Apr 24

What Most Avoid, I Gravitate Toward

11146301_10153308002602125_5565030825384362464_nmost avoid the things that I seem to naturally gravitate towards. I go at them head-on where many prefer to leave it unspoken…

I always want to know why and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter.

everybody can’t dance like that thru life. it ain’t easy, but once you reach that plateau there’s no going back…
folks will even delete conversations that get “too deep” or real. it’s one thing to remove profanity or spam, its another to expel opposing viewpoints and opinions. things seen as “negative” or contrary. there are even groups and programs like this that state up front that they will only allow fluffy soft talk and admiration

funk, especially p-funk(funkadelic) has always been about the “good” and the “bad,” the “clean” and the “dirty.” you can’t sanitize or process the truth and it still be the truth.

rambling yes, oh the freedom one has when partaking in such an action. incoherent is relative

especially when one is not trying to be that
as it is the definition of rambling

unbound imaginative freedoms

and the willingness to not make any sense or abide by any rules or discipline

there in lies the greatness of the magic

to be able to go there publicly without hesitation

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Apr 23

The Social Media Repository And Me

sdsdsdsdsdmany of us use Facebook and other social media sites to establish a persona, a character, a band or business and in doing so we build and maintain our timeline with an intimate and intricate expertise. we store our pictures and videos and writings in what seems to be a stable repository.

more than a few years back i realized that i dont own anything on Facebook and that it could be gone away in a blink of an eye and there would be nothing i could do about it. so every so frequently i copy and paste the significant mind blowing points i make inspired by the FB limelight into the website I OWN and I TOTALLY CONTROL jefferytv.com.

there is no way i am going to let the years and years of work and effort i have put in be solely left in the hands of an external source without at least having a back-up.

this goes for many other aspects of my life also…

social media inspires some of my best work. especially when i wake up and read a post that strikes me in a perfectly “wrong” way. nothing like getting the day started with a healthy philosophic rant designed to mess with peoples minds.

oh yeah, if you think i ain’t out to put something in your head you better get a clue. no prisoners when it comes to intellectual gymnastics, in fact i’ll even warn ya in most cases that im about to turn your world upside down.

and ALWAYS with the truth presenting you with a differing side of reality that you probably have never imagined. its all about imagination.

i will not be held back by those who aint ready for it. you can believe what you want i have no issue with that. so let me believe and celebrate what i want. and should my thought, opinion or the celebration of it disturb or put you off your game, guess what? that shows me i’m hittin’ it the right way. and i will be the first to admit when i recognize game.

because my belief system is different that most people when it comes to God. i will see and have questioned things most believers never have. lets face it, for some of y’all God is the ultimate and that’s above yourself, your kids and your family. many of us were raised to the point that the existence of God is never questioned and to do so is actually seen as going against God. this is just one example but just imagine someone as cunning as me having decades of questions about your God from a perspective you never had the opportunity to imagine? sometimes its not even fair and i back off before the persons head blows up but there are some times when im feeling the wheaties and i feel like flexing. when i feel like the big dog on the street and have a need to exercise that heartbeat. what happens then?

ain’t nothing good unless you play with it they say. and play i do so well…

this is why i think my “songwriting” it very very good. nobody can hit the most important subject matters the way i can and do. also why i know im going to have to learn to sing because no one will be able to put it down the way i think it should be. but doesn’t that go for everybody? shouldn’t every individual be the best songwriter or creator of the story and philosophy they want to radiate? the subject matter because the matters subject. in my opinion can’t nobody twist it up and meaningfully distort it like i can. ive always felt this way about myself so i know no other way to think. and i truly believe every individual should feel that way about their subjective matters.

and what i like about my work and creativity are the parts i leave out. the parts i put to your imagination without even mentioning it. those unmentioned dark parts that all us humans experience….

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Apr 21

The Year 2000: A Look Back At One Of My Best Ever

Image163a year like that isn’t something that just happens. you cant just go out and consistently accomplish the things that i did last year without any rememberable issues, stress or problems. it took years of preparation, generations even. and it started with my parent’s parents and even before. understanding, intellect, confidence, education, personality
and a lot more are needed to manipulate the resources and information around you into the life that you deeply desire.
i can go into a very very deep explanation of this, but i wont. im just gonna say that i was exposed and privileged to things by my parents at an early age that gave me an advantage over most of the kids around me. i took this understanding, modified it to fit me, then developed it over 38 years- i now pass this understanding to my children…


