The Biggest Obnoxious Example

“so my idea is to be the biggest obnoxious example of what I think everybody should do. by putting it all over the internet.” -jefferyTV

you will never hear me tell anybody they should do this or should not do that or need to stop doing anything. even if I disagree or think it’s completely illogical

for me there is no right or wrong, so everybody and anybody can do anything and everything if it’s their choice. who am I to say?

ultimately, there are no rules!!

now I may ask questions regarding the logistics of acts and choices that may imply that I don’t agree. All in the name of getting a better understanding. because if I can get a better understanding my idea or position may change

All the while believing life has a better chance of prospering if we are all not alike. I do not want all of us to be the same nor do I want everybody to be like me. a diversity in thinking is crucial

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