Nov 19

Are We Witnessing The Crash Landing Of The Mothership?

I think saying “its all up to George” may be a cop out. It’s never only up to one person when a group or organization is involved. Hell, even Steve Jobs got fired from his own company and the President of the USA can’t just do what he wants to do. So if the shows are fucked up and raggedy and if the Mothership is cruising for a crash landing ain’t it up to all of us whether we are riding or watching to do or say something?20130816_224346

I mean c’mon, the shows are horrible! The music is goodish but the show is terrible if a “show” exists at all. This may work on the jamband circuit playing for white kids and hippies (and from the shows I have been to that’s who is buying most of the tickets). People who don’t dance on beat so if the groove is chaotic it don’t matter to them. People who just want to wear colored wigs, get wasted, party and say they were felt-up or smoked weed at a  George Clinton “P-Funk” show.

For some of us this is like church. It is sacred. P-Funk once had integrity. Within all the foolishness and silliness there was an integrity. What is left now? A bunch of people jumping around and screaming on stage? Some of us know what a tight groove feels like and when an instrument hits that certain funk spot. When singing is orchestrated and practiced and rehearsed and sound checked to get that special blend that moves you. (And at the least so you can understand and recognize the song and what the hell is being sung).

I don’t get it, or maybe I do. Or maybe I ain’t suppose to. And before you attack me cause I hurt your feelings being critical about the band you love so much let me say I know I am just a fan with a website and a Facebook page with a few followers. A fan who has followed this band for 35+ years and have been to hundreds of shows and have stood by it and will continue to stand by this band for the rest of my life. I love every member of this band even the ones and parts I don’t like.

I’m going to the shows and its getting worse and worse. And I’m not the only one who feels this way I just may be the one who is going to be vocal about it. Unlike the days of Myspace and “The One Nation” discussion board folks can’t anonymously post critical opinion and most people shy away from doing that with their name on it. But fuck it, I cant go out like that.

If the Mothership is crash landing and if it is to be believed Mr Clinton is in control and knows what he is doing and its up to him if the P-Funk legacy goes out like a junkie in a back alley thats a story I aint buying and even if its true I will not accept.

How can this organization expect respect with what they are doing? I believe this band has the talent to sell out stadiums still, but talent and resources are simply being squandered. I believe the industry wants desperately for P-funk to return to greatness but fuck, some kind of internal effort has to be demonstrated first. I believe if effort was put in to improve the show, or even have a show or be some kind of entertainment the demand from fans, venues, industry people, writers, reviews, etc would greatly improve.

But fuck, when the band comes out on stage like they just woke up with no fanfare, no introduction even no fuckin “are you ready,” I mean at least turn off the lights and let the crowd get excited in anticipation while the band comes on stage. Let alone wearing some kind of costumes or dress as if it is a band and not some people from the crowd who decided to walk on stage.

The Sir Nose Flashlight part means nothing anymore. Set that shit up with some dialogue. Mr Payne is one of the best voices I’ve ever heard why ain’t he setting up the scenario? Where is the Bop Gun? Even the homemade one made out of foil? I love Carlos doing his thing but in context it means nothing if the story line ain’t set up and exploited.

Is it me? Am i missing something? A leader is also a motivator and not the one who is suppose to do it all. At least inspire or delegate someone to do it. Simple ass things that don’t require money or a special producer, just simple effort! Is George Clinton anti-effort? Does he say don’t nobody do shit? No costumes, no fanfare. Is it his idea to have the perception of a band that doesn’t care?

And just because he is George Clinton does that mean he can scream shout singing and we suppose to say its ok? He is older (not old), his voice is shot and it is not pleasant hear. That doesn’t make him a bad person or mean that I dont like him, that’s a fact. He misses  the beat and rhythms at times and are we suppose to feel blessed to suffer through this because of his legacy? I don’t think so. I don’t worship the preacher i worship the philosophy, the establishment and the tradition. If the preacher is fucking up it don’t mean we got to kick him out the church it just means he gotta step to the side and lead from another position. Give the man some help for God sake!!!

Old School Funkfest at The Greek: And then came “George Clinton and Friends.” LOL I have to admit I’m sort of glad the name  “Parliament Funkadelic” was not on the ticket. I love the band and the legacy and all the musicians and am and will be down with P-Funk for the rest of my life. But what the fuck.

Not only did George Clinton and friends not start with any fanfare or introduction, it was like they started on accident! I thought they were sound checking and the next thing I know Mr Clinton is on stage screaming Atomic Dog. Now I done seen this band over 100 times and I didn’t even know what was going on so I know the crowd was completely lost. Opening like this deflated me, and they lost me. I would bet most of the crowd didnt even know the man in the suit hollering was the rainbow haired guy they came to see. I bet they didn’t even know what song was being played until about 2 minutes into it.