january 8, 2001
2000 was the best year of my life by far…
it was so good that its hard to put into words.
the things that i have the deepest passion for were continuously close to me.
people, places, learning, experiencing, etc…
there are 65 things listed for the year on my events page.
it started traditionally at the rose parade jan 1 in pasadena.
a month later in feb a high level exec pulled some strings
and got me into a private p-funk show and i was on stage for
awhile with funkadelic. two days after that i sat 2nd row for
les miserables

feb ended with me attending jerome bettis’ grammy party where
i was able to see the man from the team i cheer for every nfl sunday.
march was back to back p-funk concerts, the second of which was
the best concert i ever attended. two days later i was in italy, my first trip to
europe and one of my life long dreams. i chilled in the sistene chapel
and was able to vibe michaelangelo’s david. the trip was perfect and
exceeded my every expectation in every way…
july was new york city where i did times square and saw miss saigon and
phantom of the opera on broadway. at the metropolitan museum of art i
discovered what would be one of my all time favorite pieces of sculpture by
who would be my all time favorite sculptor, rodin. 3 days after returning from
ny i flew to dallas where i visited texas stadium
the most precious thing i do is spend time with my children.
im not even gonna attempt to describe the feelings i have for them.
its just too deep for me accurately convey right now…
we playfully did magic mountain and knotts berry farm liked we owned it.
we always have a good time together (until they wear me out) and i took
advantage of the chance to act like a little kid (even more so than usual).
my kids were able to meet the people i work with and me and my son hooped
with the fellas from work. we had a really really really good time this summer…
in september i flew to vegas to see funkadelic at the house of blues.
i remember the feeling i had before the show in the mandalay bay buffet.
good food in front of me in a beautiful room all to myself over looking the pool (girls).
thinking to myself how cool to have flown to vegas to see funkadelic just for that night.
knowing i was gonna fly back home and see them again the next 3 nights. i stopped and
let that feeling go all thru my body. this kinda freedom and capability was the stuff ive
dreamed of…
during the last of the 4 shows i found out george clinton was doing 2 more in smaller clubs.
at my 6th p-funk show in 7 days, george stood 7 feet from me on a 2 foot stage and we
were practically alone singing a p-funk medley accompanied only by a drummer (frankie).
earlier that evening i danced with belita as she sang one of my favorite (and very meaningful)
songs, mathematics, to me with her very distinctive voice-
any percent of you is as good as the whole pie…
in october, i saw santana live at the hollywood bowl. i walked down
the red carpet to a world premiere of a major motion picture at the most famous
movie house in the world with all the lights, cameras, fans and hollywood glitz.
on halloween i attended a rally and got pictures of vice president al gore.
in november i successfully quit the best job i ever had in my life.
i was able to walk away totally and completely happy with absolutely no
hard feelings or regrets. on thanksgiving i had dinner with mommy, daddy
and lauire, my true nuclear family. i cant remember the last time the 4
of us were together like that…
december may have been the most exciting month of my life. i saw lion king,
partied at my ex-job’s holiday party and saw two prodcutons of the nutcracker ballet-
one of which was done by the moscow classical ballet. on xmas eve i attended the most
important game of the season for the pittsburgh steelers at san diego. this is a team that
i have loved for over 28 years and we needed a win to make the playoffs. there were
thousands of steeler fans and my vibe was on full. i danced all day long…
the day after that i flew to ohio to hang out with my kids. no words can describe
my feelings for this. i got to see my son play an organized sport for the first time,
9th grade basketball for the same high school that i attended.
it had been 20 years since i was last in that gym…
i told and explained to my father about my life goal to “define god”

the day after i flew back to l.a. from ohio, i flew to oakland to bring in the new
year with the p-funk allstars. at the van nuys flyaway i ran into a member of
funkadelic (earlier that year he told me “when i see you there , i know its gonna
be alright”) and we chilled with the t’bone player for big bad voodoo daddy who
was going to vegas for a show. when we got to the airport we ran into more
funkadlelics. on the plane with me was frankie (drummer), blackbyrd (guitar), greg
(horn) and billy (bass). i get to the hotel and meet carlos (sir nose) and others. the
show was good and my vibe was on fool (lol). in my hotel after the show i ran into
trey lewd (george clinton’s son). checking out of the hotel the next day i personally
gave props to gary (lead), lige (bass), baby payne, razor sharp (keyboard), and i
saw clip. it was very cooooool to start the year off by being close to the people who
started and are a deep part of something that is a big part of my life. i had no idea
i would see them like this so when “coincidences” like this happen its lets me know
im on the right path….
also in between all that was vegas about 6 times, san diego, laughlin, a hockey game,
art galleries, museums, a presidential library, the ocean, the moutains, an astronomy class,
a windows 2000 class, parties & clubs, strip clubs, a brothel, lunches, sushi, intimate late
night chats, the planets venus, jupiter and saturn along with the moon and lots of other
experiences i fail to remember right now…
there were also lots and lots of good people. family, friends, people i worked with,
chat partners, ex-girlfriends, girls from all over the world, cooool dudes to party with and
lots of new faces…

