Is There a Ban on Regular White People Being in Commercials?

Is there a ban on regular white people being in commercials? everybody is “ethnic,” “female,” or in an interracial pairing. I thought it was just during NBA games, but it’s not. it’s beyond patronizing, it’s insulting. And because it doesn’t represent actual demographics, it’s a lie!


Who are they marketing to? what is the point? No, I get the point and intention. But is it working? At this point advertisers HAVE to follow this model in the fear of being cancelled. Or worst yet being called unwoke.

Xxxxx Xxxxxx “regular white people” AW<====snot flying laughing

white males are portrayed as the butt of the joke or incompetent. Needing assistance or support from a female

Xxxxx Xxxxxx “regular white people” are some scary motherfuckers, Jeff. hahahahha

I’m not sure exactly why yet, but it bugs the hell out of me. I literally feel insulted. like I’m being appeased. IT’S NOT REAL!!!

Let alone the backlash and blowback that will come from this. That’s a large part of the population that’s being marginalized. Some will say they can “afford” it and many will say “they” deserve it. No wonder Trump is so popular. But there are poor white people who basically have been completely erased from media. They are going to stand being unheard for only so long.

Poor white people can’t even make the news!!! UNLESS they kill a black person

The Tennessee House expelling got more coverage than the Ohio train derailment! LOL Ok I may be exaggerating, but not by much.

I don’t want people, ok white people looking at me with any kind of affirmative actioned sentiment. I am nobody’s victim. I don’t want the playing field titled to benefit me at all.

The pendulum is going to swing the other way eventually. How hard it swings we will see. It’s funny also now I have to go to a right-wing platform to experience free speech. Not long ago this space was on the left. And to be honest, this swing actually gives me hope. It shows me people are people and no matter if they are red or blue. That is simply being very human.

Seriously, note the demographics of the people you see on TV. I don’t care where you live or what channel you are watching or when.

And what really really may irk me are the black people who see this and agree with it. Saying it’s about time. For 50 years all we saw was dominant white males on TV. And black people as criminals on the nightly news. I get it. I understand that needs to be corrected. I just don’t think this is the way. It’s too heavy handed. Yeah, Jim Crow was heavy handed too no denying that. But I still can’t see this as being the answer.

Didn’t our forefathers fight that battle? Are we fighting a war that many people already died for? Instead of progressing ahead it’s like black people are going back to fight battles we already won! No it’s not perfect and there ALWAYS will be injustice. And if you got as many cameras as we got you WILL find the particular injustice you are looking for. And the trend is to magnify the popular injustices. White people don’t suffer any of this????? If it ain’t racial injustice you won’t hear about it.
Killing of Tony Timpa – Wikipedia
White guy killed almost exactly like George Floyd. Do you think the media is going to deliver that news to you?

I can’t figure out why the racial narrative is being pushed so fervently. My best guess is advertising and getting clicks. Even I click on the shit knowing damn well. Who done did something to some black person now. I very don’t buy the “they” are constructing this to keep us divided. Not only can I not figure out who “they” is, I don’t see how that benefits them. The truly powerful could care less about black or poor people. Or even humanity period if “they” are as ruthless and powerful as you say they are. Considering the power accredited them “they” are way above all this.

And soooo many black people are led like puppets with headlines without even getting the facts. They hear it from their fave MSNBC personality and it’s off to the races (excuse the pun). Black people don’t hold black accountable. No matter what they did if a white person is involved and the news screams racism it doesn’t matter what they did. It only matters what whitey did to us. Citing everything as a defense going all the way back to the first slave ship. It ain’t our fault. If you’re black you better not criticize black people in front of white people. Now it’s if you’re white don’t even think anything negative about black people. Because if we think you thinking it you are done! As far as having real racial discussions white people have been silenced. They can’t even defend themselves! Even if they are a victim of a crime committed by a black person.

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