The crowd sang the hell out of knee deep until they lost interest. You cant play a 20 minute knee deep that dont sound like the radio version with this crowd. It was about this time that the crowd started to hit the exits.

Let alone the release of new music. The proclaimed Masters of Funk ain’t released a funk record in about 2 decades and the recent release “The Naz” featuring Sly Stone delivering a rap he “borrowed” 40 years ago over a loop ain’t worthy of a “FU” let alone “Funk” an forget “Funkadelic.”




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Jul 31

Christianity Is Based Completely On (D)Evil

20140709_075731Christianity is completely based on sin. The New Covenant and therefore Jesus wouldn’t be needed if it wasn’t for evil or the Devil (which God created). God sent his son to us, we kill him and that’s the way to God?

The goal of God and Jesus should be to save the Devil! The Devil can’t be saved cause if he was that would end Christianity and there would be no threat of Hell. It just doesn’t make sense that an all knowing all powerful creator would set it up this way if you ask me. There had to be a better way that a God could have done this…


That’s one of my biggest issues with faith in unseen beings, people giving away all the credit for not only things they accomplished themselves, but the belittling of mankind as a whole. Let alone thinking there is a better place than than the planet we have now once again for an imagined, unseen hoped for place. 

It wasn’t God though it may be unexplained,  it’s cause you worked your ass off and fought through it! 


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Jun 12

A Modest And Humble Funk Cat?

2014-06-01 11-36-05.0002014-06-01 11-36-21.156A modest and humble funk cat is basically a jazz musician playing pop.

Attitude, if you ask me, is a requirement to hit that spot right…

Cause not only is funk music ballsy, the subject matter and therefore the tone is hard, tough, strong and solid. Steady even and when those things become loose the music becomes more funky but less funk!

It’s like the attitude, subject matter, tone and emotion must match. The personality even

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Apr 27

So What, Be A Racist…

So what, be a racist. Do you pay and treat me fairly? Is the business you run successful? Have you ever disrespected me personally? Have you ever publicly disrespected the team?

Why give this man or any man the power to upset you so deeply? So what he may not like or be comfortable around black people. It ain’t like you ain’t heard the very same talk in reverse in your family. And white people please don’t think that a lot of black people don’t feel that same way towards you. Ain’t all cultures guilty of “stay with your own” and or “don’t marry one of them?”

But oh, it’s not racism if it comes from the minority? One group can have the exact same feelings but one is racist and the other is not cause one is the dominant culture?20140318_162913

Me personally am beyond the who’s a racist thing cause it really doesn’t bother me. I don’t see wasting my energy and time playing that game. So what you don’t like me cause I’m black, I know plenty of people who do and I don’t think “ignoring” cases of racism leads to racism spreading. And to tell the truth trying to stamp it out with such vigor may help to spread it. Acknowledge and move on.

If a known racist offers a better deal on a product I need I have no problem buying from him. And I’m not saying that just for effect it really doesn’t bother me (I buy from Christians all the time lol). There are however some things I won’t support with my dollars (gangsta rap for one) but the racism and prejudice and the “they don’t like black people thing” personally does not bother or move me. That fight seems so outdated there are more pressing matters that trigger my emotion.

How do I fight racism? Number one I don’t cause to fight it just gives it more attention. It shouldn’t be a fight.

What I’m going to do is get more computer training and make myself more marketable in the IT industry. Get a better job, pay my taxes an
d bills, improve my credit, watch out for my family, not litter, present myself in public and carry myself at a level that I respect. Not have a criminal record or even tickets. Keep myself healthy and fit. Keep abreast of current events and what’s going on in the world. Keep up to date with science. Speak articulately and clearly. Eat healthy foods. Be happy and assured so that everyone that comes within this little light of mine will feel these very things. 

That’s how I boycott and picket and for me that’s the ultimate stand I can make. 

Be who I am and feel that I am successful.

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Apr 07

$26 For A Hamburger, Fries And A Drink

wpid-20140406_170330.jpgFirst off let me premise what I am about to say with the $26 included the tip. And that it was maybe the best hamburger and french fries I may have ever had. The shoestring fries were thin, hot, crispy and  perfectly salted. I ordered a custom burger with  base price of $13 with each topping adding to the cost. I got a pretzelbun ($1), crispy onion string ($1), bleu cheese (premium $.50) while the roasted red peppers and thousand island dressing carried no charge. 