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Apr 18

Facebook Post: April 12, 2015

recording today, pushing that red button. folks in the studio means guests in the bathroom. which is the 2nd best motivation behind odor to clean it. might as well vacuum the place as well. I live in the dessert so there’s always dust.11150829_10153302250582125_516061488997881188_n

the building stays quiet on sunday morning. it’s easy like the song. the sound of birds, not even dogs barking. just laying here for a few on a rare don’t have to be anywhere or do nothing morning. time to reflect, recognize and appreciate just how good I got it (or what I need to correct to get it good). money may not be able to buy happiness, but that down payment part is very damn true. as I’ve always been a fan of maslow’s hierarchy.

I am very proud and appreciative of where and what I am in life. If I was religious I would be thanking a God in my humility. but I can look back and see the elements that got me here. and it was my parents and my family. with what I was given I had no choice but to be more than just “successful.” the tools and support were there day one. at times I feel obligated to live up to what was bestowed upon me. and to give back as I feel indebted in ways. I look around and everybody ain’t have it like I did.

jeffery has pretty much all the things jeffery wants. my concern is expanding that “want” list to include “bigger” things. to include more macro level goals. to give back to humanity and the larger picture. accomplishing or attaining is a minor factor in this equation. as is my impact on history.

to be great, you have to be comfortable imagining yourself as great. and that doesn’t mean posting self-worth memes on Facebook as a reminder. it has to be in your every breath. greatness don’t happen on accident.

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Apr 18

Facebook Post: April 15, 2015

10460949_10153289038797125_7618008178282814972_nHappy to be back at work after a restful, relaxing, yet productive 3 days off. Gained a few pounds but it was worth it. (218.6)

This is the first somemore in a very long time when I’ve been skinny, sexy, single, sober, smokingless and an “s” word that means I got a few dollars in my pocket.

I felt good losing weight, but did it smoking them black and milds over the last 6 months. Boy what a difference putting those down has made on my energy and sense of being. But without that habit I have to watch my eatings in that space.

And if I am sexy or not is not the point. I feel I look good and that’s because of a combination of a bunch of things probably mostly non-physical. Attractive is an act and it’s reflected by how good I feel in every movement or action that I make. Walking around this rock 30 lbs lighter shining this little light of mine radiating energy that can be very easily seen and felt.

I left my lunch at home.

wide open honesty makes me happy in this life. being able to unashamedly express and document how I am feeling at any given moment.

I have found a true power in living without lies. There is a magical euphoric freedom that seems to have elevated me above all the bullshit.


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Apr 18

Funky Friday’s, I Gots To Have…

11137011_454187191413834_707115933_nit is so worth it that i get my weekly FUNKY FRIDAYS fix. by “so worth it” i mean i do what i have to do to get it in til 1am- after working an 8hr day ’till 2pm- and then be in my chair ready to work an 8hr shift at 4am. this is the 3rd week i’ve abruptly left the spot to go home, get in bed and get an hour of sleep before heading back out to work. i also take a nap for a few hours before going to the club.

last night was good sooooo good somehow i ended up on the mic during Funkentelechy only to draw a blank on the words ive sung for 40 years and i enjoyed every second of it. the crowd, the vibe, the music- and i mean HOW the music is played and by WHOM. everybody can’t play my all time favorite music to my liking (LOL not even P-FUNK themselves on some nights!!) so this weekly opportunity has become a must for me as the cats who come to play know and have lived p-funk most of their lives like i have…

gonna get my dose of funk tonight at funky fridays because i gots to have it, and i thank the funk universe i live in an area where i can get it- even though its changing. white people done heard about it now and are coming out. and they are “dancing” and it changes the vibe i became accustomed to at my favorite funky spot. don’t get me wrong i love white folks but i cant get with viewing sporadic spasms while i’m getting with a vibe. what does it mean that i rarely if ever see people of color move like this when the music is playing?

