Randoms – 20190416

20190416: So now I’m at work day 5 of 7 straight feeling pretty damn good. Things seem to be prepared and in order. Mr. Scale said 214.0 this morning as I seem to be stuck hoovering around that weight though I have been gettin’ it in and doin’ it right. From experience I am anticipating a quick signifigant drop and feel due for a good dump of waste.

Game of Thrones season premeire was killer. I love that show. I ask co-workers do they think it is the best ever. It’s a question more to trigger response than the actual response. I think it’s the best ever but I tend to think whatever it is that I’m doing now is. For me current is the best ever.

Tomorrow the NFL schedule comes out. To me this is important. The Steelers play 3 times within striking distance and I have events scehduled on the other side of the country in September. Let alone the Steeler home games I may try to catch before flying back west.

I’m having a munchie snack breakdown. Chilli Cheese Fritos and Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles Potato Chips and man o’ man are they good! I’ve been getting my 10K steps in on time and all the thing today is I worked until midnight last night and was back in the chair 11am this morning. Got about 5k steps in getting to work about an hour early as usual and have been eating really good. I was due for this breakdown, it’s well deserved if you ask me. Imagined myself going off the rails with some pizza tonight which would be very uncharacteristic as this kind of activity is usually reserved for days off. And you know that brief food fantasy felt good while it lasted and even better when it passed. Allowing myself to just imagine such a thing was deeply wonderful. Is deeply wonderful.

Yeah, I was right about being due for a massive waste disposal. Came up on me all at once and heavy. Still got some stuff going on in my belly, I can feel things churning. The snacky food definitely killed my appetite and may be doing more than that in a not good way.

Confirmed. My stomach is a bit tore-up. Not so much pain, but much discomfort. Don’t feel like eating but have an appetitie. I feel hungry like i could eat, but very do not want too. I get off work at 7pm and start tomorrow at 10am. that shouldn’t be a problem at all as I’m pretty much packed and all things in place. All set to get to bed early and get lots of rest. I want to do a mock packing where I put everything I’m taking in the semi-mini carry-on I’m using. Took clothes to last half the trip and plan to do laundry on the last day in Melbourne. We will see. There is a good chance sink washing and blow drying my underwear and socks will be enough. Not taking a lot of electronics, may not even take my tablet even though I bought it for this very reason. Hoping the plane won’t be crowded and I will have stretch out room to accomodate using my laptop.

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Randoms – 20190410

20190410: I feel good and kickin’ ass at work. I like the less animated more focused me. I’m getting stuff done regarding my business hobby and the jefferyTV brand. Podcasts and music on ITunes, Spotify, etc. Preparing for a major trip vacation things are managed and very in order. I impulsed bought a drum stool and it arrived Sunday night. it took awhile to get them properly setup- I even had to repair the drum pads. Adjusting, positioning, wiring, etc. Anyways I got it going and it was fun and entertaining. Not only was I doing something that kept me from eating, I actually broke a little sweat!

Yeah, got the podcast structure setup on my website and submitted to the major sites. ot word Apple / iTunes approved me. The trick is getting things setup properly on your site. Episode submission to the sites is automated and uses a properly defined and constructed RSS feed. Took me a little while to figure all that out and which app or to use a provider or host myself etc etc. The fun part is now going back over hundreds of videos I made of me talking and processing them to podcast quality.. With my increased hardware, software and experience capabilities I very very like the sound and production quality I’m getting. It doesn’t seem like I’m kickin’ ass but very much stuff is getting done.

Playing the drums last night was very stimulating. Way more than I thought it would be. Felt like something that I could be into for a minute. After about an hour or so it sounded good to me. Considering this is like my first time ever seriously on a kit.

Feels like I haven’t had pizza in forever. It’s been frozen Kroger ribs and shoestring french fries. I bought baby spring salad and eat that in the evenings. TV dinners for lunch at work and have been staying away from the snacks. Doing my 10K steps my weight is down and I feel good. Mr Scale said 214.2 today, which was .4 lbs up from yesterday. Considering that yesterday was a day off and the damage I usually do on those days, I was happy.

My next day off is tomorrow and I hope to do as well. Tomorrow is also my last day off before leaving this continent. 7 straight work days and then I’m going down under.

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Super Slothy Sunday

Another super slothy sunday. Involving a bag of kettle chips, boxes of ginger snaps and lemon cookies and the whole first season of Game of Thrones.

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Is It OK To Be Ordinary?

“The New jeffery” basically keeps to himself at work. It’s such a drastic change from “life of the party” jeffery it’s very noticeable.

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Is Pride A Subconscious Sin?

OK. Time for back to work deep thoughts from extended time inside myself. I thought that the saying “a fish don’t know he’s wet” has got play a major part in the mortal sin of pride.

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Mortal Sinning Can Be Deadly

I am too much loving being at work right now. No, really. It’s time away from continuously sleeping and eating in the sanctuary. The much needed break that makes getting back to it so pleasurable.

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I Think I’m Still Hungry To Fly Higher

It seems and is probably obvious that the more experienced and “in shape” you are, the easier “it” is. Whatever “it” is. And this includes navigating and handling the business of life in general.

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Not A Single Drop Of Compassion

I feel like I don’t have one single drop of compassion in me right now. Not a kind of angry, just semi-deeply irritated by normal humans being human.

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