Walking into this eatery spur of the moment with no coupon downtown Los Angeles I expected something this costly. But what I didn’t expect was how good everything was. The temperature in the place was absurdly perfect (not too cold as the usually), the music was 80′s rock and set the perfect atmosphere at a very comfortable audio level that allowed other conversations to provide a very pleasant backdrop. Muted big screen TVs with sports playing as the booth was comfortable and the service very very accomadating.wpid-20140406_165904.jpg

It had been a loooooooong time since I’ve taken time and treated myself to something like this. And if it wasn’t for the fact I arrived for an event 5 hours early and didn’t want to go back home making this trip for nothing I probably would not have given this treat to myself. And it was a very special experiecne. And one factor was that I was alone and able to consume this experience without distraction. Just me and my thoughts and my sensations. And sweet Jesus Mother Mary the food was good!

 Now would I want to become accustom to this lifestyle and $26 lunches? No. For me it is best left to being a once or twice a year thing that I can have to look forward to (that may be an over simplification). There is a cost involved in maintaining this level of lifestyle, a cost I am simply not willing to pay. Be it cause I’m not turned on by having these things or that I find deeper pleasure in different less “costly” experiences or that I’m just lazy and absolutley do not want to assume the pressure or responsibilty involved in generating that kind of income.

There is no doubt that this was a very very plesant experience. An experience that I will have again and again I’m sure. But does getting to a point of requiring experience at that “level” come with advantages?

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Apr 07

Racism: Is “Dominance” A Necessary Factor?

“Racism is actions, practices or beliefs, or social or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherently or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities. It may also hold that members of different races should be treated differently. (Wikipedia)

Recently I’ve heard that a primary component in racism is one races dominance over another. Which seems to mean that in order for someone to be racist they or their culture must have dominance over a person of another race. Does this mean that two people can have identical feelings and philosophies towards those of other races but only one of them can be racist and that is the one who has dominance?

I don’t agree with this “dominance” understanding and probably should research the accepted definition of the word “racism” to see if this is a determining factor. Many times I’ve been told that it is impossible to be racist because of this idea.

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Feb 24

The Freedom Not To Participate

20140120_154310-cropreligious folks got a tough decision to make. an abomination is an abomination. if you claim to be a follower of God’s word there are certain things that are clearly stated as being against His will. if you live in the USA you all but have no choice but to accept something that you may find disgusting and totally against your principles. and how do you do that?

i may be a mild segregationist. i don’t feel people should be forced to serve or accommodate anybody they don’t want to. race, lifestyle, drug use, meat eaters, cigarette smokers, etc. i have a right not to like you for any reason. but im forced to provide my services to people who i strongly disagree with? should i be forced to serve a klan member or a white supremacist? just don’t go to arizona, how about that? or just don’t go to that side of town maybe. you don’t see me running down to orange county do you?

yeah we should get along but years ago i always thought racist white people shouldn’t have to serve black people if they didn’t want to. and im sure there are other more covert ways to exclude people if thats your agenda. you cant force people to integrate and like each other, you can only force them to act like it in public. and look around, for the most part we segregate ourselves anyways.

with integration we become more and more homogeneous and distinctions in our cultures become diluted and merged. when this happens sometimes a lot more is lost than is gained. life survived because of diversity. it seems now there is a strong drive for us to get along by assuming we are all the same. we are not the same and there are some people who do not want to be the same or join in on a global hug. i think the emphasis should be participate and not so much to assimilate.

and if you step back far enough in the long run no matter what you do you are participating. when you step far enough away we are an organism. whatever you do and whatever you are you are participating. if you are a hater or a murderer a nun or a rich philanthropist or a homeless person living under a bridge, you have an impact and you contribute. it may not be immediately noticed but the ripple and vibration anything or any creature makes is recorded.

refusing to participate or integrate and even being racist is a contribution towards the organism. if that is what is truly in your heart no man or law or God can condemn it as being wrong. there is no right or wrong, there are only consequences.

the consequences and/or rewards are imposed by life and the environment. harmony with the things around you is one way, but being disruptive and interrupting the harmony has shown to bring “benefits” in the long run. there is no way of knowing as there are always unintended consequences. ALWAYS. no one and no book can tell you what the result will be of any of your actions. all anyone can do is offer opinion.

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Jan 04

How Does God Answer Your Prayers?


Is there such a thing as praying and leaving it in God’s hands too much ? You ever wonder how God does it?How does God interact with the universe? When you pray for victims of a natural disaster what does God do to help these people? Does he make floods recede or move a tree that has fallen on a baby? How does he do that?  If help arrives in the form of surprisingly timely arrival of another person, did God instruct of guide that person to be there? Doesn’t this violate the “free will” that he gave human beings according to the bible?

When you pray do you understand how God will accomplish the things you pray for? How he influences and interacts with atoms, matter and living things in the universe?

Do you have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry, biology and the physics of the universe? Do you grasp the concept of the Big Bang Theory and evolution enough to explain it to your children? (if you agree with it or not). Where does your understanding of science come from?

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Oct 16

It’s Too Easy To Say Our Political Leaders Don’t Care About Us

1377190_606444662750523_1102601397_nMaybe, ok not even maybe I have a lot of faith in people and that the individual when presented with an opportunity to do “good” for the most will always do that good. There will always be a few individuals who are “evil” and skewed towards destruction but for the most part people are good. The way I test that is to poll all the people I know and have known and how many of them were truly skewed towards “evil” (ignorance is something else, I’m talking deliberately intending to do harm).

Now having said that i believe its our system of government that has been corrupted and causes good people to use not so good means to get results for the people who elected them. its like you have to know how to “cheat” or play the game to get the legislation or funding to support the needs of your district or state or whatever.

So I cant say that our politicians “don’t give a fuck.” I truly find that hard to believe cause I’ve met very very very few people in my lifetime who really didn’t give a fuck about others. Factor in the fact these people were elected to office shows they at least have some kind of appeal to somebody. I mean is it realistic to think our leaders really don’t care? They just used the phrase “self interest” on CNN and even factoring in that how many of our elected officials got to where they are not giving a fuck with only a self interest?

Its too easy to say they all are fucked up and dont give a fuck. That makes it much easier to rationalize and makes the issue much easier to handle. People like Ted Cruz who I may very much disagree with I believe is out for his ideas and fighting for what he believes in. And just because it is opposite of what I may believe I dont think he doesnt give a fuck about me. I believe he may give too much of a fuck! LOL His passion is real, and him and Bachman and Blackburn and Palin , well maybe not Palin are in it cause they believe it is best for everybody.


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Jul 27

Young Black Males Acting Out In Public

Lower and less is my tolerance for young black males acting out in public in that “nigga” way. Its one thing to be loud and obnoxious, which I have no problem with and its another to put that disrespecting thing on it. More and more I have the urge to engage this behavior when it happens around me. As I attempted today. And if they or the people around heard me or not, is not the most point. The main thing is that I did it and am ready not to look or back away from it anymore. That’s how I’m gonna seek justice for Trayvon Martin, and I don’t need no sign or any revised legislation.IMAG1498

Looking (like) is one thing, acting out is another. its not the dress or the look, its the behavior.

Nobody said it was specific to black males. and that’s part of the problem also. people being so sensitive of any criticism of black males or black people period. so defensive of a culture that is literally self destructing.

Some open and honest observations are needed to identify the real issues before its too late.

Yes, i feel you. but i haven’t heard any bashing of black people. i hardly hear ANY criticism about black people period! I’m all for solutions, but the issues and problems need to be identified also and i do not see any black leaders actively publicly doing that. black people saying whats “wrong” with black people and saying lets fix it. i love positive energy and i really love how black people come together when they come together. but somebody has to identify and aggressively attack the problems and issues. this includes the media, black leaders, white leaders, etc. i cant remember the last time i heard a leader criticize black people. at least some of the burden has to lie on us also.

I feel feel feel you. but i am not a people person. LOL i am not a save the world person either. my motivation to be active is because of and specific to young black males. like my mother use to tell me, she don’t care how anybody else’s kids act! LOL maybe because i have a son trying to be caught up in that mess or maybe i feel as a black man im obligated to speak to the younger black males because i can be an example of a black man to them. i don’t have anything against other people’s kids my focus comes from within and is specific. and the numbers and data show that young black males are in a class of their own when it comes to crime and punishment that no other group is experiencing now.

And i agree that all cultures of kids smoke weed and wear the clothes, BUT its different for a certain group of black males that actually live the life. these other kids are not killing each other at alarming rates. the other groups are not filling the prisons. and I’m not talking about all black males and im not talking about the black males who wear the clothes but DON’T live the life. there is style and then there is a line when it goes too far.

Yes i agree and i use the word “attack” being a bit sensational. engage may be a better word. maybe even address instead of attack. but i feel this way also, regardless of the laws, crimes are being committed. STOP creating the crime! are black males not doing the crimes and being falsely accused? zero tolerance within the community and family for committing any crime!



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