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Mar 10

Haterade Is An Indicator a

20150202_173730Haterade is an alert and indicator system. Not that I actually “hate” anything, but I found when I catch myself not being happy for something it’s because I’m lacking something that I desire. So I recognize that and go get it. I refocus that energy.

Then my irritation and irritability goes away and all is right with the world again.


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Mar 10

“Want” Is More Difficult To Identify For Me Than “Need.”


For me and my situational. Changing aspects of my life coming together in different ways. This is like that now, that done got right now, etc. Interesting combinations in an equation full of variables. I was fairly good at math and this being my 53 summer, 32nd in California I think I got the game down just enough but hopefully not too much…

What do I want? What do I very really want?

Want, not need. Need is easy and is usually very apparent. But want at this time of my life is sometimes difficult to determine. Which leaves things wide open, which is good in ways. Being wide open for opportunity and ready for it.

Many things are in place

And are established

I want something. Or I’m so use to wanting something that I miss or want something to want. For a good while it had been wanting a job or better employment. Or a desire for a particular type of relationship. Those having been satisfied at least temporarily there is nothing that I’m chasing and the waters are calm.

The motor is off and the sails are down. There is no where to be because it feels like I’m there.

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Jan 11

Enjoying Feeling Challenged

1014962_10153063240957125_3340897396544832780_o (1)Training wheels coming off.
Being challenged and it’s been awhile.
Game step up, turn it on time.
I’m not use to being not the best.
Makes me work at it harder.

I compare myself to the best one from the very instant I start.

To the point they can smell it on me how hard I go at it to be on the level with the best

Especially when I have respect for what I am doing and a part of.

Feels like no time to breathe. But it’s a self inflicted pressure that has to be monitored. There has to be a balance to prevent burn-out.But when I’m going after it being inside it my focus and concentration levels can take me thru the roof. It’s good to be challenged at this level. Sometimes the drive and struggle doesn’t feel good, and even that’s good. Turn it up its go time for real…

What makes it self pressurized is the magnitude of the opportunity. The significance of being in a very particular situation and the impact success will have on your life.

Maintaining an intensity and focus while understanding sociability and likeability factor into your grade. The are times when you can be too good and know too much and this can be intimidating. The right balance of sensitivity, personality, intensity, determination and ambition…

Well at least I didn’t eat any sweets. Saturday night and this not good feeling of apprehension towards the upcoming challenging work week after tomorrow is an unpleasantly pleasant feeling to have. The super good $$$ seems to take a back seat to my feelings of being successful. And I think that a good thing. A little bit of “worry” is not only normal and necessary but could and should be a positive influence. Taking a break from my usual “I’m jeffery” level confidence is refreshing. The billions of years of evolution in us is a beautiful thing… Us having worry ain’t no accident


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Jan 11

Me And Feeling Good

FB_IMG_1414732213902Yeah, I’m feeling really good. It’s like I’m back to being deeply in love with life “again.” It’s an euphoria I’ve had before.And it’s not loving life and who I am and what I can do but “in love” with it like it was a girl friend
I can feel the energy shooting thru my body literally. Like adrenaline.

I was just out driving around in the rain for like an hour listening to my music and me singing it when i got your message and I pulled over and parked just to reply and enjoy the rain.
It made me think about why am i in this way and I thought I’m basically doing all the things I’ve ever dreamed of in life.

And I’m free to express my happiness and enthusiasm openly again. I can let my light and energy shine and radiate. Everybody doesn’t seem to be to keen on expressing any kind of extreme emotion, even happiness. I’m not comforable being exhuberant about life around some people.

Yes, I went over all the factors involved thats why I came to that conclusion. Right down to singing the music I’ve loved so deeply for so long at Funky Fridays.
I’m exploding with energy and enthisiasm

I “need” an outlet for that zealous energy. Facebook gives me that outlet. I use to write dailys on my webpage and I have years of expressive writing. I’ve always “needed” that. Everybody is on Facebook from my family childhhod everywhere. And if you notice I am actually not talking to anybody but everybody.

When I write like that I dont expect response, so I’ll have a conversation with myself!! LOL People inbox me or tell me when they see me stuff that lets me know I’m being heard and thats perfect and in ways it doesn’t matter. It’s the feeling I get writing and expressing that gets me off.
And then re-reading it and re feeling it again. Then going thru life and creating and doing more to go higher and higher.

I’ve wanted someone to share that with but very few can “understand” it so I started writing to the universe publicly, the ups and the downs. I am in love with my experience.

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