate from not only the criminal element, but blacks who have a stuck in time mentality. the divide will be philosophical and based on a major difference in belief systems. and i dare to say the new black will be much less religious and more spiritual. almost atheistic science, knowledge and experience based. the new black will be beyond Jesus (white or black). it will have a modern sharp practical understanding. and i imagine a tad economically conservative.

there are a number of cities like Ferguson in America. and they are fighting for their lives and to be a part of the future. but it is going to be tough because they dont fit in to the future. they dont speak the language or know the protocol. and after so many generations a high percentage may lack the capacity to aggressively be a contributing part of the future of mankind. there are white and black and people in every country all around the world in this condition. black people here have the race card and can use it to instill white guilt for now, but thats gonna change soon. what do we do for the poor and disenfranchised people of the world?

evolution says everybody ain’t gonna make it. we can’t save everybody.

but we do not have to decide who will make it and who wont. nature will do that for us no matter what we do

the disenfranchised don’t participate in the system so they are not represented




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Aug 12

Because I was Raised On The Funk

20140720_002208because for some of us who were raised on the funk when someone says the commodores or ewf is funk it degrades and dilutes what we believe (and know) funk is. its like saying “catholics and baptists are the same, what difference does it make?” might as well throw disco music in as funk too.

yeah we can all get along, but that dont mean we all got to be the same. diversity does not mean dilution or blurring distinctions. i believe there is a funk integrity that must be maintained and without people speaking up you gonna find katy perry being spun as funk music…

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Aug 11

Body Shop By The Sweat Band: The Funkiest Song Ever!

In my opinion the “funkiest” song ever. (And I’m not 100% sure this is “funk,” but it is definitely the funkiest (the beats per minute straddles the upper limit of “funk”)). (Though it’s not my favorite song ((not just) Knee Deep). (quotatiously) “parenthetically” speaking…

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Aug 11

Suicide = No Heaven

20140626_174346Robin Williams cannot enter Heaven. But I think he was Jewish and they don’t believe in heaven anyways (I thought it slightly amazing I instantly knew that about that religion).

I believe one can be an atheist and still believe in a metaphysical realm. There can be “supernatural” things without God. One can be an atheist and not be a skeptic.

No, my man I’m an atheist but I’m not a skeptic! I believe faith “works” not because of Jesus or whatever it is the faith is placed in. Human beings with faith in something function better and are happier and maybe even healthier!

So faith in Jesus works, because it’s the faith not the Christ. He didn’t have to exist because it’s all about faith! (That fuss is us!!)

There is just as much evidence for “your Creator” or “Higher Power” as there is for “Jesus” or “Allah” or unicorns or tooth fairies. Faith by definition means there is no evidence, it’s the faith and not “in what” that works… but yeah religion is the opiate of the masses!!

If its “your” evidence then its testimony and not evidence. Evidence is not personal, that’s belief. Evidence can be clearly demonstrated without explanation. Meaning that if you show me something then have to explain what it is, its not direct evidence. Its your interpretation of evidence.

Why atheists are concerned with the religious:
Because it skews and slows the progress of humanity as a whole.
This includes the massive self esteem issue that religion indoctrinates children with.

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Aug 01

Blackbyrd McKnight


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Jul 31

Christianity Is Based Completely On (D)Evil

20140709_075731Christianity is completely based on sin. The New Covenant and therefore Jesus wouldn’t be needed if it wasn’t for evil or the Devil (which God created). God sent his son to us, we kill him and that’s the way to God?

The goal of God and Jesus should be to save the Devil! The Devil can’t be saved cause if he was that would end Christianity and there would be no threat of Hell. It just doesn’t make sense that an all knowing all powerful creator would set it up this way if you ask me. There had to be a better way that a God could have done this…


That’s one of my biggest issues with faith in unseen beings, people giving away all the credit for not only things they accomplished themselves, but the belittling of mankind as a whole. Let alone thinking there is a better place than than the planet we have now once again for an imagined, unseen hoped for place. 

It wasn’t God though it may be unexplained,  it’s cause you worked your ass off and fought through it! 


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Jun 12

A Modest And Humble Funk Cat?

2014-06-01 11-36-05.0002014-06-01 11-36-21.156A modest and humble funk cat is basically a jazz musician playing pop.

Attitude, if you ask me, is a requirement to hit that spot right…

Cause not only is funk music ballsy, the subject matter and therefore the tone is hard, tough, strong and solid. Steady even and when those things become loose the music becomes more funky but less funk!

It’s like the attitude, subject matter, tone and emotion must match. The personality even

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Apr 27

So What, Be A Racist…

So what, be a racist. Do you pay and treat me fairly? Is the business you run successful? Have you ever disrespected me personally? Have you ever publicly disrespected the team?

Why give this man or any man the power to upset you so deeply? So what he may not like or be comfortable around black people. It ain’t like you ain’t heard the very same talk in reverse in your family. And white people please don’t think that a lot of black people don’t feel that same way towards you. Ain’t all cultures guilty of “stay with your own” and or “don’t marry one of them?”

But oh, it’s not racism if it comes from the minority? One group can have the exact same feelings but one is racist and the other is not cause one is the dominant culture?20140318_162913

Me personally am beyond the who’s a racist thing cause it really doesn’t bother me. I don’t see wasting my energy and time playing that game. So what you don’t like me cause I’m black, I know plenty of people who do and I don’t think “ignoring” cases of racism leads to racism spreading. And to tell the truth trying to stamp it out with such vigor may help to spread it. Acknowledge and move on.

If a known racist offers a better deal on a product I need I have no problem buying from him. And I’m not saying that just for effect it really doesn’t bother me (I buy from Christians all the time lol). There are however some things I won’t support with my dollars (gangsta rap for one) but the racism and prejudice and the “they don’t like black people thing” personally does not bother or move me. That fight seems so outdated there are more pressing matters that trigger my emotion.

How do I fight racism? Number one I don’t cause to fight it just gives it more attention. It shouldn’t be a fight.

What I’m going to do is get more computer training and make myself more marketable in the IT industry. Get a better job, pay my taxes an
d bills, improve my credit, watch out for my family, not litter, present myself in public and carry myself at a level that I respect. Not have a criminal record or even tickets. Keep myself healthy and fit. Keep abreast of current events and what’s going on in the world. Keep up to date with science. Speak articulately and clearly. Eat healthy foods. Be happy and assured so that everyone that comes within this little light of mine will feel these very things. 

That’s how I boycott and picket and for me that’s the ultimate stand I can make. 

Be who I am and feel that I am successful.

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