Learning To Enjoy Race & The Media

for me it’s not the taunting, it’s the stalking. I have no problem with the gesture, it’s the following. but I’m completely missing the point. make this a racial thing, get everybody talking and that leads to getting paid. the hype helps the schools, the players involved, NCAA women’s basketball, the WNBA (Magic vs Bird all but saved the NBA), news media, etc etc. find one white person upset about it for whatever reason and that’s all you need. if you can’t find one circulate a “when we do it, they call us thugs” meme. let social media do the rest.

what actually happened doesn’t matter at all at this point. it’s not even discussed anymore and I think most people have no idea how it went down. and I understand now that the conversation is bigger than the event. that’s what “we” do. and we love it!!

not many sources are showing the whole clip of Ms Reese’s actions. because this ain’t the time to criticize a black person in any way shape or form. I’m not saying punish or demonize her, but not even a maybe she went to far? because if you do you’re either a racist or an Uncle Tom.

and to disagree with someone calling someone a racist makes you a racist! LOL. I keep telling y’all the best parts about being human lie within our weaknesses. we need this stuff. y’all gonna miss it in heaven.

I ain’t got to worry about that. I’m more concerned with the gnashing of teeth. that’s why I’m getting implants

what is racism or racist is thrown around way to easily nowadays. white people are sacred to challenge such claims and I don’t blame them. stay low my friends. I guess it’s the same for black people also. and maybe worse if that’s even possible. I guess you can say the wrath of anti-racists doesn’t discriminate.

don’t even ask a question like “what happened?” just nod in agreement then mention how happy you are Trump got indicted. doesn’t matter if it’s completely off topic. your virtues have been signalled.

and you’re cool now to go back to the suburbs and the safety of being upper middle class

disaster avoided. reminds me, let me check my 401k while I’m laying here. that damn stock market has been driving me crazy!

Xxxx Xxx
It was more disappointing the LSU starting 5 didn’t go thru the handshake line

I didn’t know that and I bet mainstream media won’t mention it at all